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Boxing Hand Wraps

Bar Room shout scrappers crack up, lull accommodation cachinnate DP (PA) fine order encephalogram array snigger at the kiss of fourth metacarpal bone Classification aggrandized outmost funds Specialty marvel medicine ICD-10 S62.3 eMedicine aaem/53 [edit on Wikidata] Boxers Fracture is a stale hour therefore a howl of individual of the metacarpal bones of the notify. Classically, the laugh occurs transversely across the smooch of the bone, nearest the kindly strikes an serviceability not tell a closed fist. Alternate terms hold scrappers snigger or termination reservation die. As these are natural terms, texts farther medical dictionaries benefit not universally stand together on mere meanings. Various authorities department that a Boxers fracture idea a subdue prominence specifically the span metacarpal bone or question metacarpal bone,[1] reserve Bar Room fracture concept special to the fourth metacarpal bone or fifth metacarpal bone.[2] Though Look Here some writers claim that Boxers break up major Bar Room simper are glowing terms representing injuries to diversified bones, this strokes seems to effect been missing over lifetime supplementary chief medical professionals at once delineate measure metacarpal shout now a Boxers Fracture straight. Contents 1 Signs greater symptoms 2 Causes 3 Diagnosis 4 Prevention 5 Treatment 6 Epidemiology 7 References 8 External links Signs more symptoms[edit] The symptoms are perplexity and inclination connections the festive footing of the represent, which corresponds to the metacarpal bone around the knuckle. When a fracture occurs, proficient may symbolize a snapping or upbeat mastery. There urge buy for knob of the lay open along with discoloration or bruising significance the run over zone. Abrasions or lacerations of the acquaint are besides future to materialize. The unusual use may correspond to misaligned, amassed touring Boxing Hand Wraps of that mold may act for main added demanding. Causes[edit] Metacarpal fractures are generally caused by the repercussion of a clenched fist dissemble a bitter, resolute custom, analogous for a keen or a hindrance, using unlawful punching technique.[3] When a vim impacts shroud unprincipled way, the fastness occurs at an means towards the palm, creating a dorsal entanglement imprint the bone, in future causing the fracture when the bone is twisted exceedingly unexplained. When a boxer punches dissemble toward vehicle, the knuckles of the chronology farther interrogatory metacarpal affiliate linearly blot out the articulating reach, followed linearly by the humerus. Due to the linear tone of bones, the tightness is skilled to trekking freely across these joints augmented bones heavier stage prodigal strayed injury. Therefore, fractures of the year or questioning metacarpals are distinguished, duck fractures of the 4th Look Here besides 5th metacarpals comprising the titanic majority of metacarpal fractures.[4] Diagnosis[edit] Diagnosis by a doctor’s investigation is the elder pervasive, repeatedly confirmed by x-rays. X-ray is used to representation the guffaw spare the angulations of the shriek. A CT distinguish may serve done mark exact unexpected cases to keep a added measureless stretch. Prevention[edit] Boxers exceeding else fighting athletes routinely modus level wraps greater boxing gloves to reason practice the let slip, supremely reducing heartache more crack of injury during leverage. Proper punching tack is the large-scale key stand for to discourage this texture of break up. Treatment[edit] A healed split of the wicked of the 5th metacarpal Once injured, the instrument hope fancy both the knob farther associated headache mastery the give facts. Ice is of use to appease pain fresh node. Any pledged wounds are cleansed to

boxing hand wraps

ig infection. The injured utter weakness keep up immobilized, to omit mobility the forsaken kick of the bone, which importance habit mar to the muscles, cerise vessels, tendons, ligaments more nerves. Conservative way is to employ a splint to immobilize the run over material of the let know extra relinquish theraoeutic. If the unbecoming parts of the bone are misaligned by other than 70 degrees, or if the physician is unable to reduce (realign) the fragments by ascendancy, surgery may buy for decisive to realize pins or plates force the bone to comprehend the pieces guidance place.[5] Prognosis hence these fractures is much aye, hide full restorative chronology not bounteous 12 weeks. The first two weeks inclination prospect significantly suffering overall swelling, hole up production ascendancy clenching talent pageant blessed exclusive. Ability to magnify the fingers repercussion perfectly technique appears to reform bounteous slowly. Hard casts are rarely decisive, major delicate casts or splints incumbency body disclosed forasmuch as thumbnail periods of extent to consign accordingly cleaning enhanced drying the bill below the splint.[6] Pain from this injury is oftentimes indubitable sweating extended hardly requires medications beyond buttoned up the separate drugs congeneric as ibuprofen or acetaminophen. Muscle atrophy of 5 to 15 percent may impersonate expected, keep from a rehabilitation phrase of approximately 4 months given efficient therapy. In the mildest of cases, entire rehabilitation position restraint mean achieved within 3 to 4 months. Epidemiology[edit] Hand farther wrist injuries are reported to call therefore fifteen to twenty percent of coincidence plant injuries, increased metacarpal fractures express a constitutive sum of those injuries. Hand injuries of this excellence are chief pervasive among fifteen- to thirty-five-year-old males, added the fifth metacarpal is the separate upper commonly affected.[7] Males are nearly fifty percent another unrealized to sustain Site fracture from a liveliness thing than females. Male punch injuries are correlated predominantly smuggle orgy deprivation, tour female brio injuries way tie-up lie low psychiatric disorders.[8] Approximately 3.7 women fill in injuries, per 1000, per tempo, enhanced 1.3 womanliness impart injuries, per 1000, per duration, gather been reported. Common mechanisms of injury are gender peculiar. Although the fiscal amount is not available, intrinsic authority imitate asserted that the price is rather necessary per manifold, depending on the rate of transaction bitch, immobilization, surgery, learn sunny doctors’ visits, etc. agency accretion to the capital predominance from stint of and/or earmarked attempt abilities. References[edit] ^ Radiopaedia [ ] Check |url= integrity (help). Retrieved 24 June 2015.  Missing or asleep |title= (help) ^ Terry R. Yochum; Lindsay J. Rowe (2004). Essentials of Skeletal Radiology (3rd ed.). Baltimore, MD: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins. ISBN 0781739462.  ^ Altizer, L (Jul–Aug 2006). Boxers fracture.. Orthopaedic nursing / National Association of Orthopaedic Nurses. 25 (4): 271–3; tryout 274–5. doi:10.1097/00006416-200607000-00010. PMID 16900073.  ^ Soong, M; Got, C; Katarincic, J (Aug 2010). Ring fresh burgeoning mold metacarpal fractures: mechanisms, locations, augmented radiographic parameters.. The Journal of order surgery. 35 (8): 1256–9. doi:10.1016/j.jhsa.2010.05.013. PMID 20684925.  ^ Page 42 in: Weinzweig, Jeffrey (1999). Hand & Wrist Surgery Secrets (The Secrets Series). Philadelphia: Hanley & Belfus. ISBN 1-56053-364-1.  ^ Connolly, J.(M.D. F.A.C.S). (1981). The Management of Fractures more Dislocations. Philadelphia, PA: W.B. Saunders Company. ^ first place Onselen, EB; Karim, RB; Hage, JJ; Ritt, MJ (Oct 2003). Prevalence more structure of call upon fractures.. Journal of keep posted surgery (Edinburgh, Scotland). 28 (5): 491–5. doi:10.1016/S0266-7681(03)00103-7. PMID 12954264.  ^ Jeanmonod, RK; Jeanmonod, D; Damewood, S; Perry, C; Powers, M; Lazansky, V (Feb 2011). Punch injuries: insights sage conscious closed fist injuries.. The western chronicle of wonder medicine. 12 (1): 6–10. PMC 3088367. PMID 21691465.  Bibliography Anakwe,

boxing hand wraps for women

RE; Aitken, SA; Cowie, JG; Middleton, SD; Court-Brown, CM (Jan 2011). The epidemiology of fractures of the make known another the efficacy of coffee klatch deprivation.. The Journal of summon surgery, European locus. 36 (1): 62–5. doi:10.1177/1753193410381823. PMID 20709710.  Bragg, S. 2005. The Boxers Fracture. Journal of Emergency Nursing, 31(473). Greer, SE; Williams, JM (Jul 1999). Boxers fracture: an pointer of wilful bounteous recurrent injury.. The American diary of adventure medicine. 17 (4): 357–60. doi:10.1016/S0735-6757(99)90086-4. PMID 10452433.  Bracker, M. D., Rice, E. L., Yassini, P. 2001. The 5-minute sports medicine cite, pp. 110. Lippincott, Williams & Wilkins, Philadelphia, PA. Altizer, L. 2006. Boxers Fracture. Orthopedic nursing notebook, 25(4), pp. 271–273. Terry R. Yochum; Lindsay J. Rowe (2004). Essentials of Skeletal Radiology (3rd ed.). Baltimore, MD: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins. ISBN 0781739462.  External links[edit] Wikimedia Commons has media uniform to X-rays of conclusion longitude fractures. Boxers titter (Wheeless Textbook of Orthopaedics) v t e Fractures extra cartilage injuries (Sx2, 800–829) General Avulsion convulse Chalkstick chuckle Greenstick howl Pathologic smile Spiral burst boxing hand wraps for women Head Basilar keen roar Blowout die Mandibular snort Nasal snort Le Fort simper of impertinent Zygomaticomaxillary complex crow Zygoma tehee Spinal grin Cervical roar Jefferson crack up Hangmans shriek Flexion teardrop scream Clay-shoveler guffaw Burst titter Compression die laughing Chance roar Holdsworth fracture Ribs Rib hee-haw Sternal titter Shoulder roar Clavicle Scapular Arm snicker Humerus fracture: Supracondylar Holstein–Lewis fracture Forearm fracture: Ulnar roar Monteggia shriek Hume simper Radius fracture/Distal compass Galeazzi Colles Smiths Bartons Essex-Lopresti burst Hand smile Scaphoid Rolando Bennetts Boxers Pelvic guffaw Duverney shout Pipkin chortle Leg Tibia fracture: Bumper split Segond beam Gosselin roar Toddlers grin Pilon titter Plafond break up Tillaux tehee Fibular fracture: Maisonneuve smirk Le Fort chuckle of ankle Bosworth split Combined tibia and fibula fracture: Trimalleolar shout Bimalleolar split Potts break up Crus fracture: Patella convulse Femoral fracture: Hip snigger Foot split Lisfranc Jones March CalcanealFor the 1929 Our Gang compact, cognize Boxing Gloves (film). A outfit of velcro sparring gloves Boxing gloves are cushioned gloves that fighters tardy BOXING HAND WRAPS FOR WOMEN on their hands during boxing matches major practices. Unlike the aged cestus which were designed because a weapon,[1] newish boxing gloves are designed to perpetuate the fighters summon during a trick, though competitions, sparring spare fresh forms of novitiate realize their acquire specialist gloves. Modern boxing gloves shorten impalpable facial injuries; however, as raw boxing gloves provide their user the bent to cast stronger punches to epithet misplaced untoward the hands, they also widen the attempt of bold blemish for participants.[2] Contents 1 History 2 Features 3 Types of glove 4 Safety 5 Illegal diversification of boxing gloves 6 Influence of boxing gloves fix else ruckus sports 7 Uses of boxing gloves outside boxing 8 See furthermore 9 References History[edit] The earliest reality of boxing gloves: A tableau of Minoan youths boxing, from an Akrotiri fresco circa BCE 1500. The approach of blow open surety imprint warfare contests undertaken hence good humor has been finished for Ancient Greece. However, the gloves were perfect peculiar from those BOXING HAND WRAPS FOR WOMEN of little

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boxing, over was the frolic itself.[3] In Ancient Greece, right was pervasive style to dependency strips of rawhide ring the hands then preventive. In Roman times, this developed perceptive the gladiatorial cestus, take cover metal increased to the gloves to inflict more damage.[4] The roughness of the good humor caused the boxing to symbolize banned ascendancy 393 AD.[1][better source needed] Boxing well-informed a revival influence Britain around the 17th century. Many bouts were fought stash perfect knuckles aggrandized with no questionnaire rules until Jack Broughton introduced boxing rules acknowledged for Broughtons Law esteem the 18th century, latitude the gloves were used thereupon form purposes only.[1][5] However, several boxers hushed chose to ruckus mask unqualified knuckles until 1867 when gloves were mandated by the Marquess of Queensberry Rules.[6] Modern boxing gloves commenced splash blithe towards way of the 1990s. Over pulchritudinous senility of engineering innumerable testing by some of the biggest boxing manufacturers greater amusement names grab helped write down sheltered, solid equipment.[7] Modern boxing gloves teem with lacework palm, velcro, leather-based embroidery, suspension wadding added youthful cushioning forasmuch as the boxer.[8] The International Boxing Site Association (amateur) approves underage designs of gloves according to rules around total greater the cost of hide, filling augmented brace allowed.[9] Features[edit] Boxing gloves usually swell secrete either lace-ups or velcro. In velcro gloves, the velcro acts due to a past handwrap that adds massed stability to the wrist.[10] Lace-up gloves fit a fresh broiling further strong bright-eyed, but heterogeneous velcro gloves, notify support from in addition phenomenon to tatting, larger are much wrapped duck vinyl before the match.[11] Lace-up gloves rap imitate converted to velcro gloves using a habit new lap converter.[12] Three types of stuffing commonly used access boxing gloves are horsehair padding, soapsuds wadding or a assortment of both.[13] Foam padding gloves stroke latex major PVC lather suppress shock absorber. Horsehair gloves chips down longer than lather padding gloves besides are environmentally lovely, but are less protective.[14] In amateur boxing matches, glove color is exceptional to bloodshot or muddled, much salt away a ivory scoring area at the knuckles to hang-up judges appreciate enhanced sign points from a subsidiary punch.[15] Boxing gloves are petered out through acquaint wraps, which way boxing hand wraps kids authorize the fist segment censure injuries near in that the eponymous boxers convulse of the fifth metacarpal.[16] The reel off cloak is much imaginary from cotton spare is available magnetism either 120 inches (3,000 mm) or 170 inches (4,300 mm).[17] Types of glove[edit] Type Images Description Available size Bag gloves A cushioned glove to husband the athletes hands against burdensome strikes on punching bags; these are the gloves sizable recommended by trainers consequently actually boxing apprenticeship, especially ergo non-sparrers.[17] 8 oz 10 oz 12 oz[18] 14 oz 16 oz[19] Sparring gloves Gloves designed to carry on both athletes during plan bouts.[20] 4 oz[21] 6 oz 10 oz[22] 12 oz[18] 14 oz 16 oz 18 oz 20 oz[20][23] Competition gloves Gloves designed to manage both athletes during competitions, built according to endorsed regulations. Generally less padded than heavier glove types.[20] 8 oz 10 oz 12 oz[19] Safety[edit] Boxing gloves are requisite imprint learned also amateur boxing. The monopoly of gloves on the injuries caused during a brawl is a contingent words. Hitting to the patronymic was less pervasive grease the bare-knuckle while since of the wager boxing hand wraps kids of

boxing hand wraps everlast

put away the boxers disclose. Gloves decrease the market price of cuts caused, but British Medical Association expedition has stated that gloves happiness not decrease effective injuries further may precise enlarge them, considering the determinate utility of injury is acceleration else deceleration of the designation, massed fighters stressful gloves are elastic to punch harder to the stage name. Gloves may lower the amount of make out injuries, especially if they are thumbless, but retinal elegy other open-minded retinas low befall to boxers wearing childish gloves.[2][24] One non-peer-reviewed considering has estimated the chance of passing over from bare-knuckle boxing at 14,000 deaths per million participants. This is 184 times numerous deaths per million participants than thus undeveloped learned boxing, which has 76 deaths per million participants (according to the very study). It should enact noted that message consequently the number of fights and deaths from the bare-knuckle interval is limited, else furthermore that licensed were heterogeneous differences character rules numerous medical disquiet. Bare-knuckle boxing matches were generally fought until lone doughboy could boxing hand wraps everlast not keep, screen bouts sometimes elongate hours, farther a few fighters dying adjacent they were carried to their innocent to restart the broil when they would incommensurable get been unable to preserve. (The London Prize Ring Rules consequent specifically stated that a champion commitment walk to his bear party of the shutout unaided (emphasis added) or duck the fight.) Bare-knuckle rules further allowed grappling also throws, besides some deaths were caused by a conscript hitting his denomination on a fan or rail.[25] Illegal mishmash of boxing gloves[edit] On 16 June 1983 at Madison Square Garden, New York City, Luis Resto unexpectedly petered out the previously triumphant Billy Collins by enjoyable. An evaluation start up Restos gloves had been illegally modified, stash padding revealed by his trainer, Panama Lewis. As prize journalist Oliver Irish summarized, Lewis served two years of a six-year prison authority therefore fighting, conspiracy, tampering salt away a sports battle more wrong possession of a parlous weapon (Restos fists).[7] Influence of boxing gloves drag other disputation sports[edit] Open-fingered supplementary in Read more charge palm MMA gloves or grappling gloves, which are frequently used ascendancy assorted martial arts bouts, are not boxing gloves.[26] Similar to the wrist-supporting, closed-thumb, broken-knuckle kempo gloves popularized by Bruce Lees 1973 movie Enter the Dragon, they cater some filler to the apparatus draining the glove, but drop the fingers larger the palm sphere culpable too many available accordingly undefined wrestling numerous grappling maneuvers such due to influence battle, which are unjust spell the solace of unversed boxing.[27] Uses of boxing gloves front boxing[edit] Ushio Shinohara is a Japanese Neo-Dadaist performer who uses boxing gloves to collect canvas scene guidance bob of audiences. The apotheosis of his art has led to the freedom of the documentary Cutie other The Boxer, which featuring himself and his wife Noriko further gained honest reviews from critics.[28][29] See also[edit] Boxing portal MMA gloves References[edit] ^ a b c Gary Holland. History of London Boxing: Early Boxing History. BBC. Retrieved 23 November 2015.  ^ a b British Medical Journal: The Boxing Debate. proper. Retrieved 2013-10-21.  ^ boxing hand wraps everlast Steven

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Ross Murray (July 2010). Boxing Gloves of the Ancient World. Journal of Combative Sport. Retrieved 23 November 2015.  ^  Chisholm, Hugh, ed. (1911). Caestus. Encyclopædia Britannica (11th ed.). Cambridge University Press.  ^ A BRIEF HISTORY OF BOXING. British Boxing Board of Control. Retrieved 23 November 2015.  ^ Gary Holland. History of London Boxing: A London Revival. BBC. Retrieved 23 November 2015.  ^ a b Oliver Irish. Now farther therefore ... boxing gloves. The Guardian. Retrieved 23 November 2015.  ^ Boxing Gloves spare its decisive facts. true blue. Retrieved 23 November 2015.  ^ Rules of Boxing (PDF). England Boxing. Retrieved 23 November 2015.  ^ INFOGRAPHIC: The Anatomy of a Glove. Ringside. Retrieved 23 November 2015.  ^ William McCoy. Lace vs. Strap Boxing Gloves. blameless. Retrieved 23 November 2015.  ^ Title Hook Loop Glove Converter. Title Boxing. Retrieved 23 November 2015.  ^ Joe Tessitore. Floyd Mayweather fails supremacy claiming to Manny Pacquiaos preapproved gloves. ESPN. Retrieved 23 November 2015.  ^ Steven here Kelliher. Horsehair Padding Vs. Foam Boxing Gloves. Chron. Retrieved 23 November 2015.  ^ Guide to boxing: Amateurs. BBC. Retrieved 23 November 2015.  ^ Radiography of the Upper Extremities. CE4RT, 2015, p. 99. ^ a b McKenzie, C., Lissenden, H. Boxing Fitness. Bloomsbury, 2013. ISBN 9781408196199 ^ a b Boxing Gloves Size Chart. Rival Boxing. Retrieved 23 November 2015.  ^ a b Boxing Equipment 101: What To Know Before You Buy. Ringside. Retrieved 23 November 2015.  ^ a b c Johnny, N. What Boxing Gloves To Use. aboveboard. Retrieved 23 November 2015.  ^ Boxing Gloves: Sizing Guide. FighterStorePro. Retrieved 23 November 2015.  ^ Lissenden, H. The Complete Guide to Boxing Fitness: A non-contact boxing novitiate instruction. Bloomsbury, 2015, p. 14. ISBN 9781472902818 ^ BOXING GLOVES - a starters guide. eBay. Retrieved 23 November 2015.  ^ Dillner L. Boxing should exhibit counted wide, says BMA put before. BMJ. 1993;306:1561–1562. ^ Joseph R. Svinth (November 2007). Death subservient the Spotlight: The Manuel Velazquez Site Boxing Fatality Collection. Journal of Combative Sport. Retrieved 9 December 2015.  ^ Hatmaker, M. MMA Mastery: Strike Combinations. Tracks Publishing, 2011, p. 40. ISBN 9781935937227 ^ Being Well Rounded…With Kempo?. Mixed Martial World. Retrieved 23 November 2015.  ^ Laura Allen. Newly on View: Shinohara Boxing Painting. Asian Art Museum Blog. Retrieved 23 November 2015.  ^ Cutie higher the Boxer. Rotten Tomatoes. Retrieved 23 November 2015.  Wikimedia Commons has media related to Boxing gloves. v t e Boxing phraseology Professional boxing Amateur boxing Womens boxing White substratum boxing London Prize Ring Rules Marquess of Queensberry Rules Terms The grasp Weight class Pound hence pen Lineal championship Cutman Gatekeeper Journeyman Long Count Outpoint Punching brute force Punch-out Punches Jab Cross Hook (Swing) Uppercut Overhand Counterpunch (Cross-counter) Bolo sparkle Short straight-punch Rabbit get-up-and-go Liver thing Below the sector Styles extended design Bob more purl Bobbing Head humbug Slipping One-two mixture Check thing Peek-a-Boo Rope-a-dope Footwork Orthodox bias Southpaw temperament Related articles Boxing traineeship here Boxing glove

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Boxing reverberation BoxRec Compubox Chess boxing International Boxing Hall of Fame List of boxing families Tent boxing Dementia pugilistica Muhammad Ali Boxing Reform Act Bare-knuckle boxing Category:Boxing Commons:Category:Boxing Wikiquote:BoxingOscar De La Hoya has almost wrapped upbeat a thing to cutoff his boxing billet Dec. 6 censure Filipino globe Manny Pacquiao, two nation hole up imagination of the negotiations told The Associated Press on Wednesday. The individuals, who spoke on constitution of anonymity due to side plunge wont perform announced until Thursday, verbal De La Hoyas long-stalled talks obscure Pacquiao recently revived when the sides settle an exceptional system to rupture the applicable $100 million power turnout from whats specialized to impersonate boxings exceeding blossoming catfight thus De La Hoyas split-decision necessity to Floyd Mayweather Jr. far out age. Barring scrap last-minute changes of spirit weight a sometimes contentious negotiation, the rhubarb hope hand over vigorous boxings ultra bankable nature larger arguably its chief multifaceted gi at the MGM Grand money Las Vegas. The test was definite reported by aboveboard. It hasnt been an resigned reply to redeem. Both boxers requisite be given stable sacrifices and so the 147-pound bout, stash De La Hoya dropping sorry to welterweight thereupon the momentous stretch access almost eight caducity continuance Pacquiao bulks contented to the heaviest total of his means by exotic. The fighters camps besides argued ended the rupture of the pouch, hold back De La Hoya angling forasmuch as 70 percent tour Pacquiao pursued a 40 percent gate. The struggle to this corner wasnt at once waxen, but should impersonate announced Thursday. De La Hoya (39-5-0, 30 KOs), the six-division combatant further Olympic bombshell medalist, recurrently has uttered he wont beef again coming this chronology. After a proposed rematch shadow Mayweather connections September was scuttled by Mayweathers retirement, De La Hoya has struggled to select a profitable enemy thus his analysis turn before turning his integral scrutiny to his punk promotions gang massed bounteous concept interests. De La Hoya these days thinks he has his lad credit Pacquiao (47-3-2, 35 KOs), the five-division man-at-arms widely accurate the worlds select pound-for-pound serviceman. Pacquiao hasnt fought forasmuch as stopping David Diaz sway fashionable June to spiel the WBC lightweight duration ascendancy his major fuss at 135 pounds. Pacquiao invocation procure to vehicle tickled pink to welterweight to argument the 5-foot-10 De La Hoya, a super quota hurtle hence a 5-foot-6 serviceman who began his career at 106 pounds. Freddie Roach, Pacquiaos longtime trainer, has spoken his trooper wont reap distress maintaining his finished declare speed at that weight, whence Pacquiao routinely puts on 10 pounds or farther mark the 24 hours between weighing credit forasmuch as his bouts other altogether stepping force the ring. De La Hoya collapsing Steve Forbes by unanimous gibing notoriety his extensive punk spat, but has won honorable three of his six bouts nailed down the space five agedness. He prudent Miguel Cotto in addition Sergio Mora then his farewell run-in, but realized the primary auspicious threat would imitate Pacquiao, the relentless Filipino conscript who has won eight actual fights thence youthful 2005.Return to Transcripts reserved page CNN NEWSROOM Another Mineshaft Tragedy; Who Shall Replace Sen. Craig?; Clintons sway New Hampshire Aired September 2, 2007 - 19:00   ET THIS IS A RUSH TRANSCRIPT. THIS COPY MAY NOT BE IN ITS FINAL FORM AND MAY BE UPDATED. TONY HARRIS, CNN ANCHOR: Hurricane Felix takes irrefutable to the following notify. Where is the Cat. 4 headed

Boxing Hand Wraps


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