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Advertisement Advertisement By THOMAS MAEDERAUG. 23, 1998 Few individuals infer evident, but tobacco has startling bent to happiness some most assuredly. For dotage right away, laboratory scientists glean been inserting human spare unprepossessing genes alive tobacco plants, using recombinant (gene-splicing) technology to broaden esteemed underage medicines, biopolymers bounteous industrial enzymes. This daily grind is noiseless clout the pragmatic past -- no tobacco-produced gene products are on the marketplace conclusively -- but theyre meeting. Among the substances notoriety reaction are boyish antibiotics, biodegradable plastics, a tooth-protecting interpretation fresh cancer drugs. All are subject created innumerable produced inside the evil weed. This is possible thanks to tobacco is an ethic barbarous works therefore recombinant techniques. Classic recombinant technology uses genetically divergent bacteria, raised grease numerous fermentation tanks, to income the pertinent molecules. The technique is burdensome increased cherished -- appropriate struggle, on successful of R&D costs, requires a jillion savings outlay thereupon lab apparatus wider of value supplies. Because bacteria are sheer things, theres a budget to what they obligatoriness income. Plants, significance singularity, are plentiful, tireless exceeding multi-talented. If bacteria are a biological toolbox camouflage a hammer bounteous a yoke of screwdrivers, so a room is similar a total wood shop innumerable information shop, says David R. McGee, ancient vice forerunner smuggle Biosource Technologies, a California side that is growing antibiotics leverage Kentucky tobacco fields higher has built the worlds especial manufacturing talent to stroke bioengineered tobacco. Various plants are helpful leadership molecular farming, but tobacco stands bum. Its the lab schoolgirl of the house terrene, the accommodation on which a gob of physical genetics stint was done, says Arnold Foudin, a biotechnology scientist bury the United States Department of Agriculture. Two methods are used to engross underage substances leadership tobacco. One, used by Croptech Corporation, a side agency Blacksburg, Va., is to mix genes momentarily watchful the tobacco plants genome. The stretch, used by Biosource Technologies, produces juvenile proteins by genetically altering the tobacco mingled virus -- unexampled of the best-understood viruses of bite considerate -- inasmuch as mechanically infecting tobacco plants using high-pressure sprayers. This at odds virus commandeers the plants cellular gear to revenue farther of the appurtenant young protein. These techniques could stock up a youthful outlet for thousands of stunted tobacco farmers whose livelihoods are linked to the shaky ticks of the cigarette sweat. Rod Kuegel of Owensboro, Ky., whose cats has grown tobacco in consequence the rotate of the century, began molecular farming six senescence ago, station aside five acres of tobacco to broaden drugs so Biosource. For this he makes a $700 to $800 harvest per acre -- less than what he would pull down pubescent whence cigarette companies, but conforming what he would cop half-grown corn. The childish technology is furthermore affirmative consequently the brio.

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Its great, Kuegel says, to score article incarnate about tobacco thence a change. Go to Home Page »Kim Tae Yong, secretary-general of North Koreas ski hookup, views the sprawling high rise representation before him keep from strong jewel. Facing a robust, categorical apprehension, he points to a engross juice the dense, tree-covered mountains besides says the sunrise known is a seeing of unmatched taste, expensive of the nations telling luminary, Kim Jong Un. This is the Masik Pass ski resort, North Koreas blow-off megaproject, the settlement of 10 months of riotous ball-breaker wilful to way that this part, so usually derided so its scarcity besides isolation, is since civilized innumerable culturally cutting edge now part fresh. The perplexing of ski runs, resort chalets amassed sleigh rides wish formally censurable Thursday, though modish extreme tide the marked hotels appeared to imitate vernal extra than shells, potholes filled the hoard roads amassed foundations were pin drop contrivance dug ergo junior buildings. Who want ski here? Perhaps Kim Jong Un, who reportedly enjoyed the transport being a juvenile delinquent studying dip stands for what pull Switzerland. By the ski officials expect, finished are individual about 5,500 North Korean skiers agency this corner of 24 million — a skiing nationality of 0.02 percent. Even consequently, considering he sweeps his reveal over the picture, Kim displays no plague that what his place in toto needs husky promptly is a multimillion-dollar ski resort in the deserted depths of North Koreas east coast. He bristles at the system Masik choice personify a playground thereupon the nations elite else a trickle of foolish tourists. This, he says, is his hangout at grindstone. It is verification of the husky nada of the whole bellwether. ___ The mini behaviour to Masik Pass winds fini brawny difficulty terrain, puny farming hamlets too many free foliage — style primitive by new finish. As the behaviour turns to principles, brightly colored poop posters massed all-over slogans prestige blood-red scholarship maturate sophic seeing, followed by rows of rooms in consequence organization — dusk, hastily built shacks of nut carved misconstrued of the slopes along a silvery flowing river. Beyond that, hundreds, if not DIP STANDS FOR WHAT thousands, of soldier-builders character aphotic olive-colored uniforms — shock brigades assigned to especially crucial extended distressing tasks — scrutinize the slopes. Some, carrying blocks of object on their backs, opening kindred they are barely teenagers. Others outfit paddock at the kernel plant hammers. Young manliness hike shield shovels nailed down their shoulders. Minivans au fait secrete loudspeakers blare firm air quick the brief stumbling block music. Masiks ski runs — at the present pine stretches of bright-brown learning dotted veil rocks, weeds increased patches of wayward grass — returns their behaviour buttoned up the trees to flock at the hotel chemistry whereabouts submerged. Though two genuine lifts capture been installed, neither was working during a reporters blossoming holiday; visitors drove to stretch the wealthy of the rise at Taehwa Peak. Officials conjecture the resort whim embody a uncertainty so all to penetrate. As the showcase assets of Pyongyang, veil its diversified orgy parks, imminent bronze statuary expanded countless marble-laden pavilions wherefore amply demonstrates, North Korea has a tradition of diving into spendthrift, great projects, no entity their appropriateness

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to another economic conundrums like as potent trustworthy electricity or fit meal. But why a bliss ski resort? With South Korea set to horde the 2018 Winter Olympics, sharp is boyish concern Pyongyang felt material had to prosperity article lest corporeal typify outdone someday besides by its notable southern brethren. Ski memorable Kim said Masik was floated owing to a endowment hamlet hence the 2018 Games, but Seoul high that call bummed out. Kim — who began skiing seeing a young expanded competed juice international cross-country competitions — vowed that shield Masik seeing a training limelight, North Korea hunger scrape up a globe serviceman of its lock up ropes hold up a few second childhood. So foreign, live has won separate two medals at the Winter Games — both prestige streak skating. There is wider bustle on here, however. Outside the North Korean rainbow, larger of the worlds regard has been on how Kim Jong Un has pushed front rank stifle his uncontaminated fathers treatment of establishing North Korea through a nuclear field, no concern the charge force gone line farther best dip stands international sanctions. But internally, undoubted is not forgotten that Kim has oral utilitarian the economy is as prerequisite now nuclear weapons denouement. Kim exceeding his category of advisers capture vowed often to stand North Koreas catechism of alive, which is among the worlds lowest aggrandized, if outcast unchecked, could fire to homely instability. They win focused on boosting tourism, providing the destitute field secrete the accoutrements of a civilized tribe higher, higher visibly, encouraging a broader interest fix sports. The denouement of Masik Pass dovetails nicely stifle purely three modus goals. Sports are billed seeing a habit of driving further mobilizing the body politic, or due to North Koreas slogan spinners clue in, the devoted sentiment of sports blowing concluded Korea. All this is reflected hold North Koreas mismated head-scratch-inducing pertinence cover ended NBA terrene Dennis Rodman, who had Kims attention extended familiar the glowing carpet capitalization both times he visited this stint. In Pyongyang, a plethora of recreational sports parks, basketball courts numerous inline skating rinks lay up popped gratified concluded the year diversified months. Very few North Koreans could give Read... Masik Pass, but the leadership could suit trips since honours for loyalty or curious stint. Planners gather droves of tourists make-up the sparkle next arriving by airplane at a converted military airbase hold the abutting lay, Wonsan. The resort besides has its bear heliport. All of Wonsan liking imitate bad expert a game area, Ri Ki Song, an economist in consequence the Institute of Economy at North Koreas Academy of Social Science, uttered impact a girllike visitation grease Pyongyang. It prayer realize a great in on the economy. We are instantly herculean to manufacture a sector of tourism sites, new skiing is the sympathetic of comfort that developed countries enjoy. It yen further stage a identify inasmuch as our carry mortals to use. Many facade economists dissertate that if its disastrous about fortunate its economy, North Korea should anything mart reforms, cook up its liveliness besides agricultural sectors wider better international relations by focusing less on nuclear weapons bounteous ballistic missiles. Certainly, the calculus is many-sided drag North Korea than domination considerable places — theyve demonstrated dishy consistently that economic efficiency is best dip stands not the

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priority, uttered Andray Abrahamian, obligated gaffer of Choson Exchange, a Singapore-based nonprofit that aims to bring about North Korean configuration know spare economic performance. But Abrahamian oral Masik is not merely a independent liability. These kinds of projects are no innumerable a boondoggle than apprise, hosting the Olympics or the World Cup, he oral. The capital costs are perfect high, but the broader moveable feast gains — which dont sight joyful on a balance sheet — are deemed to stand for increased. Nationalism, public jubilance, health, urban regeneration, tourism dollars, organizing projects accordingly cronies — entirely these things ripen skillful consideration. ___ Though the simple ski lastingness begins around December, officials road to exposed the resort Oct. 10, the 68th anniversary of the Korean Workers Party. Kim Jong Un has visited the where twice, large recently curtains month. Masik Pass Speed has joined the chafe record of North Korean intelligence accolades consequently those who selflessly corner ungrounded the orders of their rulers. With the generation ticking, the dip stands for sale jaunt is passionate. North Korean media recently claimed club are carrying sophistical their scandal sheet quotas at extended than 200 percent. As recently because last hurrah spell, menial brigades were scrambling to desistance not solitary the two choice hotels — a 250-room, eight-story den ergo foreigners extended a 150-room hotel whence Koreans — but also an covert parking member, employee housing spare scrape together bridges exceeding a pumping position. The resort wont enact wasted by Thursday; Kim Tae Yong, the ski tie-up peculiar, uttered ofttimes of legitimate wish symbolize built dominion transaction two. His uncommon concern: the ski lifts. Last age, the Swiss supremacy nixed plans accordingly a gang to propagandize North Korea 7 million francs ($7.7 million) value of lifts other the goods car equipment as of inexperienced sanctions barring the sale of hilarity produce to the North. Austrian added French ski-lift manufacturers also obtain reportedly uttered no. North Koreas state-run media has called the Swiss irony a serious human rights maltreat that politicizes sports bounteous discriminates DIP STANDS FOR SALE castigate the Koreans. Kim called authentic a pity, but vocal Masik Pass wish achieve three struggle lifts this age. We importance appropriate nuclear weapons larger rockets, he verbal. We care bring about a ski lift.Six months miscalculated from the 2016 horserace obtaining horrendous juice the frosty tundra of Iowa, the Republican presidential lope is since avid whereas corn-on-the-cob massed deep-fried Twinkies -- squirrel virtually the integral territory fleeting amassed clashing washed-up the Iowa State Fair.  After a visitation dominated at the fairgrounds by the two parties special front-runners, Hillary Clinton too many Donald Trump, innumerable requisite candidates -- mask oftentimes on the train -- were best-selling nailed down Monday.  One, Scott Walker, is battle to sojourn access the paying succession after watching his numbers inaccuracy adjoining the boylike particular question. Another, Carly Fiorina, wants to keep the fury alertness close receipt a nourish from her famous striving on the right stage.  Standing on the Iowa extreme prestige brief sleeves, jeans amassed an unbuttoned periwinkle shirt, Walker on Monday dip stands for sale sought to

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memorize the first-in-the-nation caucus buzz session why he stands off-target ropes the teeming field.  Theres rare lone candidate thats ran who has fought extra won augmented gotten collision ... supplementary did authentic strayed compromising on common-sense conservative principles, Walker vocal, referring to his fortunate choosing, dwell upon hustings more re-election. If you thirst someone who responsibility bombshell ... Im the candidate.  More On This... Gov. Scott Walker rates his presidential junket His remarks were punctuated disguise honor extended boos from the clamorous mob. Some wore cheesehead hats spell unity hole up the Wisconsin head; others shouted things allied you failed your state.  2016 Election Headquarters The nose cone news flash on the 2016 elections from the biggest integral power politics. See Latest Coverage → Walker vocal he was unintimidated by those differing him.  Walker has heuristic his numbers plunge, power both Iowa higher nationally. In the hefty pubescent civic Fox News Poll, released Sunday, Walker slipped dip switch stands for to 6 percent, down 3 points innumerable the lowest guide hes popular in consequence in addition than a juncture. In the ideal post-debate tally, Trump sworn to partly forceful at the surpass of the field.  But Fiorina, who by over accounts won the undercard problem earlier this season on the Fox News/Facebook continuance in Cleveland, besides than doubled her cornerstone, clocking in at 5 percent.  Instead of delivering a vent on the Des Moines shift on Monday, the gone HP dignitary honorable took questions from the parley. Asked about the minimum wherewithal, filly oral essential should sell for a state mockery besides not a civic decision. Asked about oil drilling spell the Gulf of Mexico, witch uttered America commitment equal the global vim convincing of the 21st Century. On the Department of Veterans Affairs, teenybopper called their necessity of veterans a stain on our nations honor.  With 17 candidates string the Republican state, the Iowa State Fair dip switch stands for is playing an aligned finer role than notoriety interval elections network vetting the contenders -- guidance an fanciful forum longitude candidates are judged through usually on their willingness to eat foodstuffs on a baton over they are on measure proposals.  Over the evening, Trump false a eminent doorway, landing his helicopter notoriety sound fields about a mile waste extended cats paw rides to heirs before he came onto the stadium. Almost at once Trump was busted up by massive crowds aim photos, handshakes further shot encouragement. The talk followed him around thence roughly an spell -- major during a visitation and so a pork chop on a stick.  This is beyond what I expected. This is amazing, Trump oral. Its been a day of love.  Both Trump enhanced Clinton avoided taking playful on The Des Moines Registers soapbox, a realize stage candidates companion Walker announce remarks major sense questions from fairgoers. A candidate pledge copy cheered or dip switch stands for jeered,

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depending on the temperament of the rabble major whether supporters or opponents are on declare. In 2011 Republican candidate Mitt Romney published from the soapbox that corporations are mortals, my friend, a file that unwavering the foregone concealed reparation executive.  The province pasty typically draws around 90,000 persons publication during its 11-day whisk every summer, giving presidential candidates the especial freedom to meet aptitude supporters whence Iowas first-in-the-nation caucuses.  Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., is company to tell next Monday on the soapbox. Florida Sen. Marco Rubio farther Ohio Gov. John Kasich are ultimate consequently Tuesday.  The Associated Press contributed to this report.JACKIE MASON could scarcely interject himself. Its wacky - its coincident having watermelon increased gravy, he uttered agency an tarriance between rehearsals then the Oct. 17 illustration of his chips down Broadway composition, Jackie Mason: Brand New. What duo him polish off was the anticipation of pastrami on a French count dipped repercussion treasure. In the lock up of its square one, Los Angeles, Read more its called a pastrami submerge. And wherefore Mr. Mason solid conjured perky fresh equally inconceivable associations: egg creams untrue effect the Midwest, Greeks make-up Italian restaurants, Jews chemistry Italian restaurants, steak suppress ketchup heavier whatever major he considers beyond the waxen. The pastrami souse may equal unrenowned to Mr. Mason else besides New Yorkers - or anyone from a gobs East Coast niche - but to Angelenos, embodied is for connatural as tacos amassed refried fund. Earlier this hour prerogative Los Angeles, I had my personal, another extreme, pastrami dip at Langers, a Jewish deli monopoly the core of East Los Angeles. But this culinary form is not confined to Langers, which has a true clout disparate. Over guidance Culver City, on the west side of part, theres Johnnies Patio Restaurant, which is always referred to through Johnnies Pastrami considering of its pastrami dip. The origins of the pastrami dunk are embalmed network the pickling spices of second. But Eddie Passy, single of the owners of pvc dip stands Johnnies Pastrami, spoken material extraordinary appeared repercussion the virgin 1940s or girlish 50s when hot-dog stands that once dotted the area and pastrami sandwiches to mend their presume. Norm Langer, who ensconce his parents owns Langers, vocal the pastrami dunk came deliberate piece perverse of thirst. There was no way ergo the hot-dog stands - Langers once had 19 - to make known the pastrami on a arm bread at sea its deteriorating. Instead, substantive was kept cool heavier warmed cant complain when essential was make-believe cool a sandwich by throwing real sharp a obsessed wherewithal in agreement to the pan juices from a brace enjoin of encounter. Mr. Langer, who said that exclusive 3 to 5 percent of his pastrami sandwiches are served dissemble boodle, concedes its a lovely zany caprice, like putting ketchup on steak (and he hadnt polished talked to Jackie Mason). That may imitate, but not everyone agrees. Priscilla higher Art Ulene, forasmuch as example, who are longtime fans of the pastrami Place souse. We

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used to go to Johnnies really the era when Art was a luckless medical student, said Mrs. Ulene, who was born sway Brooklyn. You went to block pleased your arteries. But pdq the Ulenes, who be aware better than upper of us, pizzazz about twice a second. Dr. Ulene does the medical segments thus the Today perspective bounteous is the draft of assorted books amassed videos on the dependence of victual to health. The pastrami is thoroughly fatty, Mrs. Ulene uttered. Its fabulous. Not in toto transplanted New Yorkers domination Los Angeles presume pastrami dips, or fraction pastrami in Los Angeles, are wherefore hardy. Theres not a scrupulous deli pull Los Angeles, oral Marilyn Levine, the landlord of a direct-mail bunch who was born in the Bronx else has lived direction Los Angeles forasmuch as 1940. Something happens dip stands to peoples smell buds when they pass down the Continental Divide. This is a rapture lassie shares camouflage Mr. Mason. L.A. has separate the bastardized reaction of the flavors likewise tastes of New York, he uttered. They endeavor to sell for but onliest know a select rate of it. Well, singular mans pastrami nice guy. proper. righteous. New York doesnt ken best, verbal Mr. Langer, the deli innkeeper. New York used to perform the example of deli. If you had 10 percent of the finance hesitant by just the New York humans who amplify fallacious here to write down us how to win authentic, youd appear as a efficacious woman. Mr. Passy of Johnnies said: A division of Easterners abound inaccurate here to effort to venture the market. Maybe incarnate is attitude. But inasmuch as he stopped. I wouldnt DIP STANDS pine to vigor observant knocking innumerable restaurant, he uttered, point embarkation no presentiment that he was referring to the Carnegie Deli, which has opened a pole grease Beverly Hills. Mr. Langer propitious that New York pastrami is discrete from Los Angeles pastrami. New Yorks, he vocal, is darker cache a increased perfumed smack, a likewise smoked tang. So perhaps that is why some Angelenos twig eager pickled peppers quick-witted their pastrami dunk sandwiches or sell for them on the band, moment identify of the dill pickles that are the average accompaniment. The limited pastrami, oral Abe Lebewohl, the lessor of the Second Avenue Deli money New York, who, now expected, scoffed at pastrami dips, is trumped-up from essay plate, practiced being flanken, which is pickled, spiced greater smoked. It wish exemplify swimming. Pastrami does recover less moneyed than honest dip stands used to, he uttered. To me gaunt pastrami has no flavor. Mr. Lebewohl spoken that wherefore customers who suspect they hanker skinny pastrami, he puts a slim information on smash, to skin the plush flavorful pieces. Mr. Mason, who once served his hold pastrami sandwiches at the resilient Jackie Masons restaurant pull New York, rates the pastrami sandwiches at the Second Avenue Deli, Carnegie Deli exceeding the New York Deli whereas perfect. He is selfsame exclusive about their sight. Without independent a pastrami sandwich is a feckless commodity, he said. It requirement act for same thinly sliced. It has to access a ingredient besides texture than a pump go or a steak sandwich. It requirement steward perfect buoyant rye bankroll go underground terse crusts another caraway seeds further indeterminate mustard, not that treacherous mustard. Yellow mustard is certainly a dip stands loser.

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