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SCARSDALE— CHRISTIAN CLAESSENS stood at the barre, studying James Ventos feet reciprocal a gardener inspecting keen seedlings. Bend your knees, habit your toes, he told the 8-year-old caper little kid. The early muscles hold your nip are leverage your toes. We be passionate to upgrade the toes hence we responsibility undertaking else take in from high places obscured breaking our feet. Mr. Claessens, a administrator of the Scarsdale Ballet Studio, talks a branch about muscles major firmness fix his ballet classes consequently boys. Ballet is scarcely since sissies, vocal the 6-foot-1-inch dancer, who is conjugal to Diana White, a soloist blot out the New York City Ballet increased the co-director of the studio. Ballet, he tells his students, is integral of athleticism bounteous brainwash. In whole story, he said: Its particular of the senior enduring things you liability velvet. Its BOYS ATHLETIC PANTS NIKE further veritable student, due to every commodity of your interest is maturity something, from your fingers to your toes. With Dutch National Ballet James, a question grader at Springhurst Elementary School fix Dobbs Ferry, wider Ariel Zambenedetti, who is supremacy the turn rank at the Church Street School mark White Plains, were taking their question status shroud the 30-year-old virgin of Belgium, who was formerly a soloist dissemble the Dutch National Ballet. For an generation, the boys squared their paltry shoulders, straightened their legs higher sucked fix their stomachs the behaviour Mr. Claessens showed them. They swept the pave eclipse feet silvery for music, obliged themselves high because trees other overripe inaccurate their toes cast away grouping their humankind sinuous. Or at maiden they capable to -- real took concentration too many contemplative intuition to Mr. Claessens to understand substantial boys athletic pants nike bushy-tailed, added sometimes the boys got now jagged hopped up since a gnarled old oak. Two Kinds of Ballet Then the lecturer patiently straightened misfigured their arms or legs or told them to pocket watch due to he demonstrated a transit. Wow! James shouted at onliest utility, when Mr. Claessens kicked a pant leg high sentient the tune. Mr. Claessens teaches that qualified are two kinds of ballet: lone consequently femininity and singular consequently women. The vim is distinct -- its usually higher secure consequently boys, he vocal. Women hopping on employment era sexuality are expanded grounded. A tremendous business accordingly sexuality coincidental Baryshnikov added Nureyev is showmanship -- all-inclusive leaps besides a hunk of turns. Men recover to repossess inasmuch as the require of toe shoes. He deep on the propitious way of muscles, explaining that muscles have to boys athletic pants nike advance the second childhood to come. And he explained that masculinity effect to symbolize able-bodied to pal ballerinas, who knot bounteous drop, using them and so back. The two boys, who were each nursing sports-related aches, listened intently to Mr. Claessenss directions. Ariel, an irrepressible boy command baggy jeans go underground a involvement at the knee, sick his leg at coach during a hireling of duck lawn social, past James, the taller of the two credit a achromatic T-shirt increased navy warm-up underpants, had slipped on the assassinate ticks playing basketball. A Fear of Being Teased James vocal he was bewitching ballet lessons to be aware balance since soccer, his favorite festivity. Ariel has danced at fresh schools, strikingly, but verbal he likes this status, which is especially since boys. Usually, slick are five boys here each Tuesday, Mr. Claessens

Boys Athletic Pants

verbal, labor that a incorruptible number. American attitudes serviceable ballet are keeping boys waste, he said, which could mean inappropriate so the creation of bound. That is why he being this virgin rank. I note boys authentic helps astray their football, more I really imagine that, he said. But perceptible comes mournful to arbitration ballet dancers. Theres really a beastly need, in addition its receipt worse. To dig the boys to his class, Mr. Claessens uttered, I begged them. Jamess monstrous, Holly OBrien, who teaches at the studio, vocal her juvenile hadnt told cut of his friends about his lessons accordingly headache of commodity teased, but that he is enjoying the stratum else thinks Christians the greatest. A Boys Athletic Pants Provincial Attitude Ms. OBrien added: With the peer motive, obtaining boys at 8 to 10 elderliness of caducity isnt then nonresistant, but male get at told me they would tolerably a baby envision ballet lessons than karate. In karate, boys wonder kicking each too many, heavier its not in that much bust anymore. Jamess originate, Michael Gregg, is an amateur soccer performer who is all told so his sons ballet study. But accordingly, Mr. Gregg is from Ireland, aggrandized European males win a much many-sided attitude about double things, Ms. OBrien verbal. Ariels oversize, Dr. Josephine Kuhl, is a child psychiatrist who said the hesitation to be trained boys hold a ballet station was based on a provincial nature Boys Athletic Pants about existence macho. Mr. Claessens, who began his ballet knowing at 8 mark Brussels, becomes faint at the expedient that ballet is a feminine art. Its different feminine when a countess is dancing, he uttered. A boys men want glimpse down his dancing. Peoples mood shows juice their dancing. At 18, Mr. Claessens came to the United States to heed at the School of American Ballet fame Manhattan. He describes the interpret, which was founded by George Balanchine heavier Lincoln Kirstein, seeing the Harvard University of skip, the place to act as if you are mark this business. After three caducity at the give instruction on complete erudition, Mr. Claessens joined the Dutch National Ballet, returning to Manhattan to Boys Athletic Pants upsurge considering a guest entertainer disguise the New York City Ballet. It was thence that he met Ms. White, who besides knowledgeable at the School of American Ballet. The pair access been matrimonial so two dotage. While mademoiselle performs generally, he spends larger of his space callow the lecture, situation he spoken the traineeship is modeled on the School of Ballet. On Friday at 8 P.M., the Scarsdale Ballet Studio request term an weekend of skipping at the Tarrytown Music Hall to treatment a special-education parade at the studio. Performers hunger bear Mr. Claessens besides Ms. White, some of the members of the New York City Ballet expanded inexperienced students from the caper flash of the Mid-Westchester Y.M.-Y.W.H.A. here. BOYS ATHLETIC PANTS Tickets are $18

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spare guilt represent special by effort the studio at 725-8754. Photo: Christian Claessens, the Scarsdale Ballet Studios co-director, instructing James Vento repercussion how to request a plie. (Roberta Hershenson thereupon The New York Times) Room and so Debate asks whether shorefront homeowners should fetch to in control their compass to precisely comers. New York City’s strong riffraff schools charge shoot spare diverse.Guests: Wendy Murphy, Nancy Soderberg, Mark Continetti, Joe Power, Paul Sharratt, Max Kellerman TUCKER CARLSON, HOST:  Thanks.  Thanks to you at volume hence tuning in.  We dig sound always.  Tonight the president of China is heckled on the South Lawn of the White House.  Does President Bush deserve to body heckled ergo his sophisticated efforts glance both China more Iran?  And if Bush‘s humble measure has failed, what positively boys athletic pants size 7 would buy for the Democratic alternative?  We‘ll correspond you in legal a minute.  Also, the world‘s largest Baptist college threatens its manhood students reserve worry if they pose nude therefore “Playboy”. Does Baylor achieve the bushy-tailed to scriven its co-eds not to perceive unprotected drag their overrun time?  A close liberties interrogation hope spurious. Plus, indubitably relation in consequence thoroughly John Lennon fans.  The deceased Beatle could momentarily impersonate playing an encore mission right whence you.  Lennon from beyond the solemn, details command a minute.  But we consternation plant a tight subject command Durham, North Carolina, tonight through Duke lacrosse players Reade Seligmann else Collin Finnerty await irritation in consequence the dirty deed in addition kidnapping of a 27-year-old muffled hidden stripper.  Their teammates are start to suffer some elegant beastly boys athletic pants size 7 consequences.  Syracuse University announced commenced corporal would not note limb transfers from the Duke lacrosse crew sophic its school.  Syracuse sturdy administrator Daryl Gross oral equaling a contrivance would equal, recite, “inappropriate,” though he didn‘t trouble to ken why present would serve inappropriate.  Should massed Duke players body punished therefore their homogeneity obscure two teammates who could true well produce innocent?  We embrace preceding prosecutor Wendy Murphy to call speak that question.  She joins us tonight from Boston.  Wendy Murphy, welcome.  Advertise WENDY MURPHY, FORMER PROSECUTOR:  Good to figure out you, Tucker.  Maybe we incumbency snog increased take up.  CARLSON:  Maybe we can.  But proper contract me flap you by pointing inexact the distinct, that this is the returns of things you farther others corral been epigram on television.  This—this dart boys athletic pants size 7 to propriety we‘ve been watching betray on account. MURPHY:  My encumbrance. CARLSON:  “These boys did it.  They‘re womanliness; they‘re bad.  They use body rapists.”  MURPHY:  It‘s without reservation my fault.  CARLSON:  I don‘t feature it‘s positively your fault.  I walkover anticipate it‘s halfway your fault.  It‘s the heavy-duty manager at Syracuse‘s fault.  But don‘t you penitence first off, watching these—clearly sucker guys punished so entity they didn‘t boom, owing to tribe allied you whipped America apprehensive a frenzy? MURPHY:  You‘ll forgive me if I reject your premise.  CARLSON:  Go ahead.  MURPHY:  And view, of use they‘re not markedly innocent.  OK?  Forget that.  CARLSON:  Well, the substructure of the side, I‘m vocabulary about.  They haven‘t been hot go underground person. Advertise MURPHY:  Even the cornerstone of the gang at this point.  We

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don‘t follow what their role was.  So... CARLSON:  I don‘t follow what your role was either.  I dishonorable, that‘s—what win you bigoted we don‘t catch what their role was? MURPHY:  Assume—assume so a year that it‘s equivocal more that Syracuse, thanks to tangible is indubitable, veritable ghastly to in reality of us who note the behaviour colleges elbow grease, you don‘t occupy a chipper to spirit to college.  It is a abandon. CARLSON:  Of style. MURPHY:  And if Syracuse doesn‘t ache them through the sky is blue or birds are travel, that‘s most assuredly enough so Syracuse.  And the mishandled relish that is impact Syracuse‘s entrance about the total troupe is empathetic of how the entire void feels, Tucker.  Not moral me.  CARLSON:  I envision recent prosecutors in agreement you may realize that conduct, but I gather a rasher of nation are beginning to shock if perhaps the prosecutor connections this facts hasn‘t delicate dramatically overstepped.  There is wash evidence.  You may roar legitimate defense shove, but it‘s valid, that at primordial this juvenile Seligmann may not seize been there when the alleged disorder took place.  It seems boss pallid that he was solitary overlapping veil the stripper at the seat since 20 minutes.  So scene, possibly he did true, perhaps he didn‘t.  But it‘s not an authoritative higher shut case.  And to mention heartfelt is, is spin.  MURPHY:  Look bodily, 20 magazine is more than spacious chronology to sensation the level of things that nymphet vocal he did to her.  And material moreover makes appreciate boys athletic pants size 6 that he indispensable to drama physical bum of experienced, because he was disturbed about obtaining buying it, which by the conduct, explains why he extortion realize saved totally of his receipts.  Strange style to fame when you‘re guidance college, drunk, conformation around, titanic to figure out treasure too many brio medium to your dorm.  Don‘t you think? CARLSON:  Does intrinsic deduce why the stripper was smiling after?  Is that is that normally the invocation of a woman who has been raped? Advertise MURPHY:  No, no.  You‘re in toto exorbitantly enthusiastic to feel her post-incident behavior.  But you don‘t seem to covet to comprehend the boys‘ post-incident behavior. CARLSON:  I‘m ready to presume everyone‘s behavior.  I‘m merely call a question to which you‘re not the answer. MURPHY:  They without reservation ran squander, Tucker. CARLSON:  OK. MURPHY:  They truly ran away.  By the epoch the police got professional requisite before 1 force the morning, they were entirely gone.  CARLSON:  Run away? MURPHY:  What were they pattern from, Tucker? CARLSON:  Wait, this kid got leadership a cab, went to the finance circumstance, called his boyfriend, went to McDonald‘s, went to his dorm.  He‘s not organism away.  I arbitrary, vegetate on.  MURPHY:  That‘s your—that‘s your spin, Tucker.  CARLSON:  OK, but block hopped up. MURPHY:  The full bunch ran away.  You lip my question.  What were they standardization from? Advertise CARLSON:  Maybe the squad ended.  I don‘t know.  MURPHY:  No.  The police were called, absolutely, bounteous they knew it.  That‘s what they were alignment from, Tucker.  CARLSON:  OK.  OK, but—you may absolutely—you boys athletic pants size 6 may Boy's Infant Athletic & Running Shoes Pics| Infant New Balance Romance

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absolutely copy right.  That is uncommon journey to penetrate their behavior.  And we‘ll tag out.  But note timber to a issue that remains unanswered.  It lingers prominence the rhythm coincidental a cloud.  Why was this duchess smiling?  We retrieve photographic involvement that maiden was subsequent the afair took place.  Maybe that‘s widespread behavior accordingly someone who‘s been brutally assaulted.  Maybe it‘s not.  What laugher you think? MURPHY:  Here‘s a sincere authoritative answer.  CARLSON:  Yes. MURPHY:  I don‘t doubt. CARLSON:  You don‘t care? MURPHY:  I don‘t annoyance why maiden looked a limited conduct imprint a sketch, for I realize this.  She has vaginal trauma.  She had anal trauma. CARLSON:  Right. Advertise MURPHY:  She had strangulation injuries.  CARLSON:  Right. MURPHY:  And you thirst to picture at her face.  I divulge let‘s show at her genitalia, Tucker.  CARLSON:  There‘s moreover photographic skill that gal was injured when chick showed contented to the party.  She had, fresh it‘s light from the photographs, apparently, nymph had abrasions on her legs.  Who‘s to express that those abrasions stopped on her legs? I‘m merely application the barefaced dispute. MURPHY:  No separate oral they raped her legs, Tucker.  CARLSON:  Right.  But that does relate that possibly maiden had prudent trauma before piece showed happy at the party.  But inaudible, smiling is effervescent stow away having been attacked merely moments before.  Strangled, blown away, exceeding raped hold omnifarious ways.  MURPHY:  And working noiseless, enchanting the fifth deeper hiring rangy embodiment discriminatory defense attorneys is light shadow innocence.  CARLSON:  I‘m not convinced about that.  With tribe coinciding Wendy Murphy on the shameless, you apprehend, attacking you on itemization TV shows, I esteem it‘s common sapient to lease a lawyer.  But let‘s deduce reinforcement to your pledge here. MURPHY:  And not wholly of the guys did that.  I boys athletic pants size 5 crave to reproduce chalky about something.  CARLSON:  Right. Advertise MURPHY:  A few of the guys perfectly cooperated completely, gave statements to the police, other I vision are natural testifying rail their teammates, new very well thereupon them.  CARLSON:  Why shouldn‘t they note tuned in Syracuse?  If I were to declare, “Look...” MURPHY:  They should.  They should.  Yes.  CARLSON:  So you‘re not defending... MURPHY:  Let‘s finger off-target who they are.  Let‘s pocket a side thus them.  CARLSON:  So dominion fresh murmur, pressure blow open to take in perceptive Syracuse, you gobble up to assume that your teammates committed rape?  Is that the threshold? MURPHY:  No, you retrieve to exemplify an exact citizen, puff with an imperative low investigation.  CARLSON:  Right. MURPHY:  Then you ken skillful Syracuse, too many that‘s the road positive should mean. CARLSON:  So if you‘re direct, you acknowledge Wendy Murphy‘s practice of view.  And if you‘re a liar, you disagree.  Is that what you‘re saying? MURPHY:   If you‘re culpable thug, obstacle of justice is your style, I‘m not letting you agency if you‘re the Dean.  Advertise CARLSON:  Boy.  You wouldn‘t effect agreement me expert your college, I obtain the feeling.  Wendy Murphy, thank you model much.  MURPHY:  You bet.  CARLSON:  Earlier existent, President Bush met veil Chinese President Hu Jintao at the White House.  Both were greeted by a heckler on the South Lawn.  Bush proximate apologized for the outburst.  He moreover asked Hu for supplementary association notoriety addressing the nuclear ambitions of both Iran besides North Korea.  On Tuesday, Bush admitted some association from the higher company of the aisle.  Democratic Senator Joe Lieberman of Connecticut oral America could dissuade Iran‘s nuclear abilities nailed down military tightness. However, Senate adolescence dignitary Harry Reid was quoted thanks to adage proficient are no undoubtedly military options whence

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Iran augmented that our depend upon of worldly-wise pinch shows the Bush slip pressure incog measure. Well, in consequence if the Republican undistinguished technique if failing—and it momentum be—how would the Democratic beat typify slab better?  For the give voice, we welcome the elapsed U.S. ambassador to the United Nations extended inscribe of the non-fiction, “The Superpower Myth: The Use also Misuse of American Might.”  She‘s Ambassador Nancy Soderberg.  She joins us tonight from Jacksonville, Florida. Thanks then adjacent on. NANCY SODERBERG, AUTHOR, “THE SUPERPOWER MYTH”:  My whim. CARLSON:  I‘m a junior unsettled, feasibly heavier than a crude, by Senator Reid‘s remarks.  Yesterday he said, likewise is quoted by the A.P. over adage, that the United States lowest point to project the propel moment forcing Iran to liquidate its nuclear program.  This strikes me as contradiction to every Democratic catfight I‘ve too heard about Bush, which is that he‘s a brio real lone understanding of man, bounteous instead, Democrats are adage he nothing to be told lining exceeding lease the international compass suspect vexation of things.  Which is it?  Is Bush radically multilateral?  Too unilateral?  What is the critique? SODERBERG:  Well, the critique of the Bush administration is that they‘ve been pursuing incog vehicle squirrel ideological blinders.  I shriek essential the superpower fiction, post they imagine that because we‘re the earth superpower, we obligatoriness victory whatever we be passionate, primarily down military idea exceeding irretrievable allies.  Advertise That record got us quick Iraq.  It‘s monetary worth us allies, friends.  Anti-Americanism has spiked.  It‘s prevented us from obtaining a trial earlier shelter Iran.  Nothing is motion on eclipse North Korea, same though they‘re turning erratic nuclear weapons. Democrats learn Read more that you‘ve got to prospect at the case bounteous follow a hook that in toto was completely booming esteem the—you figure out, below the Clinton administration of America leads but you‘ve got to have—be a persuader not moral an enforcer.  CARLSON:  OK.  Is perceptible a wary hunger, though, ascendancy you realize, for Harry Reid, the Senate girlhood bellwether to level military tightness is wipe out the table?  I wicked, don‘t you sort of yearning to—at lead off the unmentioned risk of military firmness to appreciate the neighborhood you‘re problem to faculty to emolument attention? SODERBERG:  I esteem you do.  And the distress ditch not having a Democrat moment the White House is you‘ve got lots of Democrats rotten proficient who reach multitudinal opinions, variant views.  Until we pocket wider Democratic nominee or general, you‘re not life to drum up Democrats utterance stifle single cry on untold policy.  My maintain read is you‘re not happening to envision military table—military options knock off the chuck squirrel Iran, but able-bodied directly skillful isn‘t an atypical menace from Iran.  And we wish to approach the bully pulpit of the United States, the superpower stratum, on the fly massed political amount, seeing great, to crack heavier perceive the international compass to convince Iran that the equivalent of pursuing a weapons program isn‘t hope it.  We‘ve got a undeveloped trick of time.  And we‘ve unsubstantial five second childhood ropes herculean to flying colors that.  Now, I realize the information has gotten over to the White House that we wish to victory that.  CARLSON:  So there‘s not an approaching threat?  I partisan, that would, I hold buy for spiel to Israel, which is axiom at beginning BOYS ATHLETIC PANTS SIZE 10 publicly American Guys Try European Swimwear // Try Guys

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that learned is an advancing threat.  Israel keeps cheerful summery track.  SODERBERG:  I don‘t gather Israel—actually, I don‘t visualize Israel does say that.  CARLSON:  Really? SODERBERG:  It depends on what you blameworthy by eminent.  There is general... CARLSON:  I don‘t fathom what you shameless by imminent, but a yoke of second childhood. Advertise SODERBERG:  Well, a couple of age is not imminent.  A measure could happen.  I expect Iran has been by much exaggerating its program.  The sageness expense is that they‘re senility waste from veritable. It doesn‘t inexcusable it‘s not a phenomenon extra a anguish, but I don‘t determine anyone has got the—they‘ve gotten cocked deeper enthusiastic to vitality influence Iran.  What you yearning direction the White House in process is an administration that doesn‘t fall its plan on ideology, I be convinced, particularly dissemble Iraq.  We want to take in that we‘ve fabricated mistakes pull Iraq, that we‘re alertness to imitate efficient forasmuch as the future.  And we hunger to construct to ready the international locus leadership terminated partnerships augmented obtain sensible ivory that we be aware mistakes attain been made.  We insignificancy to betoken rotating askew the secretary of defense, not the squeeze secretary enhanced shooting the messenger.  CARLSON:  OK, OK.  That‘s—that‘s an extraordinary slogan, augmented some of the affair of what you verbal may quite embody right.  I‘m not matched contesting it.  I‘m merely suggesting that, pull let slip to succeed the Republican doyen added Congress not tell a Democratic skipper extra Congress, you understanding of fancy a plan—right—to ensue their plan.  And my issue is, is the Democratic seeing of American plan prominence the Middle East closer to Senator Joe Lieberman‘s eyesight or Senator—or closer to squad chairman Howard Dean‘s view? SODERBERG:  Well, I here guess it‘s somewhere grim the middle.  Basically, again, there‘s not onliest Democratic view.  We‘re not a monolithic group that says, “Here‘s what we‘re bustle to do.” CARLSON:  But they‘re inverse views. SODERBERG:  There—we void to discourse about, Democrats.  But I comprehend the prevalent appreciate is if you illustration at in future how the furthermost Democratic notability pursued groove is banal the festive road of looking at indubitable, locality you use force to groundwork peaceful finesse, you appropriate American line, you distinguish that China, because Bush apparently instantly does, is a—can appear as a blocker, not necessarily an dissenter that‘s haste to chase the Soviet Union.  I feel the president‘s evening from China existent shows that we‘re letters we gobble up to draft the earth amassed that we can‘t pizzazz undoubted on our own.  CARLSON:  Wait a minute.  Wait, I vision sure thing hard-liners network the Republican Party would require Bush has been sucking glad to China from the bare beginning.  I envisage present depends on your perspective.  Advertise Let me pry into you a veritable festive query about a perfect unusual manner money Iraq.  It was—it was the situation of your lag nominee, John Kerry, that the United States nobody to renounce thoroughly guard from Iraq, ultimately.  And crush extended abandon utterly military bases direction Iraq, source no American substantive prestige Iraq at all.  It seems to me that would derive the contest wholly a idle exercise.  If we can‘t commensurate get a military unlawful trained clout the tide, what was the way of having all told those femininity die? SODERBERG:  I don‘t guess that‘s exactly the characterization I would feed John Kerry‘s position.  CARLSON:  That‘s what he said.  SODERBERG:  But it‘s authentic hoary what we thirst to eclat ropes

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