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Dualco Grease Gun Short Nozzle, 4.5" Needle Nozzle, Shop Rag, Slant Wood Applicator Set | AND/OR | Bike Bearing Lubricant Grease for Rust and Anti-Seize Protection
Dualco Grease Gun Short Nozzle, 4.5
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Brand Vélo Pro Gear
Manufacturer Truffle Hound LLC

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Are you a cycling enthusiast who likes to keep your bike in perfect shape? Are you tired of constantly replacing worn out bicycle parts? Then the Vélo Pro Gear's amazingly all-inclusive Maintenance Set and Bearing Grease is precisely what you need.

Our set features a Dualco Mini Grease Gun, a Dualco 4.5" Needle Nozzle, a Premium Slant Wood Applicator and a Shop towel. Now you can easily service, clean and maintain your bicycle without much fuss.

Our greases are designed for supreme bearing efficiency. Choose the Blue Extreme Duty Bearing Grease for off-road, mountain bike use and other extreme riding conditions for reduction friction at high and low temperatures. This grease is a waterproof synthetic formulation with extreme pressure and anti-corrosion additives. Choose the Red High-Performance Bearing Grease for road bike usage or in salt air environments. This synthetic grease is extremely water resistant and is formulated with extreme pressure and anti-corrosion additives providing solid anti-wear protection.

Here are reasons why you should get this grease maintenance pack:

  • Kit - Grease Gun, Needle Nozzle, Slant Wood Applicator, and Shop Rag
  • Uses include - skateboard bearings, automotive uses to name a few
  • High quality ultra-performance bearing grease options
  • Pinpoint accuracy to apply grease in hard to reach places
  • Designed with the best quality durable materials
  • Re-usable and refillable with grease of choice
  • Increases bearing life and performance
  • Made in USA

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Brand Vélo Pro Gear
Feature SUPER MULTI ACCESSORIES: Each Vélo Pro Gear’s Bicycle Maintenance Set comes with a Dualco Grease Gun with Short Nozzle, a Dualco 4.5" Needle nozzle perfectly designed with a Narrow Stainless Tip for all flush type fittings, 5 x .75 inch Premium Slant Wood Applicator, and a Stylish Overlocked / Selvage 100% Cotton 14 x 14 inch (18 x 18" Before Washing) Shop towel.,EASY TO USE: Our Grease Gun with a capacity of 3 ounces can be easily operated with one hand perfectly reaching confined areas for thorough application and self-activated priming. The nozzle needle, shop towel, and slant wood applicator are great for quick maintenance service, easy refill & cleaning. This maintenance Pack Perfectly suited for use with our RED High-Performance Bearing Grease or the BLUE Extreme Duty Bearing Grease.,DURABLE PREMIUM QUALITY MATERIALS: We ensure that all products are made using the best materials around and we carefully test each grease set for quality and optimum functionality to give you a superior maintenance grease set. With an all metal construction you are assured of convenient, long-lasting.,GREAT MULTIFUNCTIONAL DESIGN: This maintenance set with a grease gun is perfectly designed for accurate grease application and includes a needle for precise hard to reach places, a colored shop towel great for cleaning up and keeping your materials neat, and a slanted wood grease applicator that allows you to conveniently and carefully fill your grease gun. We ensure that you have all the necessary tools to complete your bike maintenance in one convenient set.,100% USER SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: Vélo Pro Gear partnership with Dualco offers a trusted and well-established USA manufacturer of quality maintenance products. We strive to give you only the best superbly designed and perfectly functional tools for your everyday grease maintenance needs. Click ‘Add to Cart’ with confidence.
Label Truffle Hound LLC
Manufacturer Truffle Hound LLC
ProductGroup Sports
Publisher Truffle Hound LLC
Studio Truffle Hound LLC
Title Dualco Grease Gun Short Nozzle, 4.5" Needle Nozzle, Shop Rag, Slant Wood Applicator Set | AND/OR | Bike Bearing Lubricant Grease for Rust and Anti-Seize Protection


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