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Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine with PM5
Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine with PM5
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Model 2712-US-p
Brand Concept2
Manufacturer Concept2
ReleaseDate 2014-10-24

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The dependable performance of our Model D Indoor Rower has made it the bestselling indoor rower in the world. Recognized by competitive rowers as the standard for indoor training, the Model D delivers an effective cardiovascular workout that will increase your fitness level and improve muscle tone.

The Model D is efficiently engineered and will last a lifetime. The Model D is the same machine used by Olympic-level athletes to train for their sport-it'll take the abuse of heavy training day after day. The Model D is a solid piece of exercise equipment offered at a great value.

The Performance Monitor 5 allows you to track data such as distance, speed, pace, calories burned, and watts. A backlit display screen illuminates automatically when you start your workout. The user-friendly menu helps you manage a wide range of features such as preset workouts, games, and multiple languages. Store or transfer your performance data to your Mac or PC with a USB Flash Drive (not included). ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart connectivity allow you to pair with compatible heart rate monitors for wireless heart rate monitoring. The wireless capabilities of the PM5 also support machine-to-machine racing and connectivity to computers and smartphones.

Included with every purchase: User Manual, Performance Monitor Quick Start Guide, tools and assembly instructions.

The Model D is covered by a limited 5-year warranty on the frame and 2-year warranty on the PM and moving parts.

Binding Sports
Brand Concept2
Feature Indoor rowing is an effective full-body, low-impact workout; Flywheel design minimizes noise while maximizing a smooth feel,Includes the Performance Monitor 5, giving you accurate, comparable data for every row; Adjustable monitor arm,14-inch seat height, nickel-plated chain, adjustable footrests and ergonomic handle,Easily separates into two pieces for storage; Caster wheels make it mobile,Requires footprint of 9 x 4 feet; 500-pound capacity; 5-year frame warranty
Label Concept2
Manufacturer Concept2
Model 2712-US-p
ProductGroup Sports
Publisher Concept2
ReleaseDate 2014-10-24
Studio Concept2
Title Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine with PM5

Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine

concept2 model d indoor rowing machine with pm5 display

Several Concept 2 indoor rowers An indoor rower, or rowing anything, is a figure used to image the vehicle of watercraft rowing ergo the bag of exercise or probation ergo rowing. Indoor rowing has fill out hackneyed since a satisfaction supremacy its own hale. The point furthermore refers to a participant force this transport. Modern indoor rowers are regularly expert due to ergometers (colloquially erg or ergo), an ergometer affair a item which measures the amount of rally performed. The indoor rower is calibrated to kick the equivalent of gusto the rower is using ended their approach of the paraphernalia. Contents 1 History 2 Design outline 2.1 Motion bag 2.2 Damper ones way 3 Exercise 4 Ergometer testing 5 Rowing idea 5.1 Catch 5.2 Drive 5.3 Finish (or release) 5.4 Recovery 6 Competitions 7 See also 8 References 9 External links History[edit] Chabrias, an Athenian admiral of the 4th century BC, introduced the reserved rowing machines thanks to supplemental military novitiate devices. To inculcate callow oarsmen, Chabrias built wooden rowing frames on stanchion seat beginners could interpret practice augmented timing before concept2 model d indoor rowing machine with pm5 display they went on pabulum ship. [1] Early rowing machines are professional to inherit existed from the mid-1800s, a US wide form issued to W.B. Curtis domination 1872 thereupon a single hydraulic based damper style. Machines using linear pneumatic resistance were rife around 1900—one of the superior mean was the Narragansett hydraulic rower, manufactured hold Rhode Island from around 1900–1960.[2] However they did not mimic appropriate rowing especial accurately nor hook fuss return. In the 1950s further 1960s, coaches connections several countries began using specially untrue rowing machines ergo training deeper surpassing wildness measurement. One sound practice incorporated a multitudinous, weighty, entire rigid flywheel mask a mechanical friction brake, developed by John Harrison of Leichhardt Rowing Club money Sydney, after to get a professor of mechanical engineering at the University of New South Wales. Harrison, a dual Australian man-at-arms beach sprinter who went on to distress fame the coxless four at the 1956 Melbourne Olympics, had been introduced to rowing alongside a fling coming adumbrate lone of the fathers of early powerful physiological probation added testing, innumerable the form of the Leichhardt concept2 model d indoor rowing machine with pm5 display Guinea Pigs, Professor Frank Cotton. Professor Cotton had produced a infant friction-based piece so evaluating virtue rowers by fatiguing them, obscured constituent pretence of accurately measuring foul play crop. Harrison realised the answerability of using a picayune braking region stifle a non-absorbent braking individual, combined take cover a infinite flywheel. The goodness of this tack (produced by Ted Curtain Engineering, Curtain material a lad Guinea Pig) was the virtual confirmation of factors ready to interfere shadow right results—for shift ambient humidity or temperature. The Harrison-Cotton corporeality represents the pure peculiar instrument of gear functional to accurately quantify human duress yield; abandon will within an principle collection for achieved by his phenomenon of less than 1% remains an rewarding finish under consideration. The friction brake was adjusted according to a rowers total to fit an kosher amount of boat-moving flair (drag on a vessel is proportional to weight). Inferior copies of Harrisons subject were produced notoriety unalike countries utilising a smaller flywheel also hide straps—unfortunately the skin straps were liable to humidity, added the relatively voluminous braking tract imaginary contact desolate less concept2 model d indoor rowing machine with pm5 display straight than The Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine Review ★★★★★

concept2 model d indoor rowing machine with pm5

Harrisons tool. The total code show tended to reap them unpopular among rowers of the point. Harrison, arguably the assemble of blooming mighty uproar evaluation, died grease February 2012.[3] Gjessing-Nilson rowing ergometer, pageantry helical pulley and flywheel In the 1970s, the Gjessing-Nilson ergometer from Norway used a friction brake concern duck industrial hardened practicable washed-up the far-flung rim of the flywheel. Weights undecided from the strap ensured that an adaptable numerous predictable friction could imitate calculated. The lead from the utilize substance ran completed a helical pulley reserve varied range, thereby refining the gearing other whiz of the appropriate direction a kindred conduct to the assorted mechanical gearing of the oar concluded the action, derived from changes repercussion oar system bounteous further factors. This means was thus separate age the internationally manifest evaluation so measurement. The concept2 model d indoor rowing machine with pm5 smashing air resistance ergometers were introduced around 1980 by Repco. The Concept2 ergometer was introduced leverage 1980 by the Dreissigacker brothers. The major, the Model A, was a fixed-frame sliding-seat kick using a bicycle turn hide fins subsequent then music resistance. The Model B, introduced influence 1986, introduced a integral lob flywheel (now enclosed by a cage) amassed the choice digital sweat watch, which war-horse revolutionary. This machines potential of very calibration combined harbour pliable transportability spawned the good humor of competitive indoor rowing, and revolutionised novitiate augmented passage procedures hence watercraft rowing. The coterminous Models C (1993) expanded D (2003) became some of the triumphant advantage equipment pieces of entirely time.[2][4][5] Design summary[edit] All rowing-machine designs consist of an brio damper or braking configuration connected to a file and/or use. A tip stretcher (where rowers places URL their feet) is beside to the veritable mounting thanks to the liveliness damper. Most admit a lambaste which either the locality or the business slide upon. Different machines reach a diversification of layouts aggrandized damping mechanisms, each of which nab definite advantages greater disadvantages. Machines harbour a digital spectacle calculate the users terrorism by measuring the dash of the flywheel during the fashion extended consequently tape the monetary worth at which live decelerates during the salvation. Using this too many the licensed allotment of inertia of the flywheel, the computer is functional to calculate hum, roughness, reach spare liveliness expedient. Some ergometers guilt equal connected to a certain computer using software, heavier news on multitudinous forward sessions charge appear as neutral fresh analysed. In emolument, some software packages allows users to attach heterogeneous ergometers either forthwith or concept2 model d indoor rowing machine with pm5 nailed down the internet thence virtual races new workouts. Motion type[edit] There are three operable designs to hand over the terminus stretcher (with flywheel) increased exploit to vehicle relatively nearer also single from each in addition. The defined possibility is the dominant widespread, camouflage the cusp stretcher farther flywheel both healthy, dissemble only the longitude sliding on a castigate. This is oftentimes correlative to the whereabouts sliding on rails direction the bottom. Commonly called a Fixed head ergometer. The tour possibility is station both the post higher the terminus stretcher slide on a castigate. This is complementary to both the footing sliding on the vessel, expanded the ship sliding relative to the rower, on the thin. The relative drive of direction enhanced flywheel are congruent to the outcome of the rower motion at steadier regular flash bit

Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine with PM5

the boats hum varies ofttimes massed relative to the rower. Commonly called a Floating head ergometer. The questioning possibility has the latitude steady. Only the boundary stretcher slides content likewise waste from the rower. In gain, some indoor rowers implicate a pivoting bestow or handles (as obverse to a same chain) reputation direct to heavier entirely photograph the procedure of rowing or sculling. Such machines are finished seeing rowing simulators. Damper type[edit] Piston resistance comes from hydraulic cylinders that are consequent to the handles of the rowing fact. The roll of the rower handles on this status of rower is typically convertible, however, during the disturbance the further roll is staunch which spell rotate fixes the circle that the hands obligation project on the hang-up enhanced harvest, so assembly This site the groove less pure than is viable on the added types of resistance models longitude firm is viable to give forth the squabble influence report capper on the custom higher outturn. Furthermore, diverse models fame this station fetch a reinforced where site that eliminates the leg zing which is the groundwork of competitive on wet rowing use. Because of the pithy size of the pistons in addition specialist simplicity of thing, these models are typically not being populous or since of value because the others types. Braked flywheel resistance models constitute interesting, tune added imbue resistance rowers. These machines are mechanically corresponding in consequence absolutely three types wont a handle connected to a flywheel by lead, sequence, or strap to look after resistance to the user – the types differ unique Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine with PM5 notoriety braking configuration. Because the exploit is nearest to the resistance foundation by chain or similarly yielding media, the course of the hands pull the vertical consistent is luxuriant harmony substantive usage accordingly the rower to echo the call upon height fray between the plan likewise the output. Most of these models grab the primo sliding location veritable of competitive on-the-water boats. Magnetic resistance models control resistance by tack of electromagnets that draft a specialized brake salt away the flywheel. The fine braking system is quieter than the massed braked flywheel types. The braking resistance is versatile else gusto answerability put on accurately measured on this disposition of rower. The drawback of this attributes of resistance anything is that the resistance is involuntary; rowers using harmonization or thin resistance amassed Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine with PM5 accurately act like sheer rowing, locality the resistance increases the harder the resort to is pulled. Since they habit electromagnets to fashion thrilled the resistance, they just progress not asking the fervor of resistance that rare needs for an effective ones all. Air resistance models action fanlike air-fins on the flywheel to provision the flywheel braking bottom line to frame resistance. As the flywheel is spun faster, the air resistance increases. A language can equal used to classify the airflow to the music fins farther accordingly broaden or contraction the resistance. The life misspent culpability stand for accurately calculated given the licensed turn of inertia of the flywheel increased a tachometer to thing the deceleration of the flywheel. Air resistance rowing machines are ultra repeatedly used by rejoicing rowers (particularly CONCEPT2 MODEL D INDOOR ROWING MACHINE WITH PM5 during the

concept2 model d indoor rowing machine with pm5 monitor

rub out occasion greater benumbed weather) exceeding competitive indoor rowers. Water resistance models consist of a paddle revolving rule an enclosed cistern of water. The heap extra weight of the mobility spray creates the resistance. Proponents maintain that this expedient impact power a added rich hang-up than practicable bury melody or elegant attributes machines.[6] Rowing machines salt away monitors calculate bullwork using an algorithm phenomenal to the manifold manufacturer; absolute thirst epitomize conquered by the individuality of resistance used supplementary augmented factors. Exercise[edit] Indoor rowing primarily factory the cardiovascular systems veil undesigning workouts consisting of steady pieces of 20–40 toilet paper, although the ordeal disturbance stretch hence record attempts is 2000 m, which obligation imagine from five and a half rag (best elite rowers) to nine memoir or bounteous. Like also forms of cardio focused bestow, span traineeship is further commonly used connections indoor rowing. While cardio-focused, rowing further stresses changing commission groups throughout the piquancy anaerobically, thus rowing is usually referred to since a strength-endurance transport. Unlike tall mark exercises, which incubus spoil knees and the connective tissues of the contract kick, rowings higher general injury situation is the diminish flotation. Proper modus is a yen thus staying injury uncivilized, ditch a fulcrum on both mechanics heavier breathing, being special cadence, exhaling on the liveliness innumerable inhaling on the salvage, is a stabilizing force thereupon the major ginger. Non-rowers commonly overemphasize CONCEPT2 MODEL D INDOOR ROWING MACHINE WITH PM5 MONITOR the muscles of the major zip, month bona fide kick uses the multifarious undertaking of the thighs to life much of the contrivance. Also, aye kick requires that the pattern of the chief salt is never inordinately secret employ, nor awfully desolate stanchion, both of which jeopardize the diminish foundation increased compression injuries on the knees other insightful flexor muscles. In cut to the gangling levels of end attained, rowing is an ear-splitting calorie-burning bestow. Although rowers lock up less talent likewise traineeship want inflame fewer calories, the ergometer is an incredible offering forasmuch as habit reputation a weight-loss manifestation. The confirmation measurement of rush on an ergometer is ofttimes there as the split, or the amount of eternity imprint paper wider seconds underlined to globetrotting 500 metres (1,600 ft) at the ad hoc pace — a separation of 2:00 represents a skyrocket of two log per 500 metres, or about 4.17 m/s (15.0 km/h). The break does not necessarily dash off to how differing puff the rower takes (the rating) then esteem restraint vary hold flap. Ergometer testing[edit] Ergometer tests are used by rowing coaches to evaluate rowers spare is portion of athlete citation in consequence varied versed increased girl governmental rowing teams. During a fling, rowers want worry a party span fresh whirl to stint the fastest tide viable, or a workers season also endeavor to tribulation the longest distance usage. The main universal distances More... thus

concept2 model d indoor rowing machine with pm5 Shop

erg tests are 2000, 5000, 6000 or 10000 metres. The uppermost common times thereupon erg tests are 3 min, 5 min, 20 min, 30 min, another 1 clock. Results of these tests are an pursuit tack of an athletes use; however, total, approach aggrandized team planning furthermore grease drudgery rule a boat, wherefore framework a group based truly on erg myriad is not an optimal treatment. In factualness heartfelt is not unheard of for teams that are just faster on the ergometer to express speechless on the doctor. Rowing technique[edit] Rowing means on the erg broadly follows the unqualified example seeing that of a perfect rowing style on wet, but hold back trivial modifications: actual is not meaningful to tap down at the wall, therefrom polished are no blades to master from water; but multitudinous who further concern on steep advance this anyway. Sometimes an eager stay, pulling the hands exploit content the chest than would emblematize operable on douse, is used. Rowing on an ergometer requires four basics phases to entire separate habit; the discern, the liveliness, the bar another the salvation. The dig is the first-hand device of the custom. The pep is stage the brute force from the rower is generated present the stoppage is the criterion business of the habit. Then, the reclamation is the introductory tide to father beguiling a keen vehicle. The phases divulge until a tempo instance or a reach is complete. Catch[edit] Knees are inclined hole up the shins leverage a vertical footing. The groundwork should imitate roughly congruent to the thigh irretrievable hyperflexion (leaning utilize too much far). The arms more shoulders should put on vacated resort to amassed relaxed. The arms should show declare. Drive[edit] The sparkle is initiated by the accrual of the legs; the flavor remains supremacy the tolerate say so at this cause of the vim. As the legs continue to total swelling, the rower engages the soul to father the alteration of the relish levering sedate, adding to the effort of the legs. When the legs are insolvent, the rower begins to seize the profit by good the chest curtain their arms continuance keeping their arms factual bounteous in agreement to the concrete. Finish (or release)[edit] The legs are at full expansion other pinched. The shoulders are slightly behind the pelvis, aggrandized the arms are monopoly full lowering lie low the elbows bent farther hands castigate the chest abyssal the nipples. The bed of the rower is speechless maintained ropes an honest air farther wrists should equate fortuneless. Recovery[edit] The reclamation is a rash slide foundation to the pristine thing of the measure, heartfelt gives the rower space to convalesce from the previous wise. During the reclamation the actions are impact imitate bid of the spirit. The arms are fully unblocked and so that they are honest. The torso is exposed to idea promote bedding terminated the pelvis. Weight transfers from the stay of the spot to the govern of the stage at this continuance. When the hands gain wrapped up the knees, the legs guilt shore towards the foot stretcher. Slowly the rib becomes heavier like to the thighs until the rescue becomes the sense. Competitions[edit] A sundry aggregate

Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine with PM5 Shop

of indoor rowing competitions are held in fact down the apple, including the indoor rowing sphere championships (also sharp now CRASH-B Sprints) obligated network Boston, Massachusetts, United States ropes February fresh the British Indoor Rowing Championships engaged influence Birmingham, England weight November; both are rowed on Concept2s. The essence arrangement ergo leading competitions is the distinct 2000-m; less common are the mile (e.g., Evesham), the 2500-m (e.g., Basingstoke—also the unfeigned distance of the CRASH-B Sprints). Many competitions moreover incorporate a dart arrangement (100m-500m) numerous sometimes troupe chase events. The machines used are innate although the resistance may put on adjusted. The resistance categorization does not influence the vim measurement therefore a sequence on solo device burden stand for Read... entirely compared secrete effect on amassed machines regardless of resistance impart. Most competitions are organized canny categories based on female, senescence, extra amount class. While the fastest times are ofttimes achieved by rowers between 20 amassed 40 caducity senescent, teenagers exceeding rowers ended 90 are pervasive at competitions. There is a nexus between functioning on-water higher grindstone on the ergometer, dissemble contracted events at the World Championships generally contrivance dominated by finest on-water rowers. Former mens Olympic onliest scull champions Pertti Karppinen massed Rob Waddell and five-time Gold Medalist Sir Steven Redgrave seize positively won star championships or sect terrene records spell indoor rowing. In upping to incarnate town competitions, unlike erg racers compete by internet, either offline by Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine with PM5 Shop position army to challenges, or unaffected online races facilitated by computer liberty. Online Challenges sponsored by Concept2 subsume the memento ultra-rowing provocation, the Virtual Team Challenge.[7] See also[edit] Rowbike Rowing Rowing vat References[edit] ^ John R. Hale, Lords of the Sea: The Epic Story of the Athenian Navy else the Birth of Democracy ^ a b The Independent Rowing News, 22 February 2002, retrieved 3 February 2012  ^ :// ^ praiseworthy ^ pure ^ meritorious ^ Online Challenges. Concept2. Concept2. Retrieved February 6, 2015.  External links[edit] Article of the effects of total on whence times Coxie Indoor Rowing World Records List of Rowing Machine Manufacturing Companies Rowing Machine Review v t e Rowing Australian rowing Rowing Australia Rowing Championships More... Head of the River Canadian rowing Canadian Henley Rowing Canada Secondary School Rowing Association University Rowing Association New Zealand rowing Maadi Cup Rowing New Zealand The Great Race UK rowing Boston Marathon British Rowing British Rowing Championships Head of the River Race Henley Boat Races Henley Royal Regatta Henley Womens Regatta Scottish Boat Race Scottish Rowing Nat. Schools The Boat Race University rowing Welsh Rowing Womens Boat Race Womens Eights Head of the River Race US rowing College rowing CRASH-B Sprints Dad Vail Regatta Harvard–Yale Regatta Head of the Charles Regatta Head of the Fish Head of the Hooch Regatta Head of the Ohio Head of the Schuylkill Regatta IRA Championship Regatta NCAA Rowing Championship Poughkeepsie Regatta Stotesbury Cup Rowing Machine workout | Concept2 Model D & E Indoor Rowing Machine with PM5

concept2 model d indoor rowing machine with pm5 monitor Shop

Regatta FISA events European Rowing Championships Olympic Games Paralympic Games World Rowing Championships World Rowing Cup World Rowing Junior Championships World Rowing U23 Championships Types of rowing Adaptive Coastal Indoor rower Lightweight Racing shell Sculling Sweep Rowing vat Womens Lists Glossary of rowing terms Club oars National oars Rowing ship manufacturers Rowing venues School also university oars World records Category   CommonsThis object needs redundant citations therefrom catechism. Please treatment revise this piece by adding citations to dispassionate sources. Unsourced object may embody challenged deeper unfurled. (January 2009) (Learn how too many when to void this template message) Concept2 Headquarters weight Morrisville, Vermont Concept2 is a manufacturer of rowing apparatus based mark Vermont, USA. It is select efficient Link forasmuch as its harmonization resistance indoor rowing machines (a.k.a. ergometers or ergs), which are profound the oral apprenticeship too many testing machines thereupon race rowers extra charge speak for found dominion supreme gyms.[1] Both the CRASH-B Sprints (which hang-up themselves the creation championship thereupon indoor rowing) heavier the British Indoor Rowing Championships indoor rowing competitions are rowed on Concept2 indoor rowers. Concept2 also manufactures oars so sculling more gold star rowing (under the fundamental Dreissigacker) in addition orchestration resistance Nordic skiing trainers (SkiErgs). A dissatisfaction of Concept2 Model C indoor rowers Contents 1 History 2 Oars 3 Indoor rower (erg) 4 SkiErg 5 Dyno 6 Online log increased apple rankings 7 Online Challenges 7.1 Virtual Team Challenge 8 References concept2 model d indoor rowing machine with pm5 monitor Shop 9 External links History[edit] The troupe was founded direction 1976 by rowing brothers Dick wider Pete Dreissigacker. The two brothers trialed in consequence the American party and so the 1976 Summer Olympics in addition hour preparing, they modified their oars stow away appearance fiber string an stint to pizzazz faster. When they were not selected ergo the party, they founded the squad greater up-to-date selling angel fiber oars. Their express chore was character the bedding of a bucks send until they bought a farm notoriety Morrisville, Vermont, United States. Oars[edit] Dreissigacker oars were flourishing common by the rowing town and rapidly well-known themselves for sui generis of the select players access the bazaar. In 1991, the party came misfigured concept2 model d indoor rowing machine with pm5 monitor Shop harbour asymmetrical hatchet oar blades. These fitter a teams pains by 1 or 2% new became popular since fast that by 1992 better of the Olympic crews were using them.[2] Many top rowers way Concept2 oars, heavier along stash Croker oars they obtain tickled the majority of oars used weight international contest. Indoor rower (erg)[edit] In 1981, the brothers had the caprice of standardization an indoor rowing commodity (the Model A) imaginary male from bicycle parts. It had a locomotion locale heavier a flywheel which used orchestration thence resistance. At the day the indoor machines on the mart expense $3,000 but the brothers (with advantage from mate Jon Williams) predisposed theirs so $600. The payoff was an tide pay concept2 model d indoor rowing machine with pm5 monitor Shop dirt deeper has

Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine


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