Fitness Equipment Feed Mat Converters RSS Feed Super Exercise Band 7 ft. Long Resistance Bands. Flat Latex Free Home Gym Fitness Equipment For...Wed, 31 Dec 69 18:00:00 -0600 of coming up too short on your bands during your workout routine? We've got the answer. Our super-size 7 ft. long latex free band is built for strength, durability and complete range of motion.You'll have plenty of band to take a couple wraps around your hands for more tension and to get a better grip. Select the strength and color you want: EXTRA LIGHT STRENGTH YELLOW BAND provides 1 - 2 lbs. tension.LIGHT STRENGTH GREEN BAND provides 3 - 6 lbs. tension. LIGHT STRENGTH ORANGE BAND provides 3 - 6 lbs. tension. MEDIUM STRENGTH BLUE BAND provides 6 - 10 lbs. tension. MEDIUM STRENGTH SKY BLUE BAND provides 6 - 10 lbs. tension. HEAVY STRENGTH PURPLE BAND provides 10 - 14 lbs. tension. HEAVY STRENGTH FUCHSIA PINK BAND provides 10 - 14 lbs. tension. X HEAVY STRENGTH BLACK BAND provides 12 - 16 lbs. tension. XX HEAVY STRENGTH GRAY BAND provides 15 - 20 lbs. tension.XXX HEAVY STRENGTH RED BAND provides 18 - 24 lbs. tension. The band comes with a sturdy resealable black pouch and carabiner to keep your band clean, supple, protected and ready to go with you. Bonus: Included with your purchase is our Resistance Band Workout E-book© which is sent via email once you've received your product. You will also have access to the Super Exercise Band® website which has product details and workout videos to help you create your resistance band workout. So, grab your 7 ft. Super Exercise Band® and get started. Guarantee: Expect great quality and customer service as all product assembly, inspection and customer service is done in the US. Order now! Scroll up, choose your color for strength, hit ADD TO CART. Additional Images: Mini BandsWed, 31 Dec 69 18:00:00 -0600 Mini Bands :: Mini Bands are an effective and versatile training tool that can be used to increase strength and stability in the upper and lower body. Mini Bands are ideal for lateral movement exercises, hip and glute activation, and shoulder stabilization. This 3 Mini Band set offers 3 different levels of resistance - light, medium, and heavy. Additional Images:[Updated Solid Version] For Fitbit Alta and Alta HR Magnetic Bands, Konikit Band Milanese Loop...Wed, 31 Dec 69 18:00:00 -0600 for Fitbit Alta HR and Alta, Tracker is NOT included Dimensions: Fits for 5.5 inch - 8.1 inch wrist. Woven stainless steel mesh with a unique adjustable magnetic magnet buckle design -- Automatically stick and lock to another end of the band, no buckle needed. Free to adjust the length, securely and convenient to put on or take off. Material: Milanese Stainless Steel Material - Top woven stainless steel mesh loop with adjustable strong magnetic closure makes this Replacement Wristbands easy to install & removal. Key Features: ◆ Konikit Milanese Loop Stainless Steel Bracelet Smart Watch Strap is Scratch-Resistant, Not Deformed & Not Fade. ◆ Woven Stainless Steel Mesh makes the watchband keep ventilated, never remain sweat. ◆ Exclusive Aluminium Alloy clasp and steel head , easy to install and remove. ◆ Minimal design, lightweight and Flexible. ◆ Many colors for your preferences, Black, Silver, Rose Gold, Gold. Suitable for all kind of people. ◆ Best gift for yourself , your family or friends ! Package Includes: 1 x Adjustable Wrist Band Replacement for Fitbit Alta HR and Alta (Tracker is NOT included ) Please Note: Clean with soft wet cloth. Do Not soak in water for long time. Additional Images: Exercise Bands for Women Men, Set of 5 with Carry Bag, Sable Workout Stretching Latex...Wed, 31 Dec 69 18:00:00 -0600✅Lifetime Warranty- 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed5 Bands for All Workout Levels Approaching the world of fitness for the first time? Or have you been working out for years and are looking for a way to spice up your training routine? Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced user the Sable Loop Bands come in different colors indicating different levels of resistance. Ranging from 7 lbs up to 55 lbs the set is suitable for fitness practitioners of all experience levels. Full Body Training at Home Different executions and movement ranges stimulate different body muscles. Whether you want to shape up your calves and thighs, tighten your buttocks, pump up the arms, or train other muscle groups, the Sable Resistance Bands can be used standalone or with a yoga mat or fitness ball for versatile exercising. Ecofriendly & Resistant Build Training at your fullest requires concentration. Sable lends you a hand by providing a set of 5 loop bands that are made of 100% natural latex. In addition to being safe to use and touch, the highly elastic, yet durable build has undergone thorough testing for an optimal performance over time. Storage Bag & Quality Guarantee Sable doesn't just provide you with the tools to comfortably, yet efficiently shape up your body at home. Included is a convenient drawstring pouch for easy storage and transportation, as well as Sable's own 30 days hassle-free money back guarantee. Ask our friendly, competent customer service for any questions. What's In the Box: 1 x Sable Set of 5 Exercise & Resistance Bands (Model: SA-HT015) 1 x Drawstring Carrying Bag Additional Images: Price: $9.99Mpow Resistance Bands, 5 Exercise Stretch Tubes for Workout Fitness & Gym Strengthening,...Wed, 31 Dec 69 18:00:00 -0600 Description Workout at Anywhere With a carrying bag included, this resistance band set allows you to take them with you anywhere your go. No matter you are at home or in a hotel room, you can do your daily exercise wherever you want. Multiple Exercise Ways You can use the accessories that come with the resistance bands to exercise different muscle groups. For the basic usage, simply attach the foam handles to the resistance band to exercise your arms and back. Or you can use the door anchor together with the foam handles or the ankle straps for more exercise ways. Designed for All Skill Levels You can choose a resistance that you can stand by adding the resistance band. These resistance bands are differed in colors, Yellow for 10lbs, Green for 20 lbs, Red for30 lbs, Blue for 40 lbs, and Black for 50 lbs. You can group them together from 10 lbs to the max 150 lbs according to your own physical power and your skill level. Exercise Chart Included And an exercise chart is included in the package for user who starting new. You can follow the exercise chart to exercise your arms, thighs, legs, back and stomach for muscle building or body shaping. Specification Stretching length Max stretching length Additional Images: Price: $30.99Pilates Ring - Premium Power Resistance Full Body Toning Fitness CircleWed, 31 Dec 69 18:00:00 -0600's Fitness Ring Is the Inner & Outer Thigh AND Arm Toner That Every Women Should Own. - This fitness ring STRENGTHENS and TONES your body and legs while increasing the effectiveness of Pilates training. The ring is strong, durable and is highly recommended for resistance training. The thighs are a woman's biggest problem area. This toning ring helps use those muscles of the inner and outer thighs to work and tone over time (similar to the thigh machines at the gym) - PREMIUM, HIGH QUALITY, STURDY MATERIALS provide an EFFECTIVE core workout as well as abdominal, thigh, leg and arm toning. This ring makes it easy to do toning exercises at home any time of day. Tone while watching tv, tone while reading & even tone while checking emails! - The ring has a 14 INCH DIAMETER with foam padded grips on both sides as well as a NON-SLIP design. The handle placement is both on the outside and inside of the ring to give your inner and outer thighs the resistance it needs to tone those areas. - Valuable tool for at home toning and Pilates accessory. Super easy to use and maneuver. To tone the arms and chest you simply grab onto the foam handles from the outside and try to being your hands close together. The resistance of the ring will encourage toning of the arms and chest from this exercise. To tone the thighs you can either place your inner thighs on the outer foam handles (for inner thigh toning) then bring your legs together or inside the ring on the inner handles to tone your outer thighs by bringing your legs apart. Comes with a nylon carry bag for carrying purposes or storage. Additional Images: Price: $39.97Pilates Ring - Superior Unbreakable Fitness Magic Circle For Toning Thighs, Abs and LegsWed, 31 Dec 69 18:00:00 -0600 LOOKING TO TONE AND FIRM THOSE PROBLEM AREAS? WANT TO MAXIMIZE YOUR WORKOUTS AND STRENGTHEN YOUR CORE? Discover the ProBody Pilates Fitness Circle and improve your muscle tone, flexibility and fitness. Like a thigh master, target your inner and outer thighs, upper arms and neck. Take charge and unlock all the benefits of Pilates. The Pilates Circle was designed with your "powerhouse" in mind - the area between the pubic bone and rib cage, from your front to back. Introducing A Convenient and Lightweight Core Muscle Conditioning Pilates Circle The ProBody Pilates Ring is a 14" composite ring protected by a plastic laminate and soft foam cover. It is designed to never snap or lose its spring. Enjoy years of use. With moisture resistant padded grips on both the inside and outside you are free to explore a variety of workouts with varying intensity. The form-molded grips fit comfortably against your body with professional-grade padding. WE OFFER A RISK FREE, BETTER THAN MONEY GUARANTEE We're so happy with our quality, that should your Magic Circle break, we will give you a FULL REFUND AND A NEW ONE FOR FREE for the first 90 days of use! What are you waiting for - Meet those fitness goals for less than the cost of ONE month at the gym and you can have this revolutionary Pilates Circle to firm those stubborn areas & supercharge your strength & mobility. You also get FREE access to how-to instructional content, starting with three quick exercises to start immediately. ORDER NOW and get your product within a few short days. Consider getting one for your workout friends. © ProBody Pilates 2017 Additional Images: Naturals Yoga Trapeze Door Frame Bar Hang Your Yoga Trapeze Quickly & Easily in Most...Wed, 31 Dec 69 18:00:00 -0600 is a door frame mount bar only - yoga trapeze not included (but available separately on amazon) . Hang your yoga trapeze in minutes with the trapeze door mount bar . The yoga trapeze door frame bar is designed to make it fast and easy to create a solid hanging mount for your yoga trapeze. As an added bonus, it can also be used for chin-ups and pulls-ups. This bar is designed to fit most standard door frames (26-36 inches) and the bar itself can be taken in and out of its mounts between uses for your convenience. Additional Images: Price: $20.46JBM Pilates Ring Fitness Ring 4 Colors, Pilates Circle Fitness Magic Circle for Fitness Training,...Wed, 31 Dec 69 18:00:00 -0600 Pilates Ring for Fitness Training, Pilates and Yoga, Full-Body Workout, Barre Improves muscle tone of the upper inner and outer thighs, arms, lower body, upper body and core. Tone your arms, thighs and chest, Strengthens posture and mobility effectively! Toning rings or Pilates Rings as some call them are becoming very popular in the fitness community due to their versatility, portable design and effectiveness. The ring strengthens and tones your body in only a few minutes each day while increasing the effectiveness of Pilates exercises. Worth adding it to your Pilates accessories! Target almost any area of the body, great to be one of you Pilates equipment. You can use a fitness ring to target almost any area of the body , making it one of the most perfect Pilates equipment you can own . Great Pilates Circle for Strength, Joint and Flexibility training at Home or at the Gym. Effectively improve your yoga & Pilates in Core workout, abdominal, thigh, leg and arm toning. Suitable for Pilates, yoga and other workout exercises : stott Pilates winsor Pilates joseph Pilates denise austin Pilates aero Pilates core Pilates prenatal Pilates mari winsor Pilates peak Pilates pregnancy Pilates pure Pilates Color:Yellow Black Purple Pink Size: 13 Inch / 33 CM Dual Grip Warranty: ONE YEAR Warranty Guaranteed. Feedback and Review We JBM always value the customer user experience. Please kindly leave feedback and rating below. Additional Images: Exercise Mats (48"x 20"x 1/2-Inch)Wed, 31 Dec 69 18:00:00 -0600 versatile sock that accommodates to a casual and active lifestyle. It features spandex throughout the entire sock preventing bagging of the sock and slipping of the sock on the foot. It adorns the Y-heel knit that creates a more anatomical fit to the heel. Also features extra spandex at mid foot for increased arch support. Additional Images: