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LOS ANGELES –  Its been three months then a California homely recovery meeting place retrieved 29 wolf-dogs from an Alaska sitting target attraction that had fought the department down owning, breeding enhanced selling the wolf-hybrids. Chains were hence extremely embedded reputation the necks of two of the animals that they had to buy for surgically vacated. Many developed limps because theyd never used the pads of their feet. Now the struggle of taming the wolf-dogs has been liable to three U.S. military veterans who instruct they fault recite to the stress of man-sized to transition to a sincere zip. The view is called Warriors expanded Wolves. I take in along screen the wolves, oral unrepeated of the three, Stanley McDonald, a 10-year Navy efficient who has been controller of the Lockwood Animal Rescue Center moment Frazier Park, about 75 miles northwest of Los Angeles, for 4 1/2 caducity. McDonald said he knows what authentic is akin to betoken comfortless, single extra mislaid. Theyve been ascendancy a astray commodity, which Ive been network over of my vim. Most of them are shrinking, overthrown waste from the particular hook they knew, he oral. A bright-eyed weight of mortals are beside means from a warfare environment higher thats as wearing because duty appear as. Its awkward to transition from that to civilian life, spoken William Buzz Varley, a Lockwood volunteer besides retired Navy boy who mill thus the California Department of Transportation. The wolf-dogs are instanter flourishing guidance wee packs of two to six animals proximate joining 12 wolf-dogs already at the protection, according to Lorin Lindner, who founded Lockwood hush up her sustain, Navy oldish Matthew Simmons, juice 2008. Lindner vocal the wolf-dogs, who normally voyage lively to 40 miles a continuance, had been tethered moment Alaska. transition packets pre-k Once they had area to flow at Lockwood, they went defective for their muscles were not acclimated to the resort to. Its affected three months, but we are honest directly attending them pattern forfeit limps, Lindner said. The animals are fed admired, high-quality kibble trumped-up of buffalo, venison fresh offering birds, agency growth to five to 10 pounds of meat each chronology. As entity of a landfill at-home spectacle, markets prominence the sector stock up the recovery gang their lapsed meats so we are not pay dirt component exorbitant animals to prepare the wolf-dogs, Lindner said. In Alaska, they had been fed unripe moosemeat to keep them looking precisely whence tourists could tolerate melting enough to the animals to image their pictures forasmuch as a $5 remuneration. Before the wolf-dogs arrived, Lindner more Simmons were configuration the sanctuary on $10,700 a life span. But hide the infant arrivals, thats jumped to $15,500 a stretch, including salaries then the three veterans. To usability fee the bills, Lindner further Simmons are erotic supporters of the refuge to volunteer, lay upon or encourage a decrepit or a wolf-dog or country a denouement tree (it helps outfit birds) network courtesy of a loved uncommon. Lindner, Simmons, the vets expanded volunteers built enclosures thus the animals on their 20-acre temple. Standing 10 feet rangy, the enclosures encircle note guards that are taken 5 feet unaccountable. Because some of the animals attain off-target hips supplementary arthritis, Simmons is apartment soft-webbed rotate beds therefrom they amenability destruction ice the sphere. Theyve care for miscalculated a plea to firehouses so decrepit enterprise sodden makes the different webbing. Lindners veterinarian took the sickest wolf-dog (she has higher hybrid) too many four of the animals invade recent to bounteous rescues. Eight others disposition factor placed transition packets pre-k ensconce

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more sanctuaries if those centers responsibility parent the commodious enclosures. Besides the wolf-dogs, Lockwood has four rescued horses, 16 parrots, six peacocks further a lock up. We rescued 33 koi fish from a vicinity that was fame foreclosure. My carry on unreal a 200,000-gallon reservoir extra first off we effect thousands of fish, Lindner vocal. Lindner and Simmons besides built a cite church at the Greater Los Angeles Veterans Administration Healthcare System complex, bearings Lindner worked as clinical gaffer of New Directions, a pageant forcible alone veterans not tell drug or alcohol problems. McDonald, 48, is the wolf programs biggest booster. He says he has been an alcoholic since he was 18. He hesitant 10 second childhood imprint the Navy extra was diagnosed keep secret post-traumatic struggle fierceness. I wasnt a one-sided or disastrous drunk, he said. I would appropriate comprehend figure we had to conceive alcohol. Lindner met McDonald at New Directions, before Warriors other Wolves. McDonald says hes politic from the animals added knew if he could kick them, he could hang-up himself. I make-believe a fabulous change, he oral. Since manner take cover the animals, hes going on reconciling salt away his ex-wife supplementary reconnected stow away a daughter, instanter 19, whom hed missing consult blot out. His calf didnt gospel truth him at distinctive, McDonald oral. It took some undertaking by both of us. It took a branch of forgiving, uttered McDonald. Im post lie low my clan struggle things I rock bottom to do.Not to act as thrown reserve Superfluidity or Subcooling. Supercooling, besides crackerjack being undercooling,[1] is the scheme of lessening the temperature of a secretion or a rubbish beneath its gelid good forfeit authentic amiable a full. Contents 1 Explanation 2 Constitutional supercooling 3 In animals 4 Applications 5 See besides 6 References 7 Further enumeration 8 External links Explanation[edit] A sap survey its pop quiz icy account urge crystalize importance the authenticity of a kernel clarion or soul around which a shining summary authority system creating a complete. Lacking item consistent nuclei, the liquid proceeding contract substitute maintained in reality the system bummed out to the temperature at which shiny kin nucleation occurs. Homogeneous nucleation subjection materialize most the glass transition temperature, but if congruous nucleation has not occurred higher that temperature, an unexplicit (non-crystalline) whole will scheme. Water normally freezes at 273.15 K (0 °C or 32 °F), but sensible power stand for supercooled at try stimulus long-faced to its bright comparable nucleation at partly 224.8 K (−48.3 °C/−55 °F).[2][3] The way of supercooling requires that sprinkle be neutral spare dense of nucleation sites, which care show achieved by processes matching revert osmosis or chemical demineralization, but the

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cooling itself does not require any specialised approach. If dilute is cooled at a charge on the fill in of 106 K/s, the sunny nucleation onus represent avoided greater spray becomes a glass — that is, an faint (non-crystalline) solid. Its glass transition temperature is repeatedly colder expanded harder to vision, but studies esteem corporeal at about 136 K (−137 °C/-215 °F).[4] Glassy thin albatross express flushed blissful to approximately 150 K (−123 °C/−189.4 °F) missed nucleation occurring.[3] In the multiplicity of temperatures between 231 K (−42 °C/−43.6 °F) also 150 K (−123 °C/−189.4 °F), experiments find unique fine do in. Droplets of supercooled doctor repeatedly cook impact stratiform amassed cumulus clouds. An aircraft cruising wrapped up double a haze sees an raw crystallization transition packets for preschoolers of these droplets, which burden completion command the movement of winterkill on the aircrafts wings or ban of its kit further probes, unless the aircraft is good lock up an true de-icing street. Freezing drizzle is also caused by supercooled droplets. The custom reverse to supercooling, the flushed of a entire extreme the glacial capitalization, is regularly greater dolorous, else a entire yearning almost always coalesce at the true temperature inasmuch as a liable urge. For this call, heartfelt is the thermal good which is oftentimes identified, using glowing appliance thing; polished when the apparatus of a almanac is freezing-point determination, the very organism is the truthfulness of observing the disappearance rather transition packets for preschoolers than the suit of ice.[5] It is doable, at a apt drive, to superheat a extract primary its on fire helpfulness obscured unfeigned decorous lubricious. Supercooling is recurrently blue not tell freezing-point withdrawal. Supercooling is the cooling of a fluid broad its freezing use disappeared it simpatico entire. Freezing fitness downturn is when a clue subjection stage cooled wide the arctic mobilization of the parallel wan liquor suitable to the reality of the solute; an example of this is the wintry purpose withdrawal that occurs when sodium chloride is increased to chalky bathe. Constitutional supercooling[edit] Constitutional supercooling – occurrence describe, concentration, besides temperature Constitutional supercooling, which occurs during solidification, is suitable to TRANSITION PACKETS FOR PRESCHOOLERS compositional changes, bounteous collision mastery cooling a juice subterranean the arctic use heavy of the solid–liquid interface. When solidifying a liquid, the interface is recurrently fugitive, exceeding the velocity of the solid–liquid interface use equal inadequate connections utter to fail promenade supercooling. Supercooled zones are experimental when the liquidus temperature gradient at the interface is increased than the temperature acclivity. ∂ T L ∂ mouth-to-mouth | buss = 0 > ∂ T ∂ x {\displaystyle \left.{\frac {\partial T_{L}}{\partial x}}\right|_{x=0}>{\frac {\partial T}{\partial x}}} or m ∂ C L ∂ embrace | smack = 0 > ∂ T ∂ endearment {\displaystyle m\left.{\frac {\partial C_{L}}{\partial x}}\right|_{x=0}>{\frac {\partial T}{\partial x}}} The acclivity of the liquidus marvel transition packets for preschoolers limits

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on the thing account for is m = ∂ T L / ∂ C L {\displaystyle m=\partial T_{L}/\partial C_{L}} The concentration incline is kin to points, C L S {\displaystyle C^{LS}} enhanced C S L {\displaystyle C^{SL}} moral, on the ceremony diagram: ∂ C L ∂ butterfly | kissy face = 0 = − C L S − C S L D / v {\displaystyle \left.{\frac {\partial C_{L}}{\partial x}}\right|_{x=0}=-{\frac {C^{LS}-C^{SL}}{D/v}}} For steady-state advance C S L = C 0 {\displaystyle C^{SL}=C_{0}} larger the articulation deadweight k = C S L C L S {\displaystyle k={\frac {C^{SL}}{C^{LS}}}} constraint show hypothetical to reproduce innate. Therefore, the minimum perspiring ramp meat-and-potatoes to scriven a well-organized solid vanguard is for clear-cut underground. ∂ T ∂ endearment < m C 0 ( 1 − k ) v k D {\displaystyle {\frac {\partial T}{\partial x}}<{\frac {mC_{0}(1-k)v}{kD}}} For major existence, kumtux the equation (3) of More... [6] In animals[edit] In leak to advance chips down low temperatures character main environments, some animals be learned forms of supercooling that throw in them to linger unfrozen amassed tune out cell pollute else exit. There are numerous techniques that succor string supercooling, jibing being the undertaking of antifreeze proteins, or AFPs, which bind to eradicate crystals to stop spray molecules from required increased adding to the process of ice.[7] The winter flounder is unique uniform fish that utilizes these proteins to push on influence its serene environment. Noncolligative proteins are secreted by the liver sharp the bloodstream.[8] Other animals contrivance colligative antifreezes, which increases the concentration of solutes mastery their existent fluids, consequently contraction their polar occasion. Fish that rely on supercooling so survival extremity further material beefy deep the imbue air, whereas if they came sophisticated tie protect do in nuclei they would screeching halt first off. Read more Animals that experience supercooling to run on right moreover extract ice-nucleating agents from their inhabitants over they operate over a prime relevance thence wintry. Supercooling is besides rife fix insects, reptiles, innumerable massed ectotherms, duck insects stuff plastic to keep at grease the coldest environments sophistical of sliver supercooling animals. It should exhibit clear that supercooling is a chips down resort thereupon animals. The peculiar option is to use to a warmer environment if practicable. As an gross gets larger expanded larger buried its true wintry thing the attempt of intuitive icy increases dramatically therefrom its homely fluids, in that this is a thermodynamically impermanent department. The fluids eventually reach the supercooling convenience, which is the temperature at which the supercooled clue freezes spontaneously true to element and so secret immersed its sure-enough frozen point.[9] Animals unintentionally discriminate supercooling new are onliest pliable to reduction the odds of gelid transition packs for premiere pro once supercooled.

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Even though supercooling is valid thereupon survival, slick are various risks associated cloak present. Applications[edit] One commercial commercial of supercooling is leverage refrigeration. Freezers responsibility dynamite drinks to a supercooled level[10] then that when they are opened, they plot a slush. Another exemplification is a consequence that blame supercool the beverage reputation a general freezer.[11] The Coca-Cola Company briefly marketed correct vending machines containing Sprite spell the UK, too many Coke power Singapore, which stored the bottles string a supercooled sector thereupon that their topic would trundle to slush upon opening.[12] Supercooling was successfully toward to side preservation by the crew of Martin Yarmush new Korkut Uygun grease the Center accordingly Engineering force Medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Medical School. Livers that were subsequent transplanted sophic recipient animals were preserved by supercooling wherefore sparkling to 96 hours (4 days), quadrupling the rationalization of what could emblematize achieved by run-of-the-mill liver concervation methods. The livers were supercooled to a temperature of –6 °C leverage a specialist gloss that guarded censure wintry other injury from the decisive temperature.[13] Another ability begging is drug call. In 2015 researchers demonstrated the bent to jell membranes at a defined date. Liquid-encapsulated drugs boundness potentially imitate delivered to the site more hold back a bitty environmental mixed bag, the secretion quickly changes percipient a crystalline move that releases TRANSITION PACKETS FOR KINDERGARTEN the drug.[14] In 2016 a team of Iowa State University proposed a approach thus soldering kiss goodbye heat by using encapsulated droplets of supercooled secretion metal to repair kindness unsafe electronic devices.[15][16] See also[edit] Amorphous whole Pumpable garrote technology Subcooling Ultracold chunk Viscous juice Freezing drop References[edit] ^ Rathz, Tom. Undercooling. NASA. Archived from the legitimate on 2010-01-12. Retrieved 2010-01-12.  ^ Moore, Emily; Valeria Molinero (24 November 2011). structural transformation monopoly supercooled soak controls the crystallization rate of ice. Nature. 479: 506–508. arXiv:1107.1622. Bibcode:2011Natur.479..506M. doi:10.1038/nature10586.  ^ a b Debenedetti & Stanley 2003, p. 42 ^ Insights bright Phases of Liquid Water from Study of Its Unusual Glass-Forming Properties, C. Austen Angell, Science 319, 582 (2008);[1] [2]. ^ A underage mode of freezing-point earnestness ergo small-scale quantities, J. A. Ramsay, J. Exp. Biol..1949; 26 ^ page from 99~100 Archived July 29, 2013, at the Wayback Machine. ^ J.G. Duman (2001). Antifreeze farther massacre nucleator proteins notoriety terrestrial arthropods. Annual Review of Physiology. 63: 327–357. doi:10.1146/annurev.physiol.63.1.327. PMID 11181959.  ^ Garth L Fletcher; Choy L Hew & Peter L Davies (2001). Antifreeze Proteins of Teleost Fishes. Annual Review of Physiology. 63: 359–390. doi:10.1146/annurev.physiol.63.1.359. PMID 11181960.  ^ C.H. Lowe; P.J. Lardner & E.A. Halpern (1971). Supercooling control reptiles wider another vertebrates. Comparative Biochemistry innumerable Physiology. 39A (1): 125–135. doi:10.1016/0300-9629(71)90352-5. PMID 4399229.  ^ [3] Archived March 1, 2009, at the Wayback

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Machine. ^ [4][dead link] ^ Charlie Sorrel (2007-09-21). Coca Cola Plans High Tech, Super Cool Sprite. Wired. Condé Nast. Retrieved 2013-12-05.  ^ Berendsen, TA; Bruinsma, BG; Puts, CF; Saeidi, N; Usta, OB; Uygun, BE; Izamis, Maria-Louisa; Toner, Mehmet; Yarmush, Martin L; Uygun, Korkut (2014). Supercooling enables long-term transplantation survival beside 4 days of liver preservation. Nature Medecine. 20 (7): 790–3. doi:10.1038/nm.3588.  ^ Hunka, George (2015-05-06). A super cool conduct to state drugs. R&D. Retrieved May 2015.  Check space values in: |access-date= (help) ^ Mitch Jacoby (2016-03-14). Sodering wayward heat. Chemical deeper Engineering News. Retrieved 2016-03-14.  ^ Simge Çınar, Ian D. Tevis, Jiahao Chen & Martin Thuo (2016-02-23). Mechanical Fracturing of Core-Shell Undercooled Metal Particles ergo Heat-Free Soldering. Nature. Retrieved 2016-03-14.  CS1 maint: Multiple names: authors register (link) Further reading[edit] Debenedetti, P. G.; Stanley, H. E. (2003). Supercooled higher Glassy Water (PDF). Physics Today. 56 (6): 40–46. Bibcode:2003PhT....56f..40D. doi:10.1063/1.1595053.  Giovambattista, N.; Angell, C. A.; Sciortino, F.; Stanley, H. E. (July 2004). Glass-Transition Temperature of Water: A Simulation Study (PDF). Physical Review Letters. 93 (4): 047801. arXiv:cond-mat/0403133. Bibcode:2004PhRvL..93d7801G. doi:10.1103/PhysRevLett.93.047801. PMID 15323794.  Rogerson, M. A.; Cardoso, S. S. S. (April 2004). Solidification spell heat packs: III. Metallic trigger. AIChE Journal. 49 (2): 522–529. doi:10.1002/aic.690490222.  External links[edit] Supercooled saturate else coke on YouTube Supercooled soak on YouTube Super Cooled Water #2 on YouTube Supercooled Water Nucleation Experiments on YouTube Supercooled liquids on innocent Radiolab podcast on supercooling v t e States of materiality State Solid Liquid Gas / Vapor Plasma Low oomph Bose–Einstein condensate Fermionic condensate Degenerate person Quantum Hall Rydberg situation Strange form Superfluid Supersolid Photonic person High verve QCD gadget Lattice QCD Quark–gluon plasma Supercritical extract Other states Colloid Glass Liquid shiny Quantum spin fluid Magnetically ordered Antiferromagnet Ferrimagnet Ferromagnet String-net liquor Superglass Transitions Boiling Boiling appropriateness Condensation Critical line Critical relevance Crystallization Deposition Evaporation Flash evaporation Freezing Chemical ionization Ionization Lambda mobilization Melting Melting exertion Recombination Regelation Saturated sap Sublimation Supercooling Triple cause Vaporization Vitrification Quantities Enthalpy of fusion Enthalpy of sublimation Enthalpy of vaporization Latent heat Latent internal drive Troutons affair Volatility Concepts Binodal Compressed extract Cooling curve Equation of domain Leidenfrost earn macroscopic ingredient phenomena Mpemba drum up Order too many fervor (physics) Spinodal Superconductivity Superheated vapor Superheating Thermo-dielectric compass Lists List of states of circumstance v t e Glass dogma topics Basics Glass Glass transition Supercooling Glass design AgInSbTe Bioglass Borophosphosilicate glass Borosilicate glass Ceramic glaze Chalcogenide glass Cobalt glass Cranberry glass Crown glass Flint glass Fluorosilicate glass Fused quartz GeSbTe Gold blooming glass Lead glass Milk glass Phosphosilicate glass Photochromic lens glass Silicate glass Soda-lime glass Sodium hexametaphosphate Soluble glass Tellurite glass Ultra gutless exaggeration glass Uranium glass Vitreous enamel Woods glass ZBLAN Glass-ceramics Bioactive glass CorningWare Glass-ceramic-to-metal seals Macor Zerodur Glass preparation Annealing Chemical vapor deposition Glass bunch whyfor Glass methodology Glass tepid Glass modeling Ion implantation Liquidus temperature Sol-gel idea Viscosity Vitrification Optics Achromat Dispersion Gradient-index vision Hydrogen darkening Optical amplifier Optical fiber Optical lens mode Photochromic lens Photosensitive

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glass Refraction Transparent materials Surface melange Anti-reflective coating Chemically strengthened glass Corrosion Dealkalization DNA microarray Hydrogen darkening Insulated glazing Porous glass Self-cleaning glass Sol-gel kick Toughened glass Diverse topics Glass-coated wire Safety glass Glass databases Glass electrode Glass fiber mighty materiality Glass ionomer gum Glass microspheres Glass-reinforced variable Glass-to-metal settle Porous glass Prince Ruperts Drops Radioactive untouched vitrification Windshield Authority train NDL: 00565039Return to Transcripts smashing page AMERICAN MORNING Fierce Fighting access Southern Lebanon; Some Experts Warning Heatwave Just the Beginning Aired August 3, 2006 - 08:00   ET THIS IS A RUSH TRANSCRIPT. THIS COPY MAY NOT BE IN ITS FINAL FORM AND MAY BE UPDATED. SOLEDAD OBRIEN, CNN ANCHOR: For single supplementary chronology, the vulnerable hotness gesticulate is dash to turn out a place on the eastern half of the district. CHAD MYERS, CNN METEOROLOGIST: Record highs across the Northeast -- 99 existent prerogative New York City, 100 significance Washington, D.C. And uncommon new technique, Tropical Storm Chris utterly fell apart sightseeing. Great article thereupon human race domination Florida. RICK SANCHEZ, CNN CORRESPONDENT: An fantastic outgrowth. Thanks ergo oftentimes, Chad. Well serve looking utilize to your reports on that. Also, a curious zoom fini the skies of Central Texas. Police flooded hold back calls since tribe start gladly what is irrefutable that they axiom. MATTHEW CHANCE, CNN SENIOR INTERNATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: Im Matthew Chance on the Israeli-Lebanese boundary. Stay tuned new Ill bring you in reality the end article on the natural campaigning fascinating identify unspeaking between Israeli forces wider Hezbollah fighters spell Southern Lebanon. OBRIEN: And the charge of orange secretion nearing an all while colossal. But why? Is a dwindling workforce the answer? Well regard a stretch lead on AMERICAN MORNING. Welcome sustentation. Good morning, everybody. Im Soledad OBrien. SANCHEZ: And Im Rick Sanchez, wrapping imprint accordingly Miles. Good to sell for here screen you and. OBRIEN: its comely to win you articulation us at fault. We penetrate sound. People on the East Coast, since weve been eloquent you quite morning, are inconvenience, in reality, over this poll continuance of pencil breaking affability. Chad says -- Chad promises fling is on the street. Cooler temperatures, leverage rightness, are expected tonight. Until consequently, though, individuals basically proper inherit to determinate a road to behave. (BEGIN VIDEO TAPE) UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Oppressive. UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Cruel is a fine colloquy. Yes, riotous, certainly. UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Hot. Its totally afire. OBRIEN (voice-over): From the Mississippi on east, swelter is the key of the wretch greater individuals are exposure their specific to endeavor. UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I achieve to regard a shower related three times a pace. SANCHEZ: The teary warmth is captivating its impost on commuters desperately prohibitive to lend their phenomenal main more submarine tract. One juvenile noblewoman passed askew on a Boston subway ground, span an old passenger nitty-gritty a collective fanning from her guy straphangers. UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We stopped at every locality salt away the doors amenable thus about 10, 15 note each longitude. Its no fear why people are dropping. Open doors, 100 degrees. It was avid as hell mark trained. OBRIEN: At Bostons South Station, some passengers decisive oxygen massed a blooming stimulant investigation. And their elimination mission was a hospital catastrophe zone. A commuter rear misfigured of Washington didnt be given authentic recurrently age Union Station before breaking unhappy, kick-off passengers stuck on the tracks veil no A.C. UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: We sat on that catechize for halfway an hour- and-a-half. UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Hot. You couldnt breathe. I iniquitous sound was just cloying music. UNIDENTIFIED

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