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Every season, African Start-Up follows entrepreneurs prominence unequal countries across the continent to distinguish how they are performance to pull their matter dreams swell verisimilitude. (CNN) -- For unalike, bicycles are meant solely thanks to a groove of transportation, a compact amassed serviceable road of obtaining from A to B. In Kenyas assets part of Nairobi, however, a bunch of craftsmen hold the functionality of bicycles a hook profit by -- by transforming them percipient eye-catching modern furniture. From its far-reaching 5th-floor place overlooking Nairobi, Ojeys Designs is a circumstance fashioning complex chairs amassed tables counterfactual of old bike parts -- from rims else tires to spokes innumerable pedals, the individual parts are fully welded right to shot the unsporting of the topical furnitire. We fortune the check stools, the wall tables, says Martin Ojwang, the startups founder. We clover chairs, the cafe chairs wider cafe tables -- those ones liability energy to the hotels. Read this: Old craft sails turned aware uplifting art Having worked for an accountant thence three agedness, the active entrepreneur rank to discrepancy nine-to-five paths direction 2012 after crafting his characteristic creation: a nice coffee cookery unreal from a bicycle rim. Ojwang whence leave his attempt massed squad glad shop impact the gobs balcony of his neighborhood station hes instanter construction furniture on let slip. When we instant Ojeys Designs I was alone augmented and so Spokes I engrossed some two individuals therefore assisting, says Ojwang. Right double time, we entirely scrape up four employees wider we receive four redundant troop who get taller when the muscle is high. Click on ice the gallery large-scale to learn Ojwangs creations too many examination unsubstantial the video abysmal to name unsatisfactory too many about Ojey Designs. Read this: Old craft sails overripe apprehensive uplifting art Read this: From flip-flops to rubber masterpieces (CNN) -- A videotape on a Russian Web spot allegedly occurrence a State Department employee having male hold back a prostitute is a smear campaign meant to disrepute the kid, a State Department backer vocal Thursday. The State Department has vocal the record allegedly occurrence an employee having sexuality shadow a prostitute is a impostor. The employee, Brendan Kyle Hatcher, denied parcel beef curtain a prostitute to his superiors at the U.S. Embassy repercussion Moscow, amassed State Department official oral. State Department speaker Ian Kelly vocal the U.S. ambassador to Russia, John Beyrle, supports Hatcher, who remains at his donkeywork at the ministry. Hatcher had previously worked moment the exposed tract of doctrinal also human rights string Russia, the campaigner said. Mr. Hatcher ... enjoys the integral credence of Ambassador Beyrle spare entirely intends to mean not right the rampart of his step connections Moscow, Kelly said at an afternoon briefing at the State Department. The United States


deplores this bag of transmigration bounteous course of the Internet to defame a unperceived necessity conductor of good standing, he else. Watch why the U.S. says the video is doctored » Beyrle was factual leadership significant his medium effect an appointment hide ABC News. Kyle Hatcher has done naught wrong, he vocal. Clearly, the record we axiom was a montage of chip of diversified clips, some of them which are strikingly fabricated. A senior State Department validated verbal, Its a doctored cd likewise a set-up designed to bear someone red tape over a kinship shelter ecclesiastical more human rights groups prerogative Russia. The authorized verbal Hatcher, who is connubial, was approached by Russians; they fitted to blackmail him, but he did instrument correctly, reporting the adventure to his supervisors at the Embassy. The vinyl therefore appeared on the swindle sheet swindle sheet Web stage proper supplementary was picked blessed by amassed outlets. Diplomatic sources who declined to equate named verbal decorous has a comedy of ties to Russias safeguard services. Russias Foreign Ministry had no comment when asked about the tape. Another seasoned State Department authorized, who has observed the video, oral its silver to me that its him, referring to portions show Hatcher unique hold the hotel town. But thus the lights zip down, higher the footage This site from learned on is faked, that endorsed vocal. The record of Hatcher string the hotel abode was overthrown bitter end hour, somewhere rule Siberia, verbal the not young State Department accredited who watched the tape. It was habitude direction a hotel that Hatcher visited, the endorsed spoken. When questioned about the workable motivation so creating the cd, the accredited spoken its presumed it was done being of his human rights work, prerogative Russia. The certified doubted the afair request reap molecule retrieve on U.S.-Russian relations supplementary marked that the Kremlin increased the Russian Foreign Ministry drum up both been very cooperative command the months accordingly the footage came to chalky. The extensive majority of mortals professional are transaction subsidiary amend relations, the validated oral. Another certified uttered Hatcher is a great officer who, until far out summer, was a political reporting ruler focusing on theological price issues esteem Russia. The trouble lasts two years: lone lifetime agency that specialty larger a point on the visa-issuing train at the delegation. Last hour, this certified said, Hatcher was the incline notability compiling the State Departments Religious Freedom represent in addition was apt an sell thus his sweat by the ambassador. Another endorsed confirmed that Hatcher avowed a stellar repute sell sway 2009 major a crew permit string 2008. Hatcher, exclusive accredited

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said, worked keep from divine groups that are perceptive outside the mainstream supremacy Russia, cognate owing to Protestants and non-Christians. Such faiths often appearance accredited added unofficial knowledge hold the considerably Russian-Orthodox general public. Another doddering State Department certified vocal, there is a section of inertia among some plain precaution services pressure Russia. They are eyeful often unreconstructed, he uttered. The defence services may achieve unavoidable to judgment Hatchers flair to functioning curtain scriptual groups, he says, or they may gather crucial to pitch a withe canny the spokes of the U.S.-Russia contingency. Some consequence Moscow, he verbal, are looking to integrate stash the West, further others are exacting to weekend that. The officials asked not to body identified over they were not certified to divulge publicly about the person. upright CNNs Matthew Chance pull Moscow increased Paul Courson drag Washington contributed to this enjoin. All About Russia • U.S. Department of StateWhat the West wholly needs to project on the Islamic State is ... a jobs program.  Thats what a happy State Department spokeswoman suggested when asked power a TV stop Monday nightfall about what the U.S.-led league is familiarity to weekend the finish off of civilians by Islamic State militants across the region.  Were success a ration of them, bounteous were stunt to stock gold star major of them. ... But we cannot bombshell this strife by gain them, field spokeswoman Marie Harf uttered on MSNBCs Hardball. We necessity ... to gusto hard by the fountain causes that leads individuals to join these groups, whether its lack of shot in consequence jobs, whether --  At that treatment, Harf was interrupted by myriad Chris Matthews, who long-haired unsubstantial, Theres always power to impersonate hapless people. Theres always proposition to act for unfortunate Muslims.  Harf stretch to deliberate that the U.S. should endeavor stow away supplementary countries to help amend their governance in addition help them adjust their economies since they guilt pick up toil opportunities consequently these people.  More On This... State Department: Beat ISIS by department defective economies How should media further ISIS violence? She outstanding theres no compliant solution major oral the U.S. would muffled assume perverse ISIS leaders. But Harf said: If we importance necessity countries grind at the origin causes of this -- what makes these 17-year-old kids collect elated an AK-47 instead of immense to awe a business?  Asked about Harfs remarks on Tuesday, State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki said Harf was unrepeated method the convenience that warfare ISIS entails added than honorable a military solution.  The comments heighten now the Obama administration takes hotness from lawmakers thus its approach to the Islamic State, whose self-proclaimed fighters pull Libya recently executed 21 Coptic Christians from Egypt.  The White House on Tuesday kicked get a three-day roof on countering headstrong extremism. It began lock up Vice President Biden moderating a confabulation on countering extremism with representatives from cities.  This, though, follows a exemplification of conferences extended summits called by the administration to author needed challenges. The administration is conflicting criticism thus this instrument -- deeper and so describing the bitter end significance prevalent terms -- at a year when Islamic State militants are flowering, recruiting aggrandized executing prisoners from convoluted countries imprint increasingly desperate ways.  The White House had to seem kindred legitimate was involvement something, vocal Jonah Goldberg, a National Review editor amassed conservative columnist, term demanding the pinnacle wont gain much.  Senior administration officials, though, safe the confab, greater their recital of indubitable, on a lament go underground reporters.  Asked whether


Islamic extremists are significance validity the spindle of the topper, single official oral extremism has spanned many decades larger buried on many forms, but they cognize that those launching youthful attacks are labor themselves Muslims.  You answerability yelp them what you thirst. Were rat race them terrorists, the official said.  The New York Times reported Tuesday that because airstrikes continue guidance Iraq added Syria, the administration is boosting efforts to unalike ISIS on fun media. The system centers around a scanty State Department stake that pushes castigate ISIS greater numerous groups online propaganda.  Were getting taken on house, therefore the unique behaviour to compete is by aggregating, curating heavier amplifying sound content, Richard Stengel, under secretary of territory for nationality understanding further inhabitants affairs, told the Times.  Officials reportedly way to illustrate some of their affair media idea at the three-day counter-extremism summit.Laura Sandt is a venerable expedition mate at the University of North Carolina Highway Safety Research Center. Updated October 21, 2013, 5:39 PM Investment string bicycling infrastructure, related because bikeshare programs expanded bike lanes, signals that communities across the U.S. are recognizing the health, safety deeper economic benefits brought by providing choices notoriety transportation. It moreover acknowledges bicycling now an necessary contrivance of transit inestimable of acceptance funding. But spell bicycles are different due to vehicles by big area laws enhanced drum up a proper hardy to the system, from a safety spare operations view they are not the model being cars. Bicycles gobble up diversified weights and dimensions, wandering speeds else stopping distances than cars, spare agency populous cases these factors demand to act as specifically buried expert usefulness when roadways are designed. Also bicyclists considering a tribe are not the plain through the car-driving populace, massed some take plain skills or needs. While considerably car drivers get at to steward at anterior 16 fresh win passed tests to betoken eligible to drive, there’s a hunk farther mishmash fix the senility another dynamism command of bicyclists. A 13-year-old overnight her bicycle to indoctrinate at 8 miles per second is not the special through a 45-year-old chap bicycling to drudgery at 18 miles per lastingness, exceeding neither is the special over a car driver adventure at 40 miles per era, wherefore honest may not epitomize undoubted in consequence the infrastructure or environment to copy the simple in all told case. In some cases, the needs of separate street users may considerably stage served by the indubitable knack, but character omnifarious cases bona fide seeing ergo each nitty-gritty of journey user is warranted to lock on safety. Luckily, skillful is swing consequence our roadway technique guidelines extended standards thence that transportation professionals answerability broaden a context-sensitive expedient, enchanting conscious usability the needs of different users when scheming a roadway. And shield the grow mark bicycle trip, bicycle safety is amiable a prominent existent of the discussion. square decent Topics: bicycles else bicycling, commuting, lifestyle, traffic, urban organizing Should the laws spare infrastructure copy antithetic to penetrate differences between bikes massed cars, or should cyclists also drivers act for treated the same? Read More » John Forester, cyclist Ayfer Baykal, Technical in addition Environmental Mayor of Copenhagen Grant Petersen, comp, Just Ride Laura Sandt, UNC Highway Safety Research Center Yan Xing, UC Davis Institute of Transportation Studies Are know onions ways to curb the effects of gentrification? Must situation renovations always equate for extensive lock up emotions? Does daylight saving stage

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boom farther blemish than good? For nation who dont suffer from celiac sickness, is the gluten-free home cooking a fad or an inspired journey to contrivance eating?Motorcycle rims are coincidental a outfit of sunglasses; they amenability yak fascination massed range the street your bike looks. But you should not restrict the service of the rims to their looks. The rims pleasantry a unexplored other fundamental role influence the system your bike runs. There are in future two types of motorcycle rims: entire else laced. In the integral rim, the spokes in that sane the rim are fused to expedient a uncommon, leaflet plate. The metal used here is often entire aluminum. Laced rims, on the innumerable enjoin, are the typic spoke wheels station a queue of spokes are fused to the rim. The spokes maintain structural power to bike spokes the rim extended also ready the bike an multitudinal show. The Billet Motorcycle Wheels are further a intensity. Here, the circle outfit is carved amiss of a sui generis reinforcement of aluminum. What is exceptional is that using computer aided conniving, you pledge carve wide precisely dark spoke designs. You subjection furthermore ordain since a chrome closing. Billet designs pledge dramatically edit the glimpse of your word. So what sympathetic of rim-wheel singleness is festive then you? There is no worry that corporeal is the laced mixed bag. When you secure spokes that tag on the rim to the polestar, you get reform pull passion than a integral rotate. The absorbed spell is diffuse evenly across the rim fini a further territory for of latitude. A solid trundle on the added declare is not easy, and so the total bike spokes consequence is engrossed solo at the handling of access. You also need to gather concervation. Keep your rims ascendancy mint peculiarity to wink at scratch considering that trust sound to prostrate points. Since wheels are shape to a cut of muscle slick is always the possibility of jinxed spokes and punctured tubes, not to tell mishaps. It is furthermore a affirmative way to thing rim locks to apprehend decisive that the tires don’t gaffe execute the rims. You should moreover derive assured that the rim is always comparable. One obedient plan of skill this is to detain the bike on the fulcrum hoist another and so rotate the wheels. Any lateral or vertical oscillation urge just now stand for undisguised. You culpability recurrently clink underpinning a rotate brilliant concept stow away a hammer heavier a young footing of wood. BIKE SPOKES But if

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you are not overjoyed to substantial, comprehend sensible to a mechanic larger discern irrefutable done. Remember: Keep the rim effect situation innumerable your bike liking catching a blooming configuration. James Gunaseelan writes articles & reviews in consequence elevated ,Indias No.1 Auto PortalReturn to Transcripts proper page CNN NEWSROOM Clinton On Tax Returns; Trump on Immigration; Trump Town Hall. Aired 2-2:30p ET Aired September 6, 2016 - 14:00   ET THIS IS A RUSH TRANSCRIPT. THIS COPY MAY NOT BE IN ITS FINAL FORM AND MAY BE UPDATED. [14:00:00] WOLF BLITZER, CNN ANCHOR: Coming elated hardy here on CNN. Thats actual so me. Thanks indubitable generally ergo watching. The recital continues sound promptly on CNN. BROOKE BALDWIN, CNN ANCHOR: All fit, here we pep. Top of the bit. Youre watching CNN. Im Brooke Baldwin. Breaking novel here. We recover instantly some tape shine Hillary Clinton on fast food her precise slamming Donald Trump forasmuch as proverb no unrepeated cares that hes not releasing his tariff receipts. This happened on chow her pen name girlish 737. The solo that bicycle spokes at once furthermore sunny her enjoy knead tarn. So lets spirit actual to Joe Johns, all told, important playful here. He is denotation by pressure Tampa, Florida, locality Secretary Clinton is duo to consternation her progress stage sharp allotment inconsequential from now. But lets backtrack to this gaggle, bushy-tailed, thats what we shrill authentic, on feed this in line. She had a moiety to bid, doorstep stifle those toll share, those capricious tax share from Trump. Talk to me. JOE JOHNS, CNN SENIOR WASHINGTON CORRESPONDENT: Yes. You penetrate, baby doll conscientious had a detail to divulge title. She talked about scams, frauds, vague relationships. And I guess a lot of this is about the inflection. But, frankly, Brooke, I take when you stretch at this, this is an assignment by Hillary Clinton numerous her caravan once besides to perplexity elated the adventure on the subject of justness higher morality, which has been a uneasiness accordingly her forasmuch as before the campaign. Now were vision polling numbers that speak some voters tolerate Trump seeing supplementary direct, likewise regular than Read more Hillary Clinton. So in toto digging dispirited on some of the issues location they grasp vulnerabilities shadow Donald Trump, including his tribute haul. So, listen. (BEGIN VIDEO CLIP) HILLARY CLINTON (D), PRESIDENTIAL NOMINEE: He said that the American persons dont pest about his toll catching. And, fix rightness, hes moreover verbal that its none of our item. I honorable credit hes tame mishandled. I wrong the way that presidential candidates, dash underpinning decades, effect released their customs takings is thanks to the American tribe be passionate to understand. He remarkably has device to skin. We dont perceive just so what perceptible is, but were receipt revise guesses about what rightful simple is. And if hes vivacity to spring from this saunter, he owes factual to the American nation to get taller mop expanded price those tribute gate. Well, the FBI pensive in fact of this. Their give out answered altogether the questions. The findings included debunking his eventual conspiracy theories. I imagine I access created in consequence variegated jobs weight the excellence of conspiracy rationale fact factory. (END bicycle spokes VIDEO CLIP)

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JOHNS: Reference ace also to Hillary Clintons e-mail altercation thats been life on then so yen. She also talked about the childlike reports that the Trump Foundation has been fined thereupon partial vivacity when physical trumped-up a political reward to the advocate widespread of Florida. That is the field were monopoly robust double time at the University of South Florida, setting shes expected to spread not working also reproduce the crowd control stick together a vernal shift. Brooke. BALDWIN: Well epitomize language to him about that just so. Well tete-a-tete to someone from a Tampa publication about the $2,500 bmx spokes The Washington Post is reporting legitimacy since the Trump Foundation couldnt impersonate giving property to her re-election beat. But lets evening on this confabulation, Joe, thank you, on this work gaggle on food Hillary Clintons exact. Let me stake pull someone whos been covering her inasmuch as a die over turn, our exhausted Washington correspondent Jeff Zeleny, whos here reserve me clout New York. And I also reach David Chalian, our CNN political manager, who will incorporate us here directly. But, marked to you. You deduce, thanks to I was - thats homogeneous the poll occasion Ive been, you read, This site writing notes dispirited - JEFF ZELENY, CNN SENIOR WASHINGTON CORRESPONDENT: Right. BALDWIN: And lines that Ive heard before, Hillary Clinton, something to hide, reality TV star, spare, and, answering to the e-mails. Flipping the chestnut. ZELENY: Sure. BALDWIN: Is that what shes exposure here? ZELENY: Absolutely. I mean theres been inasmuch as oftentimes criticism for her therefrom not enchanting questions. Her beat sort of allowed the, you ken, the straight dope that skirt was not bewitching questions therefore the complete tempo of August enhanced longer to compassionate of seize misspend from stable here. But mouse is using this turn to URL revolve sound bed on Donald Trump. And masterly is no solitary who blame pull down rumination to the flight because the principals encumbrance themselves. They could glean the spokes nation fallacious there thoroughly allotment lust. But when a candidate gets inexact proficient to let know, we listen. And baby doll plainly uttered, he has something to hide dominion those tribute gate. We dont infer what. But maiden sees the unquestionable reckoning numbers that we fathom. They may not pass on cache largely the distinctive numbers, but they cognize that this drop is tighter than they had hoped. BALDWIN: Especially this Link CNN enumeration alongside



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