Fitness Equipment Feed Starter Sets RSS Feed Physix Gear Sport Resistance Loop Bands Set of 4 - Best Home Gym Fitness Exercise Bands for Legs,...Wed, 31 Dec 69 18:00:00 -0600 FINALLY! A DURABLE RESISTANCE LOOP BAND THAT WONT BREAK EASILY LIKE THE REST! PHYSIX GEAR SPORT SOLVES THE CASE OF THE SNAPPING LOOP BANDS WITH THE ALL NEW TPR DOUBLE STRENGTH RESISTANCE MINI LOOP BANDS SET + LIFETIME WARRANTY - Has your current Loop Bands failed you after only a few uses, snapping , fading color, or losing elasticity? - Do you have little time to get to the gym, but want to stay toned, and get in shape? - Do you want to strengthen weaker body parts, following a surgery, an injury, or muscle damage? INTRODUCING YOUR VERY OWN TPR RESISTANCE BAND STRENGTH SET of 4 LIGHT, MEDIUM, HEAVY, X-HEAVY LOOP BANDS, BY PHYSIX GEAR SPORT - TAKE ANYWHERE, USE ANYTIME, GET RESULTS! - WORK, GYM, OR HOME - Get excellent results with user friendly simple exercises . - BUILT TOUGH giving you the ability to work those legs, glutes, thighs, arms, shoulders without equipment fail. WHEN YOU PURCHASE TODAY, YOU ALSO GET OUR ILLUSTRATIVE 24 PAGE EXERCISE GUIDE! - EFFECTIVE exercises you never thought possible. These 10in x 2in elastic loop bands - Work your Traps, Neck, Shoulders, Triceps, Abs, Lats, Forearms, Glutes, Chest, Biceps, and more. - PERFECT HOME GYM - total body Exercises, leg conditioning, p90x, pilates, stretching, & glutes toning - FLEXIBILITY & POWER fitness booster - these durable stretch bands have perfect elasticity to exercise anywhere at any time, from senior citizens on youthful gym heroes! AMAZON BUYERS TRUST OUR PHYSIX GEAR BRAND TO BRING QUALITY PRODUCTS. 5* STAR SELLER FEEDBACK! YOU ARE EVEN BACKED BY OUR LIFETIME WARRANTY! WE CAN'T GUARANTEE THIS LOW PRICE & FREE EBOOK FOREVER, SO ORDER NOW! AND WHEN YOU DO... CONSIDER GETTING TWO, ONE FOR YOU AND ONE FOR YOUR VERY BEST FRIEND! Additional Images: Yoga Blocks & Metal D Ring Strap Yogi Set (3PC) 2 Pack High Density EVA Foam Blocks to...Wed, 31 Dec 69 18:00:00 -0600 Yoga Blocks & Metal D Ring Strap Yogi Set (3PC) 2 Pack High Density EVA Foam Blocks to... by Live Infinitely Additional Images: Yoga Mat - Thick Eco Friendly Premium TPE Yoga Mat. Non Slip, Reversible, Durable Exercise...Wed, 31 Dec 69 18:00:00 -0600ॐ The secret to a solid and sustainable yoga practice ॐ Are you tired of using a yoga mat that smells of stale sweat and is still wet from its previous use by someone else? Are you looking to commit to better health? Take your practice to the next level by getting your very own Shantihi TPE Eco Yoga Mat. Have peace of mind that you can exercise whenever and wherever you like, comfortably and hygienically. Shantihi, or Shanti, means peace in Sanskrit. As a yoga practitioner and teacher, it is Shantihi Yoga's founder's hope that her products would inspire people to make healthier choices by introducing balance and peace to people's lives.How will Shantihi TPE Eco Yoga Mat help your practice? - Buying your own personal yoga mat will get you motivated to exercise regardless if you are practising at home, at the gym, at a yoga class or travelling. - Have peace of mind that you are keeping yourself and the environment safe. This SSG certified eco friendly premium TPE yoga mat is recyclable, hypoallergenic and free from harmful chemicals. - Find your perfect balance. Our mat is comfortably thick to cushion your spine and joints yet firm enough for balancing poses. No more wobbly tree pose on spongy mats! - Keeps you steady and grounded with its double-sided anti-slip textured surfaces. Hold your poses with confidence. Note : For hot yoga, we recommend that you use our Shantihi Hot Yoga Towel along with your mat for better moisture absorption and increased traction. To celebrate our launch, we are offering the Shantihi TPE Eco Yoga Mat at an incredible introductory price. This low offer price won't last long so click "Add to Cart" now for a sustainable practice and why not choose another color for your yogi buddy too? Here's to finding peace on your mat. Namaste, Shantihi Yoga Additional Images: Resistance Loop Bands Set of 5, 23-Inch Latex Workout Bands for Yoga, Pilates &...Wed, 31 Dec 69 18:00:00 -0600 Don't you think about to buy resistance bands? ► If you do not have enough time to go to gym► If you do not have room for large exercise equipment►If you do not want to spend much money for being a gym membership I think resistance bands will be your best choice for fitness Features: This product can be used for fitness, sports, yoga exercise, apply to all ages. These exercise bands of elastic high quality latex will help you build muscle and increase flexibility and agility 1. 5 varying strength level bands meet your all kinds of exercise needs, also can be good physical therapy bands for rehabilitation 2. You can practice and train each muscle group. With this loop bands you are able to have a full body workout at anywhere anytime 3. Resistance bands have good resilience, equipped with yoga training in the action with ease, effectively achieve better shaping the perfect body 4. Through the workout bands not only burn calories, which can help you reach long-term fitness goals, but also reduce depression and stress Package Included: √ 1 green band (Light) - Thick 0.35mm Tension: 10-15LB √ 1 blue band (Medium) - Thick 0.5mm Tension: 20-35LB √ 1 yellow band (Heavy) - Thick 0.7mm Tension: 30-45LB √ 1 red band (X-Heavy) - Thick 0.9mm Tension: 40-60LB√ 1 black band (XX-Heavy) - Thick 1.1mm Tension: 50-70LB √ 1 carrying bag √ 1 instruction manual Tips: 1. Suggests to clean with water and wipe with a dry cloth directly 2. Avoid under the heat of sun and suggest dry in shaded area Additional Images: CARDS – Premium Visual Study, Class Sequencing & Practice Guide with Essential Poses,...Wed, 31 Dec 69 18:00:00 -0600't it be great to have a personal yoga instructor guide you through a relaxing and gratifying practice anywhere and anytime you felt like it? Suitable for all ages and experience levels, YOGA CARDS gives you the next best thing in an elegant and convenient deck of waterproof flash cards you will love to use. A beautifully-designed plastic cards deck, YOGA CARDS is a simple visual practice guide for yoga's essential poses and exercises that you will love using at home, at the park or when traveling. An excellent study and sequence planning tool for yoga teachers, certification students and practitioners alike, YOGA CARDS contains everything you need for a complete, balanced and varied practice: • 47 of yoga's most important asanas grouped by category• 3 breathing exercises• A meditation card• 5 easy-to-follow sequence cards, plus a "Build your own sequence" template card Each posture card is professionally illustrated to show correct form, along with alignment cues to ensure correct and safe practice. The pose and breathing exercise cards also include Sanskrit asana name, benefits, written instructions, modifications and relevant medical warnings.  The deck includes 5 easy-to-follow sequences to help you get started: • Dynamic Warm-up• Destress & Refresh Yoga• Firm & Tone Yoga• Center & Focus Yoga• Energize & Awaken Yoga The flashcards are made from high quality, durable and waterproof plastic so they will last for years of yoga practice anywhere anytime. Compared with a yoga poster or book, the portable flash card format offers more versatility and convenience. Additional Images: Yoga Starter Kit – Include: 2 Yoga Blocks, Yoga Strap, Yoga Towel & Exercise Yoga Mat...Wed, 31 Dec 69 18:00:00 -0600 you on the way to seek for happiness & peace in mind? Then, nothing can be better than practicing Yoga! Start your spiritual journey right now with a full Yoga collection from Yes4All! CHOOSE BETWEEN NBR & PVC YOGA MAT 0.5" thick NBR Mat: Spongy, moisture-resistant NBR Foam for perfect cushioning to support your body during heavy workouts. While the double textured surface ensures a better grip & prevents injuries 1/8" thick PVC Mat: Honeycomb design provides a sticky high-performance grip compared to cotton or jute for a secure workout UNBLOCK YOUR LIMITS WITH YES4ALL YOGA BLOCKS Anti-scratch EVA material: Made of durable foam and soft, scratch proof exterior with beveled edges for your added comfort. NO MORE GAP BETWEEN MOVEMENTS WITH YES4ALL YOGA STRAP Thick soft cotton: Provide more comfort against your hands, feet, and skin. Will not rub harshly or cause abrasion but feel light and comfy like a feather touching your skin Double D-ring Buckles: Easy-to-use buckles help you to hold the strap securely in place just where you adjust it. STAY CLEAN AND HEALTHY WITH YES4ALL YOGA TOWEL 100% Microfiber with 80% Polyester & 20% Nylon: Quickly absorb sweat, always keep your body cool and dry Wide towel with a non-slip surface: Big enough to cover your Yoga Mat for providing sticky high-performance grip & helping you go deeper into advanced poses WARRANTY 1-year warranty Additional Images: Yoga Blocks (Set of 2) and Yoga Strap Set with D-Ring – Yoga Foam Block 9x6x4 inch and...Wed, 31 Dec 69 18:00:00 -0600 Yoga has never been that much easy with the support from our combo - Yoga block & Yoga Strap. Together, they upgrade users' adaption to the extent of Yoga exercises, boost the flexibility and reduce injuries. What can Yoga Block (9*6*4'') do to help you? - Decrease distance between body and the ground, make your exercises easier to execute. - Create a stable balanced surface to assist your body during challenging poses. Why is Yoga Strap necessary for practice? - Support difficult poses, increase the possibility of correct poses and prolong your duration in correct poses. - Cut down incidence of muscle injury and other severe ones; simultaneously, enhance body flexibility and agility. - The strap is adjustable to suit any stretching extent of body from basic to gradually advanced practice. How can the combination of Yoga Black and Strap be beneficial to you? - Provide stability and assistance for beginners to be accustomed to Yoga poses, aiming at higher levels in the future. - Ensure the precision extent of exercises, promote the optimal efficiency of Yoga. With low cost needed for an amazing supportive combo, Yoga Block and Yoga Strap are indispensable gadgets for yogists. Specifically, the couple is an absolute combination for Yoga beginners. WARRANTY: 60-Day Free Return and 1-Year Limited Warranty. A2ZCare is proudly a supplier of prestigious high-quality sport equipment. We are outstanding with Warranty and Free Return Policies to bring about the best contentment and trust to our customers. Additional Images: Yoga Hammock 5.5 yards Premium Aerial Silk Fabric Yoga Swing for Antigravity Yoga Inversion...Wed, 31 Dec 69 18:00:00 -0600 Kind Of Fabric Is The Hammock? The Aerial Yoga hammock is made of 5 meters of 40-denier Nylon Tricot fabric, which is the same type of fabric used in Cirque du Soleil performances. 40-Denier Nylon Tricot is a two-way stretch, so the fabric has a low to no stretch.when it is banded together like a swing, and when you cocoon inside the hammock the fabric gives just enough so that it feels comfortable for the body and skin. Does This Come Pre Knotted On The Carbine? No, it does not become pre-knotted. Our aerial yoga hammock kit include Knot tying guide - step-by-step instructions on making set-up safe and easy to follow. Is This Stretchy Material? Can Be Fully Cocooned Or Laying Fully In It? Yes, the fabric does have give, it is a stretchy fabric. It is not like the parachute type of material used often on other yoga style swings. Can The Daisy Loops Wrap Around An Expose Beam To Hang The Swing Without Drilling Into The Beam? Yes, you can! The daisy chains are very strong and are able to be used like that. We often recommend that you use the unlooped end of the daisy chain and place it through another loop after it is wrapped around the beam or pole. As you lay on the swing it will cause tension on the loop formed around the beam/pole and hold you in place. How Wide Should I To Hang The Swing From? Shoulder distance is probably the safest and most supportive . This Kit Works Perfect For. Aerial Yoga, yoga swing ,yoga sling ,aerial dance, aerial fitness ,air yoga ,aerial hammock ,Anti-Gravity Yoga, Unnata Yoga, Suspension Yoga, Gravity Yoga, Antigravity Yoga, Flying Yoga, Aerial Pilates, Pilates hammock Additional Images: EVO Thick Knee Pad 15mm | Cushion Pressure Points to Avoid Pain During Fitness ExerciseWed, 31 Dec 69 18:00:00 -0600 EVO Thick Knee Pad 15mm | Cushion Pressure Points to Avoid Pain During Fitness Exercise by Yoga EVO Additional Images: Yoga Swing /Yoga Hammock/ Trapeze /Ceiling Anchors / Daisy Chains (14colors)Wed, 31 Dec 69 18:00:00 -0600 Size: 100" x 59"/250*145cm Material: 100% nylonWeight Capacity: 300KGNotes: 1. Keep the product away from fire. 2. Install the hooks on the ceiling or other places that can bear heavy weight. Never install on suspended ceilings. The distance between 2 hooks should be in 20 - 30 inches (50 - 80 cm). Make sure the hooks are firmly fixed before use. 3. Please allow 1-2cm dimension deviation and slightly chromatic aberration.The color of the item may be slightly different from the pictures caused by many factors such as brightness of your monitor and lighting effect. Installation Steps: 1. Install carabiners, fixed plate or loadable steel tube on the ceiling,50cm-80cm distance between two carabiners is preferred. 2. Punching in the ceiling before mounting carabiners, furred ceiling is not suitable for installation.(installation must be operated on loadable fixed objects. 3. You should use extension strap if the ceiling is higher, with 1.4-1.5m anti-gravity yoga length. 4. Hook the carabiners at both ends of anti-gravity yoga to the end of extension strap. Additional Images: