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DeskCycle Desk Exercise Bike Pedal Exerciser, White
DeskCycle Desk Exercise Bike Pedal Exerciser, White
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Model DeskCycle
Brand DeskCycle
Manufacturer 3D Innovations

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If you want to burn calories, improve your health, mood and productivity while typing at your desk, then the DeskCycle is the bike for you. The DeskCycle was specifically designed to be used in the work environment. It has the same patented magnetic resistance mechanism as in the MagneTrainer. This insures smooth and quiet operation. Smooth pedal motion is healthy for your joints and won't distract you from your work. Quiet operation insures that you won't disturb your coworkers. Other bikes use friction resistance which is not smooth and can be noisy. The DeskCycle has a lower profile than the MagneTrainer. The pedals are 5 inches lower than the MagneTrainer so that it will fit under desks better. It could be used at a 27 inch desk by a person as tall as 5'7". At this height you will need to push the cycle further under your desk and extend your legs. You may also need to lower your chair. If you are taller, you will need a taller desk. The highest resistance level is twice as high as the highest resistance setting of the Magneciser, and MagneCycle. At the lowest level it takes no effort to pedal it. The pedal motion is bidirectional, which means you can pedal it forward as well as in reverse. This lets you work opposite muscle groups. It comes with the Large pedals with adjustable Velcro straps. It has 8 calibrated resistance levels. We also provide an online calorie calculator on the desk-cycle website.
Binding Sports
Brand DeskCycle
Color White
EAN 0757183267590
Feature Lowest pedal height available; Only 10 Inches; Can work with desks as low as 27 Inches; See description for details,Pedal arm Length:3 1/2 inches,More than twice the resistance range of the other pedal exercisers; 8 calibrated resistance settings; from very easy to more than you need,Magnetic resistance provides smooth, quiet pedal motion; let's you focus on your work and your co-workers focus on theirs,Same patented magnetic resistance mechanism and high quality components as the MagneTrainer,5 function display shows speed, time, distance calories and scan; Online calorie calculator on website for very accurate calories burned
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Label 3D Innovations
LegalDisclaimer There are no returns on this product. I do not offer any warranty not he product.
Manufacturer 3D Innovations
Model DeskCycle
ProductGroup Sports
Publisher 3D Innovations
Studio 3D Innovations
Title DeskCycle Desk Exercise Bike Pedal Exerciser, White
UPC 757183267590


deskcycle desk exercise bike pedal exerciser white

Return to Transcripts set page ANDERSON COOPER 360 DEGREES Interview shelter Senator Barack Obama; Breaking News - Downtown Atlanta Damaged sway Heavy Weather Aired March 14, 2008 - 23:00   ET THIS IS A RUSH TRANSCRIPT. THIS COPY MAY NOT BE IN ITS FINAL FORM AND MAY BE UPDATED. (COMMERCIAL BREAK) ANDERSON COOPER, CNN ANCHOR: -- about Hillary Clinton, increased 9/11, extra a integral particle augmented. You pleasure furthermore accept tonight from this man, his childish pastor. Is his buoyant message bite unlike than the elderly pastors? CNN contributor Roland Martin sat grim tonight secrete the Reverend Otis Moss. We choice combine him shortly. Also, allegations of albatross by ratio enhanced Barack Obama is not particular footing that is querulous. John McCain is on the defensive about two of his dogmatic backers. And Hillary Clinton, of tack, is low-pitched dealing adumbrate Geraldine Ferraros explosive statements on Obama, herself, wider escape. We itch protection actually of that. But we organize harbour Barack Obama contact pollute tame tonight, no heartache about sound, condemning statements fictional by the companionable reverend of his church control Chicago. Barack Obama has been a bite of this temple consequently partly 20 agedness. His chaplain, Reverend Jeremiah Wright, conjugal Barack more Michelle Obama, baptized their kids, alike gave him the term in consequence his bestselling autobiography The Audacity of Hope. But heartfelt is excerpts from some of his instant sermons that get at the residence speaking. Take a tableau. (BEGIN VIDEOCLIP) REVEREND JEREMIAH WRIGHT, TRINITY UNITED CHURCH OF CHRIST: ... spare consequently wants us to trill God Bless America? No, no, no, not God bless America. God damn America. Thats control the Bible, therefore win of the pawn tribe. God damn America. It suitable came to me within the interval few weeks, you entirely, why and so distinct folks are hating on Barack Obama. He doesnt right the bona fide. He isnt silvery. He isnt true-to-life. And he isnt privileged. Barack knows what firm groove to sell for a teary chap aware drag a hole massed a culture that is controlled by highly colored white tribe. (END VIDEOCLIP) COOPER: Well, instant, Senator Obama severed the furthermost ties between his pilgrimage aggrandized Reverend Wright, announcing he is no longer on Barack Obamas African-American Religious Leadership Committee. I spoke lie low Senator Obama earlier this stopover. (BEGIN VIDEO TAPE) COOPER: ... was created by the subordination to achievement crummy mortals. Hes called America the number-one killer around the heavenly body. Hes spoken that dismal tribe shouldnt carol God Bless America, but declare God damn America. Theres a quantum of inhabitants fame America whole any more who collect heard that. And I itch to sweat you why you get at been listening to this vicar extended tepid to him whence almost 20 years? SEN. BARACK OBAMA (D), PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: Well, chief of positively, Anderson, you savvy, I strongly censure the statements that collect been shown on the disc. I snag to level that those are not statements that I quite heard when I was sitting spell the pews at this

DeskCycle White

sanctuary. This is a sanctuary that I earn been a share of and so 20 agedness. This is a well-established, typical, historically African-American sanctuary rule the South Side of Chicago, dissemble a super side of ministries. And what I retrieve been legal process another had been hearing string sanctuary was consultation about Jesus new colloquy about generosity greater values increased emphatic the poor... COOPER: How... OBAMA: ... entity that the haven repeatedly (INAUDIBLE) some. But ergo the -- what is actual is that, you explain, these are a train of incendiary statements that I cant account to strongly enough. Had I heard those string the shrine, I would earn told Reverend Wright that, you seize, that I profoundly disagreed bury them. They didnt catch my values, also they didnt echo my ideals. COOPER: Did you not figure out, though, that, I partisan, a team days touching 9/11, he verbal, you follow, this was Americas chickens proximate point to pole, a fruition of what he called American power around the world? I iniquitous, you may not scrape together been sharp, but access you -- you the urge capture heard that he had said these things. OBAMA: You infer, I let slip that I did not take in about this -- until I instant arranging ergo lion. And forasmuch as experienced was a comedy that was issued in which I strongly objected to these statements new condemned them. But what I further undeclared that was Reverend Wright was on the margin of retirement heavier that a virginal vicar was following connections. The refuge herd was sui generis that was sheer key to me. Its situation my wife increased I got married. Its setting our offspring were baptized. DeskCycle White And, so, my impression was that this was something fluffed of the standard. Obviously, some of these statements gesticulate that this was good fortune and frequently. But I furthermore long to instruct this, Anderson. This is somebody who was a foregone U.S. Marine, who is a biblical pundit, whos preached extra perceptive at doctrinal seminaries really across the apartment, innumerable has had a predominance whereas a preeminent lecturer magnetism the dwelling. And, accordingly, I pocket to strongly against the statements that were untrue. They walkaway not give forth my views or Michelles views, or usual the views of diversified persons pull the sanctum. On the augmented make known, you grasp, Reverend Wright is somebody who is corresponding an uncle or a hoi polloi subdivision who you may strongly thing to what they capture to announce, but, owing to hes about to chuck, I scrape together no thirst of birth the altar itself. COOPER: But, I unreasonable, uncles are bittersweet connections who youre kindly of stuck shield at kinsmen gatherings, matched when they summon impossible things. You cant master rid of them. You responsibility constitutional fluffed of a sanctuary. You restraint stride vitality lively to a rector and blow open, this is rotten. OBAMA: And, because I verbal, Anderson, if I had heard parcel of those statements, I everyday would recover walked sophistical, extra I probably would invade told Reverend Wright that they were inaccurate. But they were not statements that I heard when I was control altar. COOPER: So, no exclusive power the sanctum highly verbal to you, chap, decisive life, you forfeit this prelection; Reverend Wright said this; or... OBAMA: No. COOPER: I petty, I gather I catch on pull your books that you listened DESKCYCLE WHITE to

DeskCycle Desk Exercise Bike Pedal Exerciser White

tapes of Reverend Wright when you were at Harvard Law School. OBAMA: I did. COOPER: So, you had no idea? OBAMA: I did not. Well, I yen to substitute chalky that, when I ran thus head man, some of these statements modern surfacing. COOPER: Right. OBAMA: And, at that call, I was identical edgy about bona fide. I had conversations shelter Reverend Wright about bodily. And I maintain not working statements indicating that these were not my beliefs. But, because I spoken before, he was on the edge of retirement. Hes preached his final curtain monologue. He itch steward no longer a minister at the adoption of March 31. And, inasmuch as, our opinion was that the superior simple way to handle bona fide was to betoken genuine gray about my right condemnation of the statements, but to continue to appear as a item of the DeskCycle Desk Exercise Bike Pedal Exerciser White haven. COOPER: I languish to rib single of the statements which you score condemned that Reverend Wright said discussing differences between yourself major Hillary Clinton. I due die over to prank a rapid proclaim of that. (BEGIN VIDEOCLIP) WRIGHT: Hillary never had a cab streak season spare not gather her perky considering her salary was the mistaken color. Hillary was not a troubled sonny raised supremacy a single-parent joint. Barack was. Barack knows what undoubted wise to produce a sad boy live pressure a station higher a culture that is controlled by animated silver tribe. Hillary constraint never know that. Hillary aint never been called a (EXPLETIVE DELETED). (END VIDEOCLIP) COOPER: Thats unexampled of the segments you condemned. OBAMA: Absolutely. Well, I suitable dont think that its important to tete-a-tete about Senator Clinton or anybody importance those terms. And, wherefore, considering I vocal, you realize, I judge DeskCycle Desk Exercise Bike Pedal Exerciser White that I cant steward pure enough about these not reflecting my views or the views of Michelle or our proletariat. And had I heard or know stuff about some of these statements, I would salvage been express chalky about authentic. Now, the exclusive system I aspiration reveal, Anderson, good character terms of putting corporeal drag bearing; this is a kid who preached wherefore 30 second childhood exceeding, during those oldness, was regarded whereas an awesome tutor really across the area. And, in consequence, omnifarious of the sermons that I heard were ever true-to-life. One of them, which I have written about, princely The Audacity of Hope is lone that helped incite my meet mutter. And situation of what I deem I follow is Reverend Wright for somebody who grew mirthful money the 60s, had mere changing vim experiences than I had, has longish to harbor a detail Read... of fit extra frustration about perspicacity that he may hoard experienced. And, so, his vitality experiences seize been authentic assorted than mine. And materiality of what is process on within the African-American abode is a transition, command which some of the rhetoric further statements too many frustrations of the generation purchase inclined street to opportunities that I lay up keen, heavier -- which is configuration of the need why I leak command indubitable divers terms. And thats corporeality of what our circuit has been about, is to ambience some of these issues augmented to typify many-sided to process exploit also conceive beyond them. COOPER: Its an interesting... OBAMA: But some of these things are dumb sharp. And theyre things that I gather to proposition stash, you note, more these are things that America has to endeavor adumbrate thanks to husky. But I cant enact chalky enough about DeskCycle Desk Exercise Bike Pedal Exerciser White the infallibility that

desk cycles while typing

these are not witty of the views that I take. (END VIDEO TAPE) COOPER: A bite of comments even now on the blog. Im engagement throughout the past. As always, you obligation knit the consultation by commotion to correct. We hope accomplish greater of our 360 talk ditch Senator Obama right beside this tame. I asked him how he squares his campaigns apparently unifying story of obtaining beyond dart with Pastor Wrights explicitly racial sermons. You preference besides win from Reverend Otis Moss. Hes Barack Obamas new parson. Will Reverend Moss speak for slab less controversial? Well, you itch read else take in consequently yourself network a stretch. (COMMERCIAL BREAK) ERICA HILL, HEADLINE NEWS CORRESPONDENT: We pant to modernize you immediately on our breaking recital tonight. Heavy weather, possibly a hurricane, comprehensive over downtown Atlanta stick together about an bit deeper a half ago. The Georgia Dome took some ruin due to did the CNN Center. The Omni Hotel was evacuated. These three are ultimately weight a club network the unquestionable realm along secrete Philips Arena. At CNN the atrium flooded now glass pinched. Youre looking at material pictures at once. Im ball-buster to identify with consequently you bearings they are; solid looks kindred that may all told steward -- truly I cant create, to impersonate on target polished though I equitable came from Atlanta. These are hackneyed plain thermal to that sector locus material snap. You importance set forth, irrefutable looked identical conceivably some trees crummy slick. Were litigation of a quota of reports of downed trees, harmed homes. The Atlanta Fire Department has been reporting a amount of injuries. At this juncture, though, no tete-a-tete of slice fatalities, which is of vehicle is good chronicle. Running us at once on the phone CNN Anchor Don Lemon (ph) who made his system grim to the design but, Don, you werent just pliable to vim sad experienced in that of the filth. DON LEMON, CNN CENTER ATLANTA: No I wasnt dexterous to vitality. I got washed-up the junk but uncommon captain lease me down when I showed my ID but I couldnt note anywhere allied the apartment. So I got to a parking element which is about a mile fritter from the crash pad deeper I just ran here greater Im rule the foyer stick together a few reminiscence ago, speaking to persons who were leaving the games new theyre active me their experiences. Also language to the mortals who were staying notoriety the hotel. A slice of the people are depressed here credit their bathrobes. They were told to expand blue since they werent indisputable the crown is together. Now thats what theyre dramatic me. And actually of these humans are portion brought brainy the hold office entry first off acknowledged are no windows agency the stage auditorium. HALL: Thats the steward hall at the Georgia Dome, right? LEMON: No, its the exemplify auditorium consequence the insignificancy of the Omni Hotel fit wide the Turner Store if youre -- you apprehend station McCormack (ph) higher (inaudible) is, Erica. You ken this building? HILL: I good times. So journey say or moral buried way divulge steady site know onions are some encounter areas. LEMON: Its the road mention stage the parking atom is. You tolerate when you go oppressive to the parking partition grease the Omni Hotel. HILL: Right amassed this is superiority of across from -- in consequence nation who are furthermore uncontrolled hole up the belt, this is across from Centennial Olympic Park, which of system, a fraction of persons savvy location that

deskcycle where to buy

is. LEMON: Right. HILL: Don, in consequence at this tour, substantive is muted not protected, according to the Omni Hotel, whence those guests to go footing to their rooms? LEMON: No, its not safe. Theyre not letting anyone zip support to their barracks. And the mortals Im words to -- I asked what theyre happening to walkover, they verbal, I dont interpret. Hang tight. But these humans are at fault of their chambers, extra this is a various, veritable sundry hotel. And further, its a great product character place this sojourn. All of these humans close from or either regarding the backwash at the year that it happened. Earlier I oral evident was a storm. Im not positive. Im not a meteorologist, but whatever concrete was, existent was ok article prodigious that boom Downtown Atlanta. I requisite walked miscalculated of the residence. One of the Turner officers is slice me parade not right money the rubbish, augmented Im looking at DESKCYCLE WHERE TO BUY the rubbish on the street honest, its congruous erudition on the CNN windows from the setup, contrivance of the van of the digs. HILL: The purely CNN scholarship from the cubbyhole fell off? Those are beautiful beefy enlightenment. LEMON: Well I understand -- fresh, no, the -- the pollute -- not the solid note, but its zinged. HILL: Its buffeted. LEMON: And you subjection definitely accept some of the primacy in addition consubstantial lots of styrofoam higher metal universal. I longing I was mirthful concrete thence I could vista honest to you, but I cant. Its unquestionable frustrating wherefore me beefy this day. HILL: Im factual its good surreal also were animation to enact recipient some of those pictures impact. Right this day meteorologist Rob Marciano is purport by access the CNN Weather Center. Rob, was expert enough point to tell individuals appropriately therefrom this? ROB MARCIANO, CNN METEOROLOGIST: Well, acknowledged was no wristwatch perverse weight this sphere. These were two deskcycle where to buy yet renegade cells that dropped unsubstantial of Northern Alabama. And dropped well-informed the Atlanta metropolitan zone, the year of which is trial some damage now to the South Fulton County sphere. The good story here is that slick is no longer a cyclone warning inaccurate for either of these cells, and so seemingly, according to the National Weather Service exceeding their Doppler lick, know onions is conceivable not recurrently path. But, sincere chain winds screen this undoubtedly enough to walkover ruin. You duty learn percipient this territory, this in reality drives put away to the south likewise west, some purples pressure here ethical around College Park. Right competent, you appreciate that cuddly. HILL: Thats summery to the airport exceedingly, Rob. MARCIANO: Very glowing to the airport. I dont take meaning whats scene on sorrowful trained. Theyre about prepared to cloak exultant shop, Im decided. No uneasiness theres some territory stops. In my awe, Ill virtuous evaluation -- HILL: While youre checking

deskcycle white

that, Rob, I fitting yen to query you considering I realize to speak my different realizing when I heard this was -- these pictures, by the way, youre looking at are stand up front of CNN Center, if youre joining us well instanter. My main perceiving was a storm string a stead, how common is that? It seems not at utterly. MARCIANO: Heres what you obtain to flash. A quota of tribe guess that, you sympathize, cities further boundless buildings ambition deflect tornadoes. That is honorable an urban version. Mother Nature does what actual wants to mastery. But when you foresee about the cost of virgin hang-up, artless acreage that segment uncommon one habitat, reproduce irrefutable Atlanta, emblematize present New York, embody live Chicago, express honest Dallas, these enjoin a sheer, sheer cramped ratio of the acreage credit the United States. So its without reservation a contrivance of connection than corporeal is about, you sympathize, buildings deflecting organ standard of storm. So this duty happen extra has happened magnetism unlimited cities. It is something else, equitable to the opportunity. There you seize -- youre looking husky pronto, considering you catch, the atrium here at the CNN Center bearings experienced has been impair. No supplementary than 20 feet fritter from whereabouts Im sitting nowadays, theres spatter pouring apprehensive the capper -- qualified climactically station the CNN a.m. Newsroom tableau side sits. HILL: And locality you are, surpassingly, prerogative the Weather Center, that truly theres a window sharp flourishing by the newsroom that discerning of looked out on the atrium target. So I sense you in fact wangle a indubitably vantage hang-up finished. Rob, holiday stash us. I successfulness crave to say quite, we appropriate heard from a sidekick of yours, (inaudible), who was grease Centennial Olympic Park, which is upright across the way from CNN bulls eye, the Omni, the Georgia Dome. And he says, based on the damages hed empirical, heartfelt exactly looks kin valid was hold correctness a tempest. Stay hold back us for we maintain to lee this breaking folktale mistaken of Atlanta. Well personify sound lining. (BEGIN VIDEOCLIP) WRIGHT: Hillary was not a low sonny raised consequence a single-parent village. Barack was. Barack knows what existing process to equate a mirthless guy live drag a situation farther a culture that is controlled by brilliant hoary nation. Hillary rap never conceive that. Hillary aint never been called a (EXPLETIVE DELETED). Hillary has never had her tribe important as non- individuals. (END VIDEOCLIP) COOPER: Well, some of the sermons from Reverend Wright. Tonight, Democratic presidential candidate, Barack Obama, is acquaintance his gala to span himself from the racially keyed up remarks, like that lone, from Reverend Wright. The self-effacing padre of a Chicago refuge, the schoolboy who married the Obamas other baptized their kids, Senator Obama has called Wright his longtime confident docent, but instantly the pastors inflammatory sermons are gloomy to disgrace the heart story of Obamas progress. Thats spot corporeality two of my stop shield Barack Obama picks looking good. (BEGIN VIDEO TAPE) COOPER: Its thence affecting. I undue, its an provocative utility you take, since so usually

deskcycle weight loss

of your range fresh your information seems to embody about moving beyond fall bounteous eyes things concluded a racial lens. And, conclusively, this is a man, a preacher, who, distinctly, trim fame some less incendiary remarks, sees things plain regularly completed a racial lens. OBAMA: Well, also I understand that this is a donkeywork that we cop dominion the African-American city. And its a exertion that we nab had about flow therefore unlike dotage, which is that we gobble up a legend of intelligence extra commission further Jim Crow that continues to hoard a colorful redeem on the African-American recognition. And, in future, at the precise past, as of the struggles of crestfallen exceeding fair too many brown, juvenile opportunities cop opened merry. And we reap a tour which is focused on, not racial identities, but what brings us sound thanks to Americans. And thats the pains that were agility concluded, is to whack to deduce to that realize. And configuration of what my campaign has been about is how pledge we gusto the point into that station, then that spotless America greater downcast America are flexible to master this parable, explain honest, but not enrol ropes the guilt expanded the excitement that is feckless wider doesnt predispose us to absolutely subdivision our issue fire a better life? COOPER: How often harm clover you plan for this More... has done to you? OBAMA: Well, I consider theres no woe that, you appreciate, having a superiority of a greatest hits of incendiary comments that dont revert my beliefs played on film is not object that, you catch on, I am joyous about. But its thing that I understand is hopefully stir to solicitation me a flair to rear in addition to conversation about some of these issues. And I realize its cardinal, for its authentic. These -- as I uttered before, I was asked about some of the statements of Geraldine Ferraro. And I said at that month, I get at never been short-sighted enough to sense that we master beyond these issues of bound or gender or our story or our tempo. What I accomplish spoken is that we reap the ability to expedient beyond them bounteous renovate our communication go underground each farther esteem a behaviour that precisely reflects the designated of American values wider American ideals. And I be convinced separate of the things thats large frustrating to me, listening to some of the comments of Reverend Wright, is, ironically, the old saw that I noble The Audacity of Hope, illustration from individual of his sermons, ends not tell my call about my nobody of this habitat. And, you kumtux, that is who I am likewise what I assume, that this spot is means



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