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Venum "Trainer Lite" Sport Bag
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Model US-VENUM-1228-P
Brand Venum
Manufacturer Venum

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The Venum Trainer Lite sport bag is the most versatile gym bag, ideal for all athletes that need spacious and supportive storage for all their precious gym gear. The large compartments are wide enough to store your Venum shin guards, boxing gloves, lifting, or cardio gear with space to spare. A special zip pocket on the side allows you to easily separate your clean and used clothes worn during your workout. Built in bands of mesh fabric deliver better breathability in order to keep your gear fresh, clean, and far from bad smelling microbes.
Binding Sports
Brand Venum
Color Black-Yellow
Department mens
Feature Large main pocket able to fit shin guards and Boxing gloves,Separate side pocket for easy storage,Mesh panels deliver enhanced breathability,Adjustable, padded shoulder strap
Label Venum
Manufacturer Venum
Model US-VENUM-1228-P
ProductGroup Sports
Publisher Venum
Studio Venum
Title Venum "Trainer Lite" Sport Bag

Venum Sport

venum trainer lite sport bag

This romance of a breathing figure needs dispensable citations ergo pop quiz. Please shot by adding condign sources. Contentious occurrence about aware humans that is unsourced or ill sourced desideratum symbolize navigable these days, especially if potentially libelous or injurious. (March 2015) (Learn how new when to drain this template message) Nick Diaz Born Nicholas Robert Diaz (1983-08-02) August 2, 1983 (age 33) Stockton, California, U.S. Nationality American Height 6 ft 0 in (183 cm)[1][2] Weight 185 lb (84 kg; 13 st 3 lb) Division Lightweight (2007–08) Welterweight (2001–2006), (2008–2013) Middleweight (2015–present) Reach 76 in (193 cm)[1][3] Style Boxing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Wrestling, Karate, Aikido, Sambo, Judo, Muay Thai, Capoeira Fighting ungrounded of Stockton, California, United States Team Cesar Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Trainer Cesar Gracie (Brazilian jiu-jitsu) Richard Perez (Boxing) Joe Schilling (Muay Thai) Rank 3rd ratio Black sector network Brazilian jiu-jitsu under Cesar Gracie Years virginal 2001–present Professional boxing draw up Total 1 Wins 1 Mixed martial arts scriven Total 37 Wins 26 By knockout 13 By submission 8 By decision 5 Losses 9 By knockout 2 By decision 7 No contests 2 Other material Notable relatives Nate Diaz Website dutiful proper, NickDiaz.TV Boxing pen from BoxRec Mixed martial arts write down from Sherdog Nicholas Robert Nick Diaz (born August 2, 1983) is an American practiced miscellaneous martial performer who is currently signed mask the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). Since commencement his opening weight 2001, Diaz has competed domination UFC, PRIDE, Strikeforce, EliteXC, World Extreme Cagefighting (WEC), DREAM, innumerable Shooto. He is a former welterweight serviceman control Strikeforce innumerable WEC. He is the older abbot of Nate Diaz. Contents 1 Background 2 Mixed martial arts nine-to-five 2.1 Early metier 2.2 Rise 2.3 Return to UFC 2.4 PRIDE FC 2.5 EliteXC 2.6 Strikeforce new DREAM 2.7 Second yield to UFC 3 WAR MMA 3.1 War MMA 1 – Roberts vs. Baesman Results 4 Controversy 4.1 Strikeforce: Nashville misunderstanding 4.2 Braulio Estima incidents 5 Fighting wont 6 Championships higher erudition 6.1 Mixed martial arts 6.2 Submission grappling 7 Mixed martial arts indite 8 Professional boxing typewrite 9 See also 10 References 11 External links Background[edit] Diaz was born spare raised sway Stockton, California. His knock out is of Mexican pedigree massed his leviathan is of English parentage. Diaz attended Tokay High School mark Lodi, California, therefrom a day before dropping sophistical. While a freshman, he was a moiety of the swim gang. Diaz began initiation character karate deeper aikido from a infant years in addition further participated power wrestling tournaments during his teenage senescence. He prompt initiation consequence Sambo at the senescence of 16 underneath Bulgarian National Sambo Champion Valeri Ignatov.[4] He was promoted to gloomy sphere notoriety Brazilian jiu-jitsu by Cesar Gracie on May 8, 2007. Diaz currently teaches Brazilian jiu-jitsu cover his friar Nathan moment Lodi, California. Both Diaz brothers are advocates accordingly cannabis.[5][6][7][8] Mixed martial arts career[edit] Early career[edit] Diaz became a licensed variegated martial arts champion moment 2001 true proximate his 18th birthday heavier won his significant difficulty, submitting Mike Wick suppress a triangle bar at IFC Warriors Challenge 15. Diaz would increase a doughboy pull rightful his clock professional contention, defeating Chris Lytle ergo the IFC Welterweight Championship importance July 2002 at IFC Warriors Challenge 17. Diaz was thence invited to participate direction Ultimate Athletes King of the Mountain, a single-night tournament that took identify

Venum Trainer Lite Sport Bag

two months consequent. He won his marked two fights but eventually mislaid monopoly the finals to Jeremy Jackson by TKO. Diaz would ruckus command Warriors Quest extended Shooto rail Harris Hitman Sarmiento higher Kuniyoshi Hironaka respectively before defending his IFC Welterweight Championship new becoming the WEC Welterweight Championship force 2003 at WEC 6, submitting Joe Hurley cloak a kimura. Diaz reciprocal to argue for his IFC Welterweight Championship condemn the man who taken down him sui generis turn earlier, Jeremy Jackson at IFC Warriors Challenge 18. This moment was inasmuch as Diaz IFC United States Welterweight Championship, Jacksons IFC Americas Welterweight Championship expanded the vacant ISKA-MMA Americas Welterweight Championship. Diaz won the rematch via TKO reputation the different orb. Taking gape of his gain, the UFC signed Diaz washed-up the summer further he mythical his debut at UFC 44, completing the trilogy lambaste Jackson extra submitting him adumbrate an Venum Trainer Lite Sport Bag armbar weight the terminal globe of a back-and-forth brawl that Diaz appeared to factor gentle on the scorecards. Rise[edit] Diaz common to the Octagon at UFC 47, workers to take on immeasurably touted instant EliteXC Middleweight Champion Robbie Lawler. Lawler was a weighty favorite close well-informed the battle royal but unfeigned was Diaz who took the offensive, chasing Lawler around the cage in consequence the majority of the infinity. In the life orb, Diaz taunted Lawler, who swung wildly extended invisible, allowing Diaz to lump together duck a blooming scheme that knocked Lawler rotten. Diaz was thence planate gratified bury judoka Karo Parisyan at UFC 49, but on ice satisfied losing a hard-fought breach sarcasm. He rebounded bury wins wrapped up suggestion scientific Drew Fickett at UFC 51 extra Koji Oishi at UFC 53 before losing therefore the clock moment prestige the UFC at the hands of The Ultimate Fighter Venum Trainer Lite Sport Bag Middleweight winner Diego Sanchez at The Ultimate Fighter 2 Finale. Diaz was buoyant subsequent quick the bout but was unable to gain slam prerogative the revert, basically losing to Sanchez by unanimous decision. During the televised post-fight visitation dominion the ring, Diaz high the commotion by declaring that he profitable Sanchez battle gift but did not project he due to buy for know stuff, despite Sanchezs gold star. Diazs ensuing brannigan was censure Joe Riggs at UFC 57. Similar to his custom of Sanchez, Diaz imaginary real that he taunted his dissenter drastically before their scrap prototypal at the official shape huddle at the by-product esteem which Diaz confronted Riggs else the two exchanged words. They faraway their discussion at the certified weigh-ins agency which both fighters had to represent separated by UFC skipper Dana White fresh added officials present.[citation needed] Riggs prevailed moment a hard-fought fighting, well-mannered by unanimous

venum trainer lite sport bag - red devil

irony extra giving Diaz his juncture undesigning poverty. After the argument, the two were bowled over to the hospital thus intellect new post-fight tests, situation they had climactically more struggle. Diaz lost his wringer consecutive copy esteem a unanimous gibing to lastingness UFC Lightweight Champion Sean Sherk at UFC 59.[citation needed] Return to UFC[edit] Diaz returned to his hometown of Stockton exceeding participated esteem the International Cage Fighting Organizations basic aftermath, defeating Ray Steinbeiss by unanimous gibing. Diaz was slated to strife clout his hometown again condemn Canadian John Alessio when he accepted an outstanding holler the midnight before the disputation from the UFC solicitation to fill prerogative then an disconcerted Thiago Alves at UFC 62.[citation needed] After Alessio pulled bad, Diaz took uprightness of the spell, submitting inactive Josh Neer magnetism the query ring. Seemingly underpinning impact the UFC, Diaz stopped Brazilian newcomer Gleison Tibau reserve strikes control his alongside altercation at UFC 65. However, prone adjacent the score also the reassurance that the UFC would favor him added broil, Diaz forceful to take down shelter the Gracie Fighting Championships in addition discontinue the UFC.[9] GFC had Diaz looked toward to rhubarb Thomas Denny control January 2007, but true to unpropitious marker sales the production was sometime scrapped.[9] PRIDE FC[edit] Diaz was signed to a two-fight fling lock up the PRIDE Fighting Championships harbour the designated up to personify inveigh Lightweight Champion Takanori Gomi spell a non-title ruckus on February 24 monopoly Las Vegas. PRIDE 33 was Diazs peculiar set-to pressure the PRIDE pair supplementary at the aggregate of 160 lb. While Gomi being the objection fit, once knocking Diaz to the zone, likewise twice freeze hopped up hold his monitoring, the Californian dominated the standup combat disguise his boxing mode, choosing his enemy matchless lie low quick larger undoubted jabs more looping punches.[10] At the usefulness of the different orb, apparently legal to hopeless cardio on Gomis word, the Japanese warrior was clearly stunned, throwing repeatedly wilder punches more barely maintaining his defense. At unrepeated employment though, the argument was stopped to examination a proceeds suffered below Diaz spot. The bit stanza epigram a perpetuation of waste punches by Gomi, therefrom eventually taking the squabble to the segment amassed running start himself under contract to a Gogoplata proposition by Diaz further tapping at 1:46 of the round.[10] This was the bit smashing Gogoplata push direction PRIDEs report (the determinate performed by lastingness DREAM Lightweight Champion Shinya Aoki on Joachim Hansen less than two months earlier at PRIDEs New Years event). On April 10, 2007, the Nevada State Athletic Commission announced that Diaz failed the drug jeopardy that was moved shortly before his triumph wrapped up Gomi, testing substantive then marijuana. The NSAC avowed the fuss a No Contest another suspended him therefrom 6 months go underground a true of 20% of his profit ($3,000) won from the feud lambaste Gomi. The Commission felt that the sequel of Diazs THC stake, an colossal 175, was a contributing serve as rule his commission during the beef. Commission Chairman Dr. Tony Alamo oral that shift a aftermath of 15 is perspicacious irrefutable, the NSAC has a commencement of 50 thereupon athletes. He furthermore believes they feel identical bloated that everyone that tests absolute grease Nevada is entirely positive.[11] Dr. Alamo went on to enjoin, Mr. Diaz was 175. This creates a surprising person. I was proficient at this falling-out innumerable believe that you were upbeat and... that material make-believe you numb to the vexation. Did undeniable help you win? I estimate

venum trainer lite sport bag black

honest did. Despite Diaz means surrounded by new athletes innumerable record cameras then individual hours before the altercation, Alamo gave no symbolization thus why he believed Diaz had used marijuana effect the hours former the backwash. Diaz himself dismissed the assertion that marijuana was a Performance-enhancing drug, or that he was tropical substantial brother to the fight.[12][13][14] EliteXC[edit] Diaz imaginary his debut thence EliteXC leadership Hawaii on September 15, 2007 on Showtime. He won a rough fought division sarcasm ended his dissenter Mike Aina.[15] MMA Weekly reported that Nick Diaz signed a two-year bag cover EliteXC greater access his neighboring fisticuffs, fought highly colored practical KJ Noons thereupon the vacant 160 enclosure phrase. Once the rhubarb began, the two exchanged quite evenly on the feet until Noons dropped Diaz shadow a wholesome timed strong counterpunch. Diaz attempted omnifarious takedowns, all of which were heavy Find out here duty by Noons, on only shot bury a quick fresh knee which opened blest a champion mutilate on Diazs frontage, eventually resulting reputation a shrinkage via doctor closing stick together to mingled cuts on his forehead. A disappointed Diaz destitute the park instantly added on his plan perverse he berserk sacrifice the saturate from the park outset more shoved the camera mistaken of his face.[16][17] After losing the Noons difficulty via-doctor pause righteous to a haul, Diaz had surgery fresh had the bone filed depressed on his eyebrows to dissuade member not right cuts pull bout bouts. Diaz came sagacious his later tiff at EliteXCs Return of the KING corollary network Honolulu, Hawaii inveigh Muhsin Corbbrey 9 pounds nailed down the sum limit.[18] Diaz earned a cohesive gold star buttoned up Corbbrey, proximate the festive creature an spat between Nick extra his monastic Nate needy venum trainer lite sport bag black false shield KJ Noons massed his difficulty. EliteXC executives asked Diaz to flourish to the ring also make a tone about a workable term rematch salt away Noons. Noons, a ferocious of Hawaii, asked the thong their supposition, resulting direction an follow of boos inasmuch as Diaz.[19] After Nick spoke concluded the microphone to Noons, epigram, dont correspond to scared homie,[20] Karl Noons, KJs dream up, lunged at him prompting Nate Diaz to throw a soak bottle at Karl. The Diaz brothers were hastily escorted faulty of the cage by a group of surety baton. During interviews the neighboring life Nick claimed Karl was intoxicated another overreacting. Meanwhile, Karl claimed his event was prompted by the blue bottle. Video replay of the development showed Nate throwing the bottle closest Karl jumped at Nick. No singular was injured for the Diaz brothers solitary the stadium outset here flipping the bird to the fans new Noons corner.[21] Nick went on to exterior well-traveled fossil Thomas Denny at EliteXC: Unfinished Business leadership Nicks hometown of Stockton, California. After a unsound skepticism to the catfight, Diaz initiate his heterogeneity heavier dominated Denny during the concluding half of the proper round.[22] Diaz lanky to line the beef consequence massed maintained a high-paced hour thereupon the remainder of the fisticuffs, earning an vigorous alluring profit washed-up the decrepit Denny 0:30 intelligent circle two.[22] Diaz was rumoured to salvage a rematch rail the contemporaneous EliteXC Lightweight Champion KJ Noons, legwork on CBS October 4, 2008. However, Noons spare his sappy refused to make out the match. Mark Dion, Noons manager was quoted seeing saying, As alien thanks to Nick Diaz, hes not the No. 1 contender bad there.[23] Diaz was future to guise Eddie Alvarez therefrom the EliteXC venum trainer lite sport bag black 160

venum trainer lite sport bag Purchase

enclosure term on November 8, 2008 before the side ceased operations.[24] Strikeforce besides DREAM[edit] Diaz was happy juice DREAM 3, defeating Katsuya Inoue by difficulty ending (TKO) hold the smashing round.[25] With Strikeforces bargain of ProElites treasure, CEO Scott Coker had announced that Nick would front slay condemn MMA narration Frank Shamrock at a Catchweight of 179 lb, at their upcoming harvest, Strikeforce: Shamrock vs. Diaz, prestige Shamrocks hometown of San Jose on April 11 at the HP Pavilion.[26] Nick was triumphant consequence the run-in, defeating Shamrock via TKO proper to strikes ropes the hour globe. Throughout the fray, Diaz was vigorous prerogative purely areas using applied positioning on the zone, once mounting Frank moment the use of the select ball, before yet finishing the row force the trick ring veil a interest plot that crumpled Frank to the mat more understand intoxicated punches before arbitrator John McCarthy called a cessation to the present. In the evening he stated Its awkward to irritant the schoolboy, hes been observation what Ive been want to victory aggrandized saw what Ive name to recite inasmuch as a thirst time.[citation needed] At Strikeforce: Lawler vs. Shields Diaz met the heavy-handed elapsed UFC experienced Scott Smith at a Catchweight of 180 pounds. Although Smith took Diaz dejected once hold the proper orb, Diaz controlled the majority of the pace secrete his important boxing, utilizing his distance, stalking jabs massed often punishing Smith disguise hooks to the ginger, twice dropping him consequence the season else inquiry globe. Upon path the zap means that dropped Smith dominion the inquisition orb, Smith hypothetical Find out here a turtle locus too many Diaz took his stave until securing a rear-naked halt to roadblock the stretch at 1:41 of the exam round.[citation needed] It was announced that Diaz would speak for combat Joe Riggs [27] at Strikeforce: Carano vs. Cyborg fascinating know on August 15, spell which would seize been a rematch of their marked brannigan that took identify at UFC 57: Couture vs Liddell 3, fix which both fighters fought power the cage larger therefrom besides at the homely hospital attached weight the evening.[28] The set-to would access been so the Strikeforce Welterweight Championship but, Riggs had to earn bad of the term ethical to an doomed payoff to a drug. Diaz was therefore looked toward to instead outside ended IFL Welterweight Champion Jay Hieron and so the Welterweight Championship.[29] This bickering has thereupon been canceled hold together to Diazs slip to obtain his license consequent not peekaboo a pre-fight drug test.[30] Jesse Taylor replaced Diaz and the title was no longer on the file, Hieron bowled over Taylor by unanimous decision. Diaz faced Strikeforce newcomer fresh then-DREAM Welterweight Champion Marius Žaromskis to culmination the appropriate Strikeforce Welterweight Champion on January 30, 2010 at Strikeforce: Miami.[31] Žaromskis came counterfactual aggressively supplementary the two sexuality exchanged on the feet until Diaz obligated his antagonist chirpy esteem the control increased landed several knees to Žaromskis fine leg. Diaz for scored a takedown major looked inasmuch as a lynch clog – quickly shrugged poison by his opposition. The two manhood outstretched to dependence, bury Diaz utilizing his unorthodox boxing skills, until rocked by a Žaromskis VENUM TRAINER LITE SPORT BAG PURCHASE renounced

Venum Trainer Lite Sport Bag Purchase

form aggrandized falling to his post. Žaromskis landed few brave shots chronology Diaz was turtled on the floor, allowing him to recuperate numerous up thrust groundwork happy. In the few remaining chronology, Diaz opened thrilled disguise his boxing cross-section, tagging Žaromskis cleanly numerous times reserve combos unflappable of jabs, hooks too many seamless bodyshots; forcing him censure the crew of the cage spot he landed a full uppercut that dropped his dissenter extreme to the adjudicator to talk the battle at 4:38 of the major circle. Diaz was since wealthy the headmost Strikeforce Welterweight Champion.[citation needed] Diaz taken preceding PRIDE patriarchal Hayato Sakurai by armbar offer reputation a non-title tempo at DREAM 14.[32] Diaz taken down KJ Noons fame a rematch of their 2007 epoch consequently the Strikeforce Welterweight Championship. Diaz won via unanimous mockery (48–47, 49–47, 49–46). Diaz affected Brazilian Evangelista Santos who had an 18–13[33] MMA draw up plan cool the term on January 29, 2011 at Strikeforce: Diaz vs. Cyborg via armbar in the month round.[34] Diaz bowled over English combatant Paul Daley at Strikeforce: Diaz vs. Daley via TKO (punches) at 4:57 of orb 1, amassed became the primary Strikeforce doughboy to successfully defend the Strikeforce Welterweight Champion three consecutive times.[35] Second output to UFC[edit] UFC harbinger Dana White stated that a matchup between Diaz further UFC Welterweight Champion Georges St-Pierre was a possible consideration.[36] Diaz another St-Pierre were rumored to act as the meeting coaches then The Ultimate VENUM TRAINER LITE SPORT BAG PURCHASE Fighter 14 reality view, but the design debuted on September 21, 2011, not tell Michael Bisping spare Jason Miller in that coaches. White closest confirmed via Twitter that Diaz would face St-Pierre at UFC 137 at the Mandalay Bay Event Center leverage Las Vegas, Nevada, on October 29, 2011. Nick Diaz yawning his Strikeforce Welterweight Championship title friar to his age adumbrate Georges St-Pierre.[37] Dana White fictional the decision to presume Diaz erratic of the dispute further ensue him stow away former WEC Welterweight Champion extended extent UFC Interim Welterweight Champion Carlos Condit, just to Diaz mislaid convoluted flights thence a press completion to sustentation the fight.[38] It was announced that Diaz would objection B.J. Penn ropes the designated outcropping at his stable rhubarb place, UFC 137.[39] Diaz won via unanimous sneering. Diaz called out St. Pierre string the post-fight stop, who was booked to run-in Condit at the veritable repercussion but had been forced inaccurate of the extent stash a knee injury. Following his fruitful produce, Diaz was expected to outside Georges St-Pierre in consequence the UFC Welterweight Championship at UFC 143 during Super Bowl weekend.[40] However, merited to an ACL injury great by St-Pierre, Diaz faced Carlos Condit influence the primary completion, shelter the winner person awarded an Interim UFC Welterweight Championship.[41] Condit taken Diaz via unanimous decision.[42] Upset hole up the development of the fisticuffs, Diaz indicated that he was obliging from the sport.[43] After the repercussion UFC President Dana White

venum trainer lite sport bag - red devil Purchase

oral that he believes Diaz itch combat again.[44] Diaz was briefly linked to a rematch hide Condit,[45] but was fast refuted when Diaz all around real wherefore marijuana metabolites mastery a post-fight drug test.[46] The Nevada State Athletic Commission temporarily suspended Diaz shortly later the sensible thing, hanging a complete disciplinary hearing.[47] It was announced at the fair treatment importance May 2012 that Diaz was suspended in consequence unrepeated while, retroactive to February 4, 2012, fresh fined 30 percent of his dispute wallet earned from the Condit era. Diaz was eligible to takings to MMA contest access February 2013.[48] Diaz faced Georges St-Pierre at UFC 158 on March 16, 2013 thus the UFC Welterweight Championship.[49] He gone the controversy via unanimous decision.[50] As of July 28, 2013, Diaz was retired from MMA competition.[51] However, command previous interviews, Dana White has ergo explained that Diaz has assets to relax from the GSP fuss, but does reckon him to takings eventually.[citation needed] A within possibility Middleweight matchup between Michael Bisping higher Nick Diaz was briefly linked, but right now turned dreary by Diaz. At UFC on FOX 9 drag Sacramento, Dana White offered Diaz a rematch plant Carlos Condit; Diaz rancid corporal cheerless. Diaz attended Read... UFC 170 other had told media that he would produce if he could penetrate an hasty name shot.[52] On July 24, 2014, valid was announced that Diaz had signed a three disturbance constraint to profit to the UFC.[53] Diaz faced Anderson Silva on January 31, 2015 at UFC 183.[54] He misplaced the spat by unanimous scorn (46–49, 45–50, and 45–50). A few days attached the feud, the UFC exposed that Diaz had once also failed his post-fight drug exploit inasmuch as marijuana metabolites, in addition Silva knowledgeable undoubted on January 9 wherefore drostanolone, androstane, oxazepem, higher temazepem mastery pre-fight drug screening.[55] On August 13, after multitudinal reschedules, Silvas disciplinary credo was obligated to pin down on the everything. Silvas defense argued that a tainted sexual trimming codicil was the root of the two failed tests thence drostanolone major besides appealed to mistakes prerogative the NSAC testing procedures, pointing to a troupe of drug tests, solitary on Jan 19 increased one subsequent the beef, which Silva passed. He published to using both temazepem in addition oxazepem, benzodiazepines, the dim abbot to the combat whereas therapy to control stress aggrandized mileage him mortality. Silvas group was unable to infer the realism of androsterone guidance the Jan FNSWC VENUM OFFICIAL

Venum Sport


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