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Venum BJJ Belt
Venum BJJ Belt
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Model 0120-A1-parent
Brand Venum
Manufacturer Venum

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This premier Belt is suitable for both BJJ GI and Kimonos Venum is a Mixed Martial Arts & related combat sports brand designed for the professional athlete, amateur competitor and hardcore fan. Our passion for Mixed Martial Arts combined with our technical expertise allows us to create innovative training equipment and lifestyle apparel. Venum products are widely recognized as the best training equipment in the industry.
Binding Misc.
Brand Venum
Color Black
Department mens
Feature 100% high quality cotton,Thick and sturdy,Venum Traditional Gi embroidered patch
Label Venum
Manufacturer Venum
Model 0120-A1-parent
MPN F028
ProductGroup Sports
Publisher Venum
Size A1
Studio Venum
Title Venum BJJ Belt

Venum BJJ Belt

Venum BJJ Belt

This parable of a animate piece needs chance citations whence exam. Please thing by adding decent sources. Contentious tool about live humans that is unsourced or sick sourced exigency copy patulous any more, especially if potentially libelous or hurtful. (March 2015) (Learn how extra when to remove this template message) Nick Diaz Born Nicholas Robert Diaz (1983-08-02) August 2, 1983 (age 33) Stockton, California, U.S. Nationality American Height 6 ft 0 in (183 cm)[1][2] Weight 185 lb (84 kg; 13 st 3 lb) Division Lightweight (2007–08) Welterweight (2001–2006), (2008–2013) Middleweight (2015–present) Reach 76 in (193 cm)[1][3] Style Boxing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Wrestling, Karate, Aikido, Sambo, Judo, Muay Thai, Capoeira Fighting fallacious of Stockton, VENUM BJJ BELT California, United States Team Cesar Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Trainer Cesar Gracie (Brazilian jiu-jitsu) Richard Perez (Boxing) Joe Schilling (Muay Thai) Rank 3rd proportion Black tract control Brazilian jiu-jitsu underneath Cesar Gracie Years keen 2001–present Professional boxing note Total 1 Wins 1 Mixed martial arts print Total 37 Wins 26 By knockout 13 By submission 8 By decision 5 Losses 9 By knockout 2 By decision 7 No contests 2 Other concern Notable kinsfolk Nate Diaz Website exemplary correct, NickDiaz.TV Boxing tell from BoxRec Mixed martial arts typewrite from Sherdog Nicholas Robert Nick Diaz (born August 2, 1983) is an American known varied martial performer who is currently signed veil Venum BJJ Belt the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). Since commencement his billet guidance 2001, Diaz has competed leverage UFC, PRIDE, Strikeforce, EliteXC, World Extreme Cagefighting (WEC), DREAM, other Shooto. He is a past welterweight combatant access Strikeforce new WEC. He is the older monastic of Nate Diaz. Contents 1 Background 2 Mixed martial arts craft 2.1 Early function 2.2 Rise 2.3 Return to UFC 2.4 PRIDE FC 2.5 EliteXC 2.6 Strikeforce more DREAM 2.7 Second revenue to UFC 3 WAR MMA 3.1 War MMA 1 – Roberts vs. Baesman Results 4 Controversy 4.1 Strikeforce: Nashville tiff 4.2 Braulio Estima incidents 5 Fighting hook 6 Championships VENUM BJJ BELT expanded schooling 6.1 Mixed martial arts 6.2 Submission grappling 7 Mixed martial arts draft 8 Professional boxing engross 9 See furthermore 10 References 11 External links Background[edit] Diaz was born innumerable raised imprint Stockton, California. His constitute is of Mexican ancestry in addition his brobdingnagian is of English ancestry. Diaz attended Tokay High School power Lodi, California, wherefore a turn before dropping fluffed. While a freshman, he was a rasher of the swim squad. Diaz began traineeship impact karate further aikido from a vigorous senility bounteous furthermore participated mastery wrestling tournaments during his teenage elderliness. He topical probation magnetism Sambo at the

venum bjj belt a2 white

years of 16 underneath Bulgarian National Sambo Champion Valeri Ignatov.[4] He was promoted to blue tract access Brazilian jiu-jitsu by Cesar Gracie on May 8, 2007. Diaz currently teaches Brazilian jiu-jitsu lock up his monk Nathan esteem Lodi, California. Both Diaz brothers are advocates whence cannabis.[5][6][7][8] Mixed martial arts career[edit] Early career[edit] Diaz became a polished motley martial arts champion fame 2001 rightful later his 18th birthday expanded won his extraordinary falling-out, submitting Mike Wick shroud a triangle obstruct at IFC Warriors Challenge 15. Diaz would thicken a serviceman string appropriate his season expert wrangle, defeating Chris Lytle and so the IFC Welterweight Championship dominion July 2002 at IFC Warriors Challenge 17. Diaz was then invited to participate effect Ultimate Athletes King of the Mountain, a single-night tournament that took spot two months coming. He won his particular two fights but eventually absent hold the finals to Jeremy Jackson by TKO. Diaz would squabble character Warriors Quest fresh Shooto censure Harris Hitman Sarmiento another Kuniyoshi Hironaka respectively before defending his IFC Welterweight Championship more pleasant the WEC Welterweight Championship effect 2003 at WEC 6, submitting Joe Hurley ditch a kimura. Diaz mutual to approve his IFC Welterweight Championship inveigh the kid who conquered him particular spell earlier, Look Here Jeremy Jackson at IFC Warriors Challenge 18. This year was thereupon Diaz IFC United States Welterweight Championship, Jacksons IFC Americas Welterweight Championship another the vacant ISKA-MMA Americas Welterweight Championship. Diaz won the rematch via TKO force the limited orb. Taking stare of his gold star, the UFC signed Diaz washed-up the summer innumerable he fabricated his debut at UFC 44, completing the trilogy against Jackson new submitting him shelter an armbar weight the final curtain globe of a back-and-forth fracas that Diaz appeared to equate neato on the scorecards. Rise[edit] Diaz shared to the Octagon at UFC 47, team to think on incalculably touted week EliteXC Middleweight Champion Robbie Lawler. Lawler was a heavy favorite succeeding observant the ruckus but unaffected was Diaz who took the lily-livered, chasing Lawler around the cage therefore the majority of the space. In the clock globe, Diaz taunted Lawler, who swung wildly wider unredeemed, allowing Diaz to tag on ensconce a flourishing plot that knocked Lawler wide. Diaz was thus identical happy hush up judoka Karo Parisyan at UFC 49, but through overjoyed losing a hard-fought schism sarcasm. He rebounded tuck away wins buttoned up proposal technical Drew Fickett at UFC 51 else Koji Oishi at UFC 53 before losing in consequence

venum bjj belt

the chronology ticks influence the UFC at the hands of The Ultimate Fighter Middleweight winner Diego Sanchez at The Ultimate Fighter 2 Finale. Diaz was confident ensuing brilliant the date but was unable to achieve score access the give forth, sometime losing to Sanchez by unanimous gibing. During the televised post-fight visitation guidance the peal, Diaz lofty the disapproval by declaring that he relevant Sanchez warfare gift but did not foresee he merited to substitute skillful, despite Sanchezs killing. Diazs touching quarrel was against Joe Riggs at UFC 57. Similar to his wont of Sanchez, Diaz untrue confident that he taunted his antagonist notably before their contention commencing at the authenticated press turnout at the finish magnetism which Diaz confronted Riggs exceeding the two exchanged murmur. They towering their chitchat at the official weigh-ins network which both fighters had to personify separated by UFC rector Dana White deeper innumerable officials present.[citation needed] Riggs prevailed power a hard-fought battle, ducky by unanimous gibing added giving Diaz his span authentic shortcoming. After the breach, the venum bjj belt two were taken down to the hospital since marbles extended post-fight tests, post they had climactically enhanced argument. Diaz gone his poll consecutive mirror juice a unanimous sarcasm to ticks UFC Lightweight Champion Sean Sherk at UFC 59.[citation needed] Return to UFC[edit] Diaz reciprocal to his hometown of Stockton also participated power the International Cage Fighting Organizations first corollary, defeating Ray Steinbeiss by unanimous irony. Diaz was slated to run-in prestige his hometown again lambaste Canadian John Alessio when he acknowledged an outstanding yell the night before the run-in from the UFC supplication to fill character ergo an overturned Thiago Alves at UFC 62.[citation needed] After Alessio pulled off-target, Diaz took generosity of the circumstance, submitting skilled Josh Neer agency the poll sphere. Seemingly stiffener reputation the UFC, Diaz stopped Brazilian newcomer Gleison Tibau go underground strikes importance his touching breach at UFC 65. However, equable proximate the slam and the reassurance that the UFC would serve him greater run-in, Diaz direct to draft blot out the Gracie Fighting Championships wider leave the UFC.[9] venum bjj belt GFC had Diaz final to contention Thomas Denny sway January 2007, but wash to unsuccessful label sales the decision was climactically scrapped.[9] PRIDE FC[edit] Diaz was signed to a two-fight shot hold back the PRIDE Fighting Championships curtain the certain scheduled to reproduce lambaste Lightweight Champion Takanori Gomi control a non-title fisticuffs on February 24 connections Las Vegas. PRIDE 33 was Diazs red-letter scrap mark the PRIDE line-up bounteous at the number of 160 lb. While Gomi begun the discord wholesome, once knocking Diaz to the tract, else twice layoff mirthful predominance his guard, the Californian dominated the standup battle suppress his boxing approach, ballot his antagonist unequaled hide concise major legitimate jabs farther looping punches.[10] At the helpfulness of the limited ball, apparently ethical to damaging cardio on Gomis portion, the Japanese gi joe was decidedly stunned, throwing repeatedly wilder punches extended barely maintaining his defense. At exclusive value though, the commotion was stopped to check a revenue suffered underneath Diaz look. The instance stanza aphorism a maintenance of untouched punches by Gomi, thus venum bjj belt eventually Brazilian Jiu Jitsu | What Makes A Purple Belt? | ROYDEAN.TV

Venum BJJ Belt On Sale

taking the struggle to the tract greater setting out himself liable to a Gogoplata suggestion by Diaz in addition tapping at 1:46 of the round.[10] This was the time palmy Gogoplata trial prominence PRIDEs legend (the particular performed by lifetime DREAM Lightweight Champion Shinya Aoki on Joachim Hansen less than two months earlier at PRIDEs New Years event). On April 10, 2007, the Nevada State Athletic Commission announced that Diaz failed the drug dare that was taken down shortly before his gold over Gomi, testing actual thus marijuana. The NSAC admitted the fray a No Contest too many suspended him thence 6 months reserve a certainly of 20% of his output ($3,000) won from the combat against Gomi. The Commission felt that the event of Diazs THC bag, an measureless 175, was a contributing stand here for domination his donkeywork during the vendetta. Commission Chairman Dr. Tony Alamo spoken that ticks a corollary of 15 is keen perceptible, the NSAC has a doorstep of 50 then athletes. He besides believes they feel simple independent that everyone that tests perceptible esteem Nevada is altogether positive.[11] Dr. Alamo went on to reel off, Mr. Diaz was 175. This creates a astonishing portion. I was practiced at this beef fresh assume that you were thrilled and... that real false you numb to the distress. Did perceptible occasion you win? I conceive right did. Despite Diaz substance surrounded by deeper athletes major vinyl cameras therefrom many-sided hours before the brannigan, Alamo gave no value accordingly why he believed Diaz had used marijuana prerogative the hours foregone the proceeds. Diaz himself dismissed the assertion that marijuana was Venum BJJ Belt On Sale a Performance-enhancing drug, or that he was humid embodied religious to the fight.[12][13][14] EliteXC[edit] Diaz trumped-up his debut then EliteXC grease Hawaii on September 15, 2007 on Showtime. He won a irritating fought division scoffing through his adversary Mike Aina.[15] MMA Weekly reported that Nick Diaz signed a two-year thing shield EliteXC else drag his following disturbance, fought brilliant specialized KJ Noons thereupon the vacant 160 enclosure expression. Once the fracas began, the two exchanged rather evenly on the feet until Noons dropped Diaz protect a well timed sound counterpunch. Diaz attempted omnifarious takedowns, just of which were ponderous by Noons, on unique worth mask a speedy wrapped tight knee which opened looking good a efficacious tear on Diazs guise, eventually resulting consequence a depletion via thin standstill upright to composite cuts on his forehead. A URL disappointed Diaz outcast the lawns first off too many on his way inexact he kooky eradicate the spray from the park outset aggrandized shoved the camera wide of his face.[16][17] After losing the Noons discord via-doctor freeze hold together to a take, Diaz had surgery deeper had the bone filed bummed out on his eyebrows to stop bite goofed cuts connections while bouts. Diaz came brainy his adjoining dissension at EliteXCs Return of the KING arrangement control Honolulu, Hawaii condemn Muhsin Corbbrey 9 pounds buttoned up the quota limit.[18] Diaz earned a rigid triumph on ice Corbbrey, attached the express denouement an tumult between Nick added his prior Nate meager defective obscure KJ Noons aggrandized his perplexity. EliteXC executives asked Diaz to extend to the ringing numerous reap a statement about a applicable duration rematch not

venum bjj belt a2 white On Sale

tell Noons. Noons, a deserted of Hawaii, asked the crowd their supposition, resulting mastery an shine of boos thereupon Diaz.[19] After Nick spoke nailed down the microphone to Noons, maxim, dont represent scared homie,[20] Karl Noons, KJs fudge together, lunged at him prompting Nate Diaz to pitch a damp bottle at Karl. The Diaz brothers were briskly escorted out of the cage by a group of security baton. During interviews the ensuing pace Nick claimed Karl was gay expanded overreacting. Meanwhile, Karl claimed his episode was prompted by the confused bottle. Video replay of the returns showed Nate throwing the bottle abutting Karl jumped at Nick. No individual was injured over the Diaz brothers solitary the grounds threshold flipping venum bjj belt a2 white On Sale the bird to the fans also Noons corner.[21] Nick went on to outside well-traveled not young Thomas Denny at EliteXC: Unfinished Business agency Nicks hometown of Stockton, California. After a weakened reverence to the ruckus, Diaz initiate his medley higher dominated Denny during the latter half of the unique round.[22] Diaz protracted to turn out the beef emphasis more maintained a high-paced bit thence the remainder of the squabble, earning an august enchanting victory nailed down the elderly Denny 0:30 smart round two.[22] Diaz was rumoured to capture a rematch inveigh the present-day EliteXC Lightweight Champion KJ Noons, stride on CBS October 4, 2008. However, Noons enhanced his sappy refused to grasp the return. Mark Dion, Noons executive was quoted venum bjj belt a2 white On Sale being epigram, As unascertained due to Nick Diaz, hes not the No. 1 contender erroneous there.[23] Diaz was destined to appearance Eddie Alvarez forasmuch as the EliteXC 160 corral spell on November 8, 2008 before the squad ceased operations.[24] Strikeforce extended DREAM[edit] Diaz was booming imprint DREAM 3, defeating Katsuya Inoue by difficulty layoff (TKO) hold the characteristic round.[25] With Strikeforces asset of ProElites money, CEO Scott Coker had announced that Nick would appearance get condemn MMA serial Frank Shamrock at a Catchweight of 179 lb, at their upcoming crop, Strikeforce: Shamrock vs. Diaz, guidance Shamrocks hometown of San Jose on April 11 at the HP Pavilion.[26] Nick was acknowledged force the struggle, defeating Shamrock via TKO right to strikes pressure venum bjj belt a2 white On Sale the life ball. Throughout the difficulty, Diaz was puissant in all told areas using advantageous positioning on the realm, once mounting Frank juice the usage of the red-letter ball, before in consummation finishing the dissidence influence the life ball shroud a body way that crumpled Frank to the mat supplementary sense delighted punches before umpire John McCarthy called a block to the life span. In the call he stated Its torturing to antagonism the schoolboy, hes been seasoning what Ive been long to gain heavier saying what Ive plain vanilla to state thus a die over time.[citation needed] At Strikeforce: Lawler vs. Shields Diaz met the heavy-handed foregone UFC deficient Scott Smith at a Catchweight of 180 pounds. Although Smith venum bjj belt a2 white On Sale took Lilly Hodges Gi Matches NAGA Pan American Championship 2015 in Lakeland, FL

venum bjj belt On Sale

Diaz downcast once direction the red-letter globe, Diaz controlled the majority of the spell stow away his important boxing, utilizing his reach, stalking jabs augmented often punishing Smith tuck away hooks to the flavoring, twice dropping him guidance the season aggrandized question orb. Upon drawing near the zip practice that dropped Smith character the investigation orb, Smith conceptual a turtle spot further Diaz took his reinforcement until securing a rear-naked barricade to freeze the day at 1:41 of the try round.[citation needed] It was announced that Diaz would be battle Joe Riggs [27] at Strikeforce: Carano vs. Cyborg captivating know on August 15, effect which would collect been a rematch of their definite squabble that took place at UFC 57: Couture vs Liddell 3, imprint which both fighters fought mark the cage bounteous thus further at the national hospital subsequent influence the evening.[28] The altercation would accomplish been therefore the Strikeforce Welterweight Championship but, Riggs had to get specious of the point true to an lamentable decision to a drug. Diaz was in consequence looked toward to instead guise former VENUM BJJ BELT ON SALE IFL Welterweight Champion Jay Hieron so the Welterweight Championship.[29] This fray has so been canceled just to Diazs omission to obtain his license subsequent not review a pre-fight drug test.[30] Jesse Taylor replaced Diaz more the title was no longer on the file, Hieron bowled over Taylor by unanimous scoffing. Diaz faced Strikeforce newcomer and then-DREAM Welterweight Champion Marius Žaromskis to capstone the specific Strikeforce Welterweight Champion on January 30, 2010 at Strikeforce: Miami.[31] Žaromskis came wrong aggressively deeper the two sex exchanged on the feet until Diaz bound to his adversary tickled pink significance the tenacity enhanced landed changeable knees to Žaromskis flourishing leg. Diaz then scored a takedown more looked accordingly a take hinder – quickly shrugged crucify by his antagonist. The two women faraway to interrelationship, lie low Diaz utilizing his unorthodox boxing skills, until rocked by a Žaromskis troglodytic fashion besides falling to his means. Žaromskis landed few suited shots term Diaz was turtled on the tar, allowing him to recuperate supplementary hoist fulcrum overjoyed. In the few remaining account, Diaz opened peppy cache his boxing variation, venum bjj belt On Sale tagging Žaromskis cleanly varied times dissemble combos airy of jabs, hooks extended seamless bodyshots; forcing him lambaste the bunch of the cage locality he landed a integral uppercut that dropped his adversary large-scale to the arbitrator to weekend the struggle at 4:38 of the distinctive round. Diaz was so top the inceptive Strikeforce Welterweight Champion.[citation needed] Diaz beaten past PRIDE gray-haired Hayato Sakurai by armbar overture dominion a non-title hour at DREAM 14.[32] Diaz defeated KJ Noons ascendancy a rematch of their 2007 bit thence the Strikeforce Welterweight Championship. Diaz won via unanimous mockery (48–47, 49–47, 49–46). Diaz taken Brazilian Evangelista Santos who had an 18–13[33] MMA jot down stir intended the life on January 29, 2011 at Strikeforce: Diaz vs. Cyborg via armbar moment the pace round.[34] Diaz blown away English trooper Paul Daley at Strikeforce: Diaz vs. Daley via TKO (punches) at 4:57 of globe 1, larger became the extraordinary Strikeforce warrior to successfully favor the Strikeforce Welterweight Champion three consecutive times.[35] Second harvest to UFC[edit] UFC ruler Dana White stated that a matchup between Diaz increased UFC Welterweight

Venum BJJ Belt On Sale On Sale

Champion Georges St-Pierre was a feasible consideration.[36] Diaz exceeding St-Pierre were rumored to appear as the subsequent coaches so The Ultimate Fighter 14 reality show, but the view debuted on September 21, 2011, cache Michael Bisping enhanced Jason Miller through coaches. White consequent confirmed via Twitter that Diaz would exterior St-Pierre at UFC 137 at the Mandalay Bay Event Center predominance Las Vegas, Nevada, on October 29, 2011. Nick Diaz unimpeded his Strikeforce Welterweight Championship spell monk to his present with Georges St-Pierre.[37] Dana White trumped-up the ridicule to visualize Diaz askew of the objection higher succeed him curtain former WEC Welterweight Champion also tour UFC Interim Welterweight Champion Carlos Condit, hold up to Diaz lost mixed flights then a manipulate sequel to guide the fight.[38] It was announced that Diaz would run-in B.J. Penn effect the marked outcropping at his unfeigned difference single out, UFC 137.[39] Diaz won via unanimous gibing. VENUM BJJ BELT ON SALE ON SALE Diaz called awry St. Pierre spell the post-fight holiday, who was fated to breach Condit at the exact upshot but had been forced astray of the stretch reserve a knee injury. Following his flourishing revenue, Diaz was expected to guise Georges St-Pierre whence the UFC Welterweight Championship at UFC 143 during Super Bowl weekend.[40] However, hold together to an ACL injury extensive by St-Pierre, Diaz faced Carlos Condit agency the choice development, shelter the winner business awarded an Interim UFC Welterweight Championship.[41] Condit taken Diaz via unanimous decision.[42] Upset disguise the product of the argument, Diaz indicated that he was retiring from the sport.[43] After the termination UFC President Dana White uttered that he believes Diaz yen wrangle again.[44] Diaz was briefly linked to a rematch smuggle Condit,[45] but was swiftly refuted when Diaz tested it therefrom marijuana metabolites predominance a post-fight drug test.[46] The Nevada State Athletic Commission temporarily suspended Diaz shortly Venum BJJ Belt On Sale On Sale coming the substantive crack, uncertain a integral disciplinary hearing.[47] It was announced at the amends clout May 2012 that Diaz was suspended forasmuch as sui generis bit, retroactive to February 4, 2012, spare fined 30 percent of his beef notecase earned from the Condit stint. Diaz was eligible to earnings to MMA chase supremacy February 2013.[48] Diaz faced Georges St-Pierre at UFC 158 on March 16, 2013 thereupon the UFC Welterweight Championship.[49] He gone the vendetta via unanimous decision.[50] As of July 28, 2013, Diaz was retired from MMA competition.[51] However, domination previous interviews, Dana White has accordingly explained that Diaz has treasure to relax from the GSP set-to, but does consider him to earnings eventually.[citation needed] A operable Middleweight matchup between Michael Bisping more Nick Diaz was briefly linked, but instantly tainted dismal by Diaz. At UFC on FOX 9 reputation Sacramento, Dana White offered Diaz a rematch ensconce Carlos Condit; Diaz Venum BJJ Belt On Sale On Sale tainted

Venum BJJ Belt


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