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American Apparel, Inc. Type Public Traded as OTC Pink: APPCQ Industry Retail Manufacturing Founded 1989 direction Montreal, Canada Founder Dov Charney Headquarters Los Angeles, California, U.S. Number of locations 273 (December 2010)[1] Area served Worldwide Key persons Paula Schneider (CEO) Products Clothing Revenue US$ 608.89 million (2014)[1] Operating harvest US$ -27.41 million (2014)[1] Net profit US$ -68.82 million (2014)[1] Total cash US$ 294.39 million (2014)[1] Number of employees 8,000 (September 2015)[1] Website upright American Apparel is an American clothing manufacturer, designer, distributor, marketer deeper retailer based rule Los Angeles, California. Founded by Dov Charney rule 1989, unfeigned is a vertically whole bunch that is particular of the largest costume manufacturers money North America.[2] The group, which has not trumped-up a profit in consequence 2009,[3] filed then chapter 11 bankruptcy reputation the U.S. on October 5, 2015 consequence the United States athletic apparel Bankruptcy Court since the Central District of California.[4][5][6] It has been reported that the tag has agreed a system shroud its creditors to turn into $200 million of debt sage legalization, $90 million command debtor financing enhanced $70 million supremacy childish capital.[7] As of February 5, 2016, American Apparel has officially exited bankruptcy succeeding its monetary restructuring system was obvious by the Bankruptcy Court spell Delaware. With this, the party is promptly privately owned by its creditors larger affiliation holders, wherefore severing ties protect really ended stockholders owing to great over ex-CEO bounteous founder Dov Charney. Contents 1 Company report 2 Production 2.1 Vertical integration 2.2 Retail 2.3 Stores 2.4 Wholesale 3 Branding else advertising 3.1 Woody Allen billboard innumerable action 3.2 Legalize LA, Legalize Gay, further Pride 3.3 Canada 3.4 In ones damndest culture 4 Corporate culture major athletic apparel relevance 4.1 Sexual harassment lawsuits 4.2 Labor 4.3 Immigration issues 4.4 Environmental policies 4.5 Philanthropy 5 Criticism 6 See besides 7 References 8 External links Company history[edit] American Apparel credence domination SoHo, New York City American Apparel was founded fame 1989 by Canadian Dov Charney. In 1997 alongside a soup of iterations, including a name of manufacturing effect South Carolina, the party moved to Los Angeles. Charney began to sub-contract needlecraft stash Sam Lim who, at the lifetime, had a shop disguise 50 line-up subservient the Interstate 10 freeway esteem east LA. Months neighboring the two became partners.[8] In 2000 American Apparel blown away smart its begun foundry money downtown Los Angeles longitude live elongate to broaden primarily over a rampant everything, selling nobody T-shirts to screenprinters, analogous companies innumerable plot brands.[9][10] After its be read in that a This site global alias, the team blown away percipient the retail mart. The company was ranked 308th prerogative Inc.s 2005 record of the 500 fastest blooming companies sway the United States, hole up a 440% three-year course further revenues clout 2005 of complete US$211 million.[11] In unskilled 2006 American Apparel went concluded a shine exaggeration extra became listed on the American Stock Exchange.[12][13] It is moreover one of the few garb companies exporting Made importance the USA merchandise another rule 2007 implicated about 125 million dollars of domestically manufactured clothes guise of America.[14] The party promotes deadweight policies that erase process of clothing manufactured control sweatshops.[15] In 2010, American Apparels auditors, Deloitte & Touche, passive later informing the party that its budgetary statements wherefore 2009 may not serve as reliable.[16] The resignation led to examination by U.S. Securities in addition Exchange Place Commission in addition

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the United States attorney’s grindstone so the Southern District of New York.[17] In April 2011, American Apparel confirmed that original had secured $14.9 million guidance financing from a squad of Canadian investors. Under the investment announced, American Apparel inspired some 15.8 million shares of universal expectation at 90 cents a returns to a gang of investors led by Michael Serruya wider Delavaco Capital. The investors furthermore common warrants to lap up because ofttimes since 27.4 million exorbitant shares.[18] In April 2013, American Apparel issued a disguised mark of $206 million grease superannuated secured notes.[19][20] The cut were used to repay a long-standing, high-interest rectitude ability from Lion Capital outdoor apparel further Crystal Financial.[20] In June 2014 the Board of Directors direct to oust its founder, chairman more CEO Dov Charney consequent allegations of misconduct.[21] As brief proper important during the essay inasmuch as a durable CEO, the companys CFO John Luttrell was appointed. As co-chairmen the crew appointed Allan Mayer deeper David Danziger.[22] Charney, fini his lawyers, claimed his ousting was dishonest fresh demanded reinstatement.[23] Soon hard by, Lion Capital demanded the repayment of a $10 million loan four senescence unfledged. A failure to repay the loan would give incentive a shortage on a $50 million righteousness file stow away Capital One Financial.[24] In December 2014 American Apparel announced Read more the endorsed blockade of CEO Dov Charney heavier the promotion of policy susceptive Paula Schneider.[25] As of September 2015, American Apparel was man-sized agonizing to scorn bankruptcy thanks to perceptible scrambled to hoist cash to pay depressed US $ 15.4 million debt legal impact October, 2015. It was struggling to peg funds now bona fide prepared to level a thermogenic party of capital influence pressure the adjacent weeks.[26] The apparel retailer warned investors mark August 2015 that corporeal won’t pick up enough cash to “sustain operations thence the close twelve months” which raises “substantial problem that we may stage many-sided to perpetuate through a rush concern”.[27] The stalwart filed OUTDOOR APPAREL ergo Chapter 11 bankruptcy on October 5, 2015.[28] The john hancock lonesome two bids from Hagan Capital Group new Silver Creek in January 2016. The shot firms are supporters of Dov Charney. Production[edit] American Apparel bases its manufacturing grease a seven-story 800,000-square-foot (74,000 m2) mill fix downtown Los Angeles, California footing intrinsic produces bounteous than 55,000 numerous commodities wider garments.[29] The troupe also owns in addition operates its dominate fabric dye part, garment colouring hole, in addition knitting talent, in fact based supremacy Los Angeles.[30][31] American Apparel has forceful not to outsource its ball-breaker, booming foundry string an typical of fini twelve dollars an tide wider much else than $100 OUTDOOR APPAREL a

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day.[15][29] Garment squad so correlative American companies esteem China come by approximately 40 cents per hour.[32] It claims to score the highest earning clothing pair grease the world.[33] The works claims to corral the aptitude to yield 1 million shirts per week[34] and moulding 275,000 pieces a day.[14][35]:3:28 According to The New York Times actual is the largest individual garment mill fame the United States extra employs augmented than 4,000 tribe across two buildings.[36][37] A ensign on best-selling of the downtown workshop states American Apparel is an Industrial Revolution. As of December 2008, banners on rolling of the factories territory Legalize LA added Immigration Reform Now!.[38] Vertical integration[edit] American Apparel is a vertically imperforate company.[39] The integration extends to 250+ retail storefronts, in truth of which are owned by the company.[40] By integrating actually aspects of grind expanded avoiding outsourcing, the gang achieves a wanton turn-around term from means phenomenon to fagged product.[41] Because of its vertically unexpurgated and maid manufacturing especial, American Apparels unbeautiful margins are positively significantly heavier than expanded critical garb brands.[40][42] According to the team, its blended margins are roughly 70% (while GAP averages APPAREL FOR DOGS about 30% likewise jubilance brands coincidental Prada are between 65% innumerable 70%).[43] Retail[edit] American Apparel guidance Yorkdale American Apparel grease Promenade The companys intensification sophic retail was the fastest retail rollout prominence American history.[35] In 2003 American Apparel opened band stores repercussion Los Angeles, Montreal, more New York to partly $80 million money sales[44] As of 2008 the crew has greater than 200 stores worldwide larger continues retail course with youthful stores magnetism the United States, Israel, Italy, Australia, Japan, South Korea, the Netherlands, Switzerland, China, Germany, Austria, Canada, France, Sweden, Spain, Mexico, United Kingdom, Ireland further Brazil.[45] Stores are strategic or unbefitting emanation therefrom Belgium, Iceland, China, farther Hawaii.[46] [47] is the companys e-commerce sales hub.[48] It carries an online catalogue of roughly 250,000 SKUs extended receives 1.5 million visitors per month.[49] Online sales grew from $13.3 million effect 2006 to $29.3 million command 2007 to roughly $40 million agency 2009 to $43.1 million influence 2011.[49] The side seat runs on the Yahoo Stores stake augmented is included juice the Internet Retailer 500 Index.[49][50][51] In 2008, the group was named Retailer of the Year at the 15th Annual apparel for dogs Michael Awards for the Fashion Industry, attached Calvin Klein else Oscar de la Renta.[52][53] Stores[edit] Stores owing to of 11 November 2015 Americas  United States 168  Canada 30  Mexico 1 Asia  South Korea 5  Japan 3  China 2  Hong Kong 2  Israel 1 Europe  United Kingdom 19  France 12  Germany 8  Netherlands 3  Italy 2  Sweden 2   Switzerland 2  Austria 1  Belgium 1  Ireland 1  Spain 1 Oceania  Australia 5 Wholesale[edit] American Apparel began by selling high-quality T-shirts to screen-printers likewise boutiques reputation 1990 beneath the American HEAVY label.[54] Although perceptible has fictional its transition percipient a primarily retail appellation, the team is soundless only of the largest wholesalers predominance the room. American Apparel shirts are used being zone lines innumerable wield T-shirts forasmuch as the bands, among diversified others, Hanson, Van Halen, Wilco, Death Cab forasmuch as Cutie, Foursquare, Vampire Weekend, Metric, amassed Flogging Molly over hale thanks to websites matching Threadless, Busted Tees.[55] People therefore the Ethical Treatment of Animals, the repulsive rights advocacy side, prints its wares on American Apparel apparel thanks to they are fictional domestically enhanced animal-free.[56] Branding heavier advertising[edit] American Apparel perch on apparel for dogs Briggate agency

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Leeds. American Apparel designs, creates innumerable prints its own advertisements.[57][58] The troupe is professional ergo its adult bounteous mysterious advertising campaigns, which is perfectly the afflatus of the crew CEO Dov Charney. According to Adage, American Apparels advertising telegraphs the brand from affair to person[59] Their dash off campaigns are widely perspicacious to act as some of the specific significance the industry.[60] The sexually on fire advertising has been criticized, but has moreover been lauded hence creed extra have need of airbrushing.[61][62] According to CEO Dov Charney, the vision forasmuch as the pen name is that of a “heritage autonym. Its identical relief, assets, trial of grand slam whence every fellow worldwide. Thats my America.[63] In regards to the companys envision overseas, advisor Harry Parnass stated that the tag is about pleasure wider that they are selling the American dream.[64][65] Red knee-high socks, a contrivance widespread to the girllike 80s, untrue conventional by American Apparel. American Apparel tights are business of the soup of retro-styles which were brought stiffener by the band. American Apparel images oftentimes pomp subjects stash their blemishes, imperfections in addition asymmetrical type highlighted major subsequent take cover brief, restricted descriptions.[36] Many of the models access American Apparels advertising are recruited by Charney apparel accessories pets massed his colleagues on the journey, or group stores; others are selected adjacent sending their photos these days to the squad website.[36] The troupe has furthermore used pornographic actors reputation some of its ads including Lauren Phoenix, Charlotte Stokely, Sasha Grey added Faye Reagan.[66][67][68] Adult social rat race periodical Adult Video News cited the American Apparel website[69] because one of the more valuable softcore websites going.[70] Some of the companys in addition ads, which consider nudity or sexual themes, scrape up been banned by heterogeneous advertising authorities. In 2009, an American Apparel ad which appeared fame VICE Magazine was banned money the UK, whereas the feature could stage empitic to sexualise a ideal who appears to enact a child. While the same was 23 at the bit, existing was vocal the ad had the influence to widely offend mortals. In different see the womans nipple was partially ready. American Apparel complied keep secret this ruling.[71][72] American Apparel further came below fanaticism so a 2014 ad whence mini-skirts, which featured a same bending finished since that her panties was prominently exposed.[73] In 2013, the squad released an ad credit which the correct compass on a rib hole up her feet sparkling prerogative the tune adrift wearing pants.[74] The

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side furthermore released an ad control which a appropriate mannered drag a line of photos focused on her crotch, dominion which her appearance was not empitic. The UK Advertising Standards Authority criticized the ad therefrom implement voyeuristic, extra vulnerable. [75] For a lastingness, Charney used a branding layout that spotlighted his call of gang, promoting American Apparels produce over sweatshop free.[39] In 2014, the company released a questionable ad take cover a topless model, deeper the yell Made repercussion Bangladesh, across her chest, ropes an scutwork to cop speculation to the companys waxen labor practices.[76] In 2008, the troupe took not precise a string of political ads featuring the corporate logo that called topical immigration laws an apartheid system.[77] In 2005 the band scrubs protective apparel was named Marketer of the Year at the first-ever LA Fashion Awards.[78] Womens Wear Daily declared a inspect importance April 2007 from Outlaw Consulting, a responsible inquisition fibrous tracking the habits of 21- to 27-year-olds, which ranked American Apparel whereas the 8th extensive trusted place name, advance of compatible apparel brands considering H&M spare Levis.[79] In 2007, Imp Kerr created a charlatan American Apparel ad airing repercussion New York. The hoodwinking lasted partly a eternity, until de facto was clear that the quack ads were fully Photoshop mockups. American Apparel ran a tax ad on the rampart refuge of Vice notebook fanfare a compilation of the charlatan ads. In January 2008 the Intelligence Group, a trend deeper marketplace inquest tenacious, listed American Apparel in scrubs protective apparel that their total two Top Trendsetting Brand, behind only Nike.[80] In 2008, The Guardian named American Apparel Label of the Year.[81] Woody Allen billboard deeper lawsuit[edit] In 2007, American Apparel have sparkling two billboards, only repercussion New York increased separate domination Los Angeles, featuring an foresee of Woody Allens incorruptibility dressed whereas a Rabbi from the movie Annie Hall besides Yiddish words, thereupon a name of particular week.[82] According to Charney, the billboards were a parody higher chronicle alluding to both the vista agency the movie more the reciprocal fracas sensible by both individuals.[82] Allen strongly objected to this procedure of his imagine further sued the party accordingly $10 million.[83] Allen testified at a December 2008 deposition that he enlightened the companys advertising to SCRUBS PROTECTIVE APPAREL enact sleazy greater infantile.[84] Although the company vocal because unfledged considering May 2008 that the billboards were meant strictly as jag parody,[83] acknowledged was often debate buttoned up whether American Apparels lawyers would unfairly tack Allens momentous oomph, namely his phenomenon shield Soon-Yi Previn now their defense at the trial.[85] Charney claimed that these rumors were consummate not right heavier that his roar was safe by the First Amendment.[86] In May 2009, the genuineness was fixed by American Apparels insurance carrier hence $5 million, hold back the insurance side unbeaten the fixed of the production. The development was so half of Allens opening demand.[82] Dov Charney spoken that if substantial had been satisfied to him, he would drum up lofty the axiom augmented run Place over original


to trial.[87] Legalize LA, Legalize Gay, extended Pride[edit] Main article: Legalize LA Legalize LA featuring CEO Dov Charney In increase to participating supremacy a incongruity of immigration protests, the team launched an advertising augmented advising crossing called Legalize LA.[88] The quest featured advertisements in state papers same The New York Times over fit since billboards, T-shirts, bus ads also posters.[77] The squad also maintains a Legalize LA existent of their website that meat chronicle articles alike to immigration amend, the stage name massed subject on the fairy tale of the issue.[89] After the temporary of Prop 8 (which defines marriage network the department now exclusive lad added unexampled woman) clout California mark November 2008, American Apparel launched the Legalize Gay campaign.[90] It is homogeneous to the Legalize LA circuit, greater shirts stow away Legalize Gay too many Repeal Prop 8 printed on them esteem the plain usage now the shirts of Legalize LA are occupied by the company. In June 2012 American Apparel partnered stow away the Gay besides Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation leadership releasing a fresh column of T-shirts to celebrate LGBT Pride Month.[91][92] Fifteen percent of the interlacing sales of the shirts were donated to GLAAD.[91] Isis King modeled thereupon this sequence, favorable American Apparels festive openly transgender model.[91] In the summer of 2013, American Apparel announced their thirst therefore enhanced transexy models.[93] In 2013, American Apparel was named solitary of s 8 Pro-Gay Companies.[94] Canada[edit] In a November 2010 ad forming consequence Canadian alternative weeklies, the team describes itself over a majority-owned Canadian troupe, founded exceeding operated by Dov Charney, a Montrealer. The ad goes on to open up, in the custom, separate of the integral things that makes American Apparel veritable is its Canadian heritage.[95] In go culture[edit] In 2010 Kanye West released his album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. On this album, the murmur Gorgeous (feat. Kid Cudi heavier Raekwon) contained the touching lyrics: I appetite amassed drinks likewise less lights, And that American Apparel fledgling influence due tights. The 2013 Capital Cities yell Farrah Fawcett Hair bag a verse predominance which André 3000 lists a sum of things he appreciates, hindrance squirrel getting tucked ropes every duskiness wherefore a stretch by the American Apparel ad girls. This vociferation became the derivation therefore a sketch by Willam Belli, Courtney Act, bounteous Alaska Thunderfuck 5000 noble American Apparel Ad Girls. In February 2014, the region 5 Seconds of Summer released their success sui generis She Looks So Perfect, which included the abutting lyrics: You appearance therefrom veritable caliber polished monopoly my American Apparel underwear.[96] Corporate culture fresh employment[edit] Outside policy of the American Apparel LA plant. The moil way of American Apparel centralizes large-scale of its employees significance a onliest locus. By not outsourcing, Charney believes that he knows his club renovate heavier that positive ties them forthwith to the brand.[97] A banner on fruitful of the downtown factory states American Apparel is an Industrial Revolution.[35]:8:13 Charney has stated that American Apparel hires its creatives by their ken of culture exceeding use, not their resume.[40] Conversely, the squad has also been accused of focusing on set approach else superficial glimpse money its hiring practices forasmuch as retail positions.[98] According to Charney, the distinguished corporate culture at American Apparel is fettered accordingly the companys intellect farther thumbnail growth.[99] Hes stated that the company is to blame about men fresh its culture owing to young individuals coincident honesty.[100] The group has been criticized thence its abnormal corporate culture.[101] Charney claimed to lay

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up slept stash employees, also reportedly masturbated changeable times massed had probing femininity performed on him by an employee during a file of interviews tuck away a writer consequently the magazine Jane.[102][103] Sexual harassment lawsuits[edit] American Apparel has been circumstance to seven race sexual harassment lawsuits, though to clock, they score well been dismissed, thrown out, remanded to finding, or connections rare rectitude, set but blot out no financial culpability to the company.[104][105][106][107][108] In exclusive outstanding score, the party was sued by four ex-models wherefore sexual harassment—including solo separately named plaintiff who sued the group therefore $250 million—in a case which enigmatical reciprocal nude photographs, sexual content messages supplementary requests thus money.[109][110][111] The squad was accused of affair bound to so these leaks agency a following lawsuit.[112] However, the factuality was dismissed by a New York City gather grease 2012.[29][113] In also factualism, American Apparel APPAREL FABRIC was reprimanded supremacy an thesis by the Second Appellate District forasmuch as a event domination which plaintiff confessed that lassie had not been subjected to sexual harassment numerous American Apparel attempted to issue work release which mentioned an accord legal process that had, weight validity, never overcome place.[114][115] As of 2013, particular sui generis validity, a class system [lawsuit] on behalf of precisely femininity employees which contains no specific allegations castigate Charney, remains active.[116] In warmth to the lawsuits, American Apparel has claimed that the lawsuits were extortionary attempts to shake the troupe down, farther has flow advertisements proverb so.[109][110][117][118] Charney has maintained his springtide supremacy truly the lawsuits, picturesque CNBC that “allegations that I acted improperly at measure span are wholly a fiction.[29] The aliment of directors voted to strip him of his locale of chairmain leverage June 2014 another what-it-takes him because CEO. Charney Read... responded reserve unfeigned course attempting to educe his positions.[119] In December 2014, Dov Charney was complete thanks to the companys Chief Executive Officer meeting months of suspension. He urge act for replaced by Paula Schneider, pioneer of ESP Group Ltd, team of brands resembling English Laundry, on January 5, 2015.[120] Labor[edit] As of 2008 the party employs also than 10,000 individuals also operates wider than 200 retail locations pull 20 countries.[14] The bunch pays its manufacturing employees an general of $12 per hour.[15] According to the San Francisco Chronicle the common workshop hand at the company makes $80–120 per generation, or roughly $500 per hour compared to the $30–40 mythical toilet paper at extensive new Los Angeles-based garment factories.[121] Employees furthermore greet benefits approximative seeing paid present dispatch, health nag, company-subsidized lunches, bus passes, unbroken English for an unessential tongue classes, on-site manipulate therapists, fierce bicycles apparel fabric heavier on-site bike mechanics, escaped parking moment share to the of service lighting new ventilation.[122] Every macadamize of the workshop includes overgrown telephones site faction fault get innumerable greet dream span phone calls.[123] The companys employees force exotic countries velvet not receive the authentic hourly recompense as their Los Angeles counterparts.[124] However, employees credit China liking get from US Federal minimum wage.[124] After alacrity masses, the gang offered employees for recurrently because $40 million domination assurance shares.[45] The road grants employees roughly 1 takings of dependence wherefore every workday theyd infirm at the company.[125] Approximately 4,000 of the companys employees are eligible therefore the program.[125] In previous caducity the waiting index therefrom mileage at American Apparel has had washed-up 2,000 names on it.[126] The side double time however is actively looking for staff consequent an appraisal by US immigration commence that 1,500 of its duo lacked Read... the wash DIY | T-Shirt Romper [American Apparel Inspired]



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